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eBook The magic of imagination: Neville ePub

eBook The magic of imagination: Neville ePub

by Margaret Ruth Broome

  • ISBN: 1562960016
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  • Author: Margaret Ruth Broome
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Canterbury House (1992)
  • Pages: 217
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This particular book, I find, most clearly describes the power of your imagination. I just couldn't recommend it more. And there is a picture of Neville (with white hair) and Margaret Ruth Broome on the back cover. Very precious - Joy Banks.

This particular book, I find, most clearly describes the power of your imagination. I refer to it again and again. 2 people found this helpful. 7 people found this helpful.

The Magic Of Imagination book. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Start by marking The Magic Of Imagination: Neville as Want to Read: Want to Read savin. ant to Read. by Margaret Ruth Broome.

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Neville used to tell us stories of his youth; about the sand crabs with their hind claws, and the old woman who lived alone on the sand dunes who could . Margaret Ruth Broome Quoted from The Miracle of Imagination introduction.

Neville used to tell us stories of his youth; about the sand crabs with their hind claws, and the old woman who lived alone on the sand dunes who could read the future. It was she who told one of Neville’s brothers that he would be a great businessman, another brother a doctor, but to leave the fourth one alone as he belonged to God. The fourth one always enjoyed a good laugh. Download Neville Goddard MP3's here.

The magic of imagination. Are you sure you want to remove Margaret Ruth Broome from your list?

The magic of imagination. Created April 1, 2008.

The Creative Use of Imagination. Neville left us October, 1, 1972 and, since that time, I have invested many hours transcribing the hundreds of tapes I have of his lectures. Law of Attraction Haven. Neville ex-plained that the ark of life contained and could be understood on three levels: the literal, psychological and spiritual.

by Margaret Ruth Broome. Select Format: Paperback. ISBN13:9781562960018.

These concise lessons illuminate Neville's teaching for the newcomer, and provide fresh ideas and practices for the longtime student. Narrated by historian Mitch Horowitz, The Power of Unlimited Imagination is an unforgettable journey into the work of a modern master. The positive-thinking movement's most radical and subtly influential voice.


Zovaithug Zovaithug
This was not at all what I expected. I thought it was perhaps a book Margaret Broome had written about Neville or what she had learned from Neville but in actuality, it is just transcripts of some of his lectures which can be found for free on line. Nothing new here.
Kelenn Kelenn
More to the book than meets the eye. Neville was one of my teachers I had first met Neville back in the early Seventies. Having been involved in Mysticism myself many years before I had even met Neville I can honestly say that it took me a long time to realize that there was no secular history in the bible.
I would like to say that this book is not for a beginner,I have all of Neville's books signed by the Author himself and one that is very rare and probably very hard to find, it's called "I know my father." This was Neville's first book way before "Your Faith is your Fortune".

Your Faith is your Fortune is the best book for a beginner, However bear in mind, All things exist in Consciousness, even the very page you are reading is in your Mind, ( Consciousness ) .

Is there any error in Neville's Teachings? Yes there is. Some of it is very debatable.
Now let's go to the poet Wm Blake...I just wonder how many people in the world are of the devil's party without knowing it. John Milton was when he wrote the poem "Paradise Lost" For in the poem he exalted the rational mind of man to be God and the Energy in Man to be Evil.

But the following contrary's are true..."The Energy in man is God and that Rational mind of man which has been programmed to eat from that tree of those knowledge's and reasoning's which hinder or Blind the Eye of God i.e.(The Eye of Imagination) is out of balance.

When John Milton died and he went back to eternity, he recognized the errors of his ways on earth being a true poet he wanted to correct the errors of his ways on earth and knowing that the poet Wm Blake loved him, descends into Wm Blakes garden and enters into his foot and alters his stance and has the poet Wm Blake write the poem Milton. Which when understood has the potential for Regeneration.

Being so close to Neville and to Truth and to the Poet Wm Blake,I am under compulsion to write this. So with that thought in mind I'd like to quote Blake again..."The Combats of Good & Evil is eating from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good & Evil. The Combats of truth & Error are eating of the Tree of Life. So when I say that there is some Error in Neville's teaching I'm simply saying that not all of Neville's teaching was correct.

Bear in mind that Blake himself says in his writings that when he wrote the poem Milton that he wrote it in the middle of the night without premeditation and even against my own will and then turns around and says...I have written an immense poem and I must confess that I'm just the secretary that the authors were in Eternity.

Was not Wm Blake Neville's teacher? Yes he was, he quotes from Blake more than any other. Having read & studied Wm Blake & Neville's teachings since the early seventies I can say that there is some error in Neville's teaching's.

Neville gave us what he could and he was a great man a mystic in his own Light, Neville taught mostly about "The Law" How to manifest things, he spoke about the promise very little and it was because most people could not handle what he was saying. It's Not easy to out grow fixed ideas.

Margaret Ruth Broome herself is living at a very high level of awareness. I have some of her books as well.She is a very great writer. Thank you Mrs.Broome for all you do for the Collective Subconscious.

"The Magic of Imagination"--A great book, Buy it, if you can not understand it I would recommend some of Neville's earlier Books.Thank you taking the time out to read my review and---
"May God Keep you all from Single Vision and Newton's Sleep."
"IAM" Jaime Galati