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eBook Wedding Season ePub

eBook Wedding Season ePub

by Darcy Cosper

  • ISBN: 1415922136
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  • Author: Darcy Cosper
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: BOOKS ON TAPE (2005)
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  • Rating: 4.5
  • Votes: 190


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FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Only the strong survive. Joy Silverman and her boyfriend, Gabriel Winslow.

бесплатно, без регистрации и без смс. Seventeen weddings. Joy Silverman and her boyfriend, Gabriel Winslow, seem perfect for each other. Living together in New York City, they have everything they want and everything in common-most important, that neither one wants to get married.

ct on the familiar rooms. The atmosphere seems dense with memory-though maybe it’s just the inadequacy of the ancient air-conditioning. We gather in the dining room, which smells faintly of dust and disuse.

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Only the strong survive.

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With Wedding Season, Darcy Cosper takes on the puzzle of love with such sweet, sly, lusty, whole-hearted brilliance, the eternal questions seem newly sprung and deeply, beautifully answered. Noel Coward would blush with pleasure. Mary-Beth Hughes, author of Wavemaker II. I adored Wedding Season. Not only is it a delight to read, with some of the sweetest smart-talking characters I’ve encountered in a long while, it contains wonderful insights about the institution of marriage that are so revelatory I had to read them aloud to my One and Only.

Электронная книга "Wedding Season", Darcy Cosper. Эту книгу можно прочитать в Google Play Книгах на компьютере, а также на устройствах Android и iOS. Выделяйте текст, добавляйте закладки и делайте заметки, скачав книгу "Wedding Season" для чтения в офлайн-режиме. She lives in Los Angeles and New York. This is her first novel.

10 hours, 45 minutes on nine compact disks. Unabridged.


Dream Dream
I will say upfront that I love chick lit and I really wanted to like this book. However, the Wedding Season was a 330-page disappointment.
The characters were alternatively cardboard or unlikable and I thought that none of the situations, conflicts, or tensions were developed enough so I actually cared.
The two worst things about the book were the passive aggressive nature of our heroine as it related to the villianess and the "I just believe in marriage too much" epiphany. The whole thing was just a little too much to take.
Read Bridget Jones Diary again. It's a better use of your time.
Shak Shak
I read this book for a book club. Although it is outside my usual areas of interest, I was ready to be entertained and/or enlightened.

I did not really enjoy this book. I found the main character unsympathetic, and there were too many peripheral characters. The plethora of peripheral characters made it hard to keep them all straight and also prevented the author from fully developing them, so they all ended up seeming very two-dimensional.

Also, I disliked the ending. I felt that the author lost interest in her book just prior to the last two chapters (as had I) and made a desperate attempt to wrap things up.
Bele Bele
Highly readable, interesting (to me), funny situations and personalities. A light, fun read.
Xtani Xtani
I gave this book every chance to interest me, but gave up by page 100. What a pretentious load of junk. I must be getting old...who are these characters the author writes about? Probably the artsy crowd I avoid at all costs. I hated this drivel.
Musical Aura Island Musical Aura Island
I found this book at the library and was intrigued by the cover. But I ended up liking the cover way more than the book itself. The plot--17 weddings in 6 months--could have made for all kinds of fun possibilities. But the story is rather downbeat, not cute and certainly not funny. The author is not a bad writer, but she obviously needed a good editor. The two main characters, Joy and her boyfriend Gabe, are not the least bit believable. The villainess is like a cartoon--and I find it really hard to believe that Joy would keep running into her all over town, let alone all over the country! Also, as many others have mentioned, there are almost too many characters to keep track of. And, what I found really strange is that the author glosses over some of the weddings. Why build a story around 17 weddings if some of them are barely mentioned in passing??

I expected the book to have a fairy-tale ending, and I'm glad it doesn't. So I'm giving this two stars. Yes, the story ends on a vague note, but at least the author stuck to her guns and doesn't have everyone live happily ever after.
saafari saafari
So many things wrong. A cast of about twenty that is hard to keep track of. A main character who is totally screwed up and so inconsistent. I kept reading (for lack of other reading material) hoping it would have a good ending but it was terrible. And terribly stupid. What a waste of time.
Bys Bys
The thing that struck me about this book as I finished it wasn't the character development (for I found most of the characters too closed off), or the 'gripping' plot (it isn't particularly chaotic despite the books premise)...but what I took away from it. I found as I read the story that it really gives you some perspective on the institutions and conventions in our society, particularly (and obviously) surrounding Marriage and Weddings. I was drawn into the ideas of why some people cherish 'til death do us part' and why others, such as the main character, are so opposed (or maybe not) to weddings.
The story has the general premise of Joy Silverman, a 29-going on-30 year old woman with a perfect live-in boyfriend, who is faced with the dilemma of attending 17 weddings in 6 months, including her 5 nearest and dearest pals, both of her parents, friends of friends and friends of the might assume, judging by the cover (a big no no) and the intial outline of hte story on the back and the catch phrase at the beginning, that you will be catapaulted into detailed accounts of the most important of these weddings...
Instead, Cosper uses the events that take place at the weddings to bring her anti-marriage heroine Joy to question her morals and beliefs in terms of why she is so against marraige, when all of these other people in her life are committing to one another. I think the story concept is original in itself as you are reading about someone who goes against hte conventions of both what we expect in society (marriage!) and what we expect from a 'romantic comedy-bridget jones-esque' type book that dominates the market these days for women (this book is hardly a romantic comedy...whatsoever). The only thing I found discouraging about the story was that there was a large number of characters and sub-plots introduced that never really went anywhere or contributed to the main messages of the novel, and serve mainly as confusing backdrop storylines that don't contribute to a more cohesive and concise book.
Regardless of the criticisms and congratulations I have to offer to Miss Cosper, I have to say that this book, while not the most enthralling of the ones I have read lately, was definiately one of the most unique and promising in terms of what you have to gain from reading it. Single and married women alike should not go into this story and expect a super dramatic romance and climax and all that jazz that you find in most books on the market, but should rather read this book for the experience and the values you will pick up when you are done.