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eBook Honeymoon with the Boss (Romance HB) ePub

eBook Honeymoon with the Boss (Romance HB) ePub

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Fairytale Brides quartet. Book 1 - Honeymooning with Her Brazilian Boss. Look out for the next book. And what is Deangelo up to having a meeting with the Caetnos in Rio? Honestly this book is most entertaining, you would never guess it’s a mills & Boon book.

Fairytale Brides quartet. It has everything I have come to expect and love from a Harlequin Romance. Everyone thinks that Mills & Boon books are set in the same way & they are not, all have their own subject of brilliant storylines. I absolutely love being part of insiders for Mills & Boon getting to read books via netgalley before they have been published.

Will her boss switch corporate contracts for champagne and confetti? Top tycoon Tom Maddison is used to calling the . With the purchase of Kobo VIP Membership, you're getting 10% off and 2x Kobo Super Points on eligible items. Your Shopping Cart is empty.

Will her boss switch corporate contracts for champagne and confetti? Top tycoon Tom Maddison is used to calling the shot. There are currently no items in your Shopping Cart.

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Honeymoon with the Boss. Honeymoon?’ she repeated cautiously, wondering if she had heard correctly. It was unlike Tom Maddison to ask personal questions, let alone one so unexpected

Honeymoon with the Boss. This one is for Julia, who was there at the start. It was unlike Tom Maddison to ask personal questions, let alone one so unexpected. Sometimes on a Monday morning he remembered to ask her if she had had a good weekend, but never as if he cared about the answer and she always said ‘Yes, thank you’ in reply, even if it had been a disaster-as, frankly, it often was. ‘Yes, honeymoon,’ said Tom with an edge of impatience. He took the folder and opened it. ‘You know, after you get married.

Romance With My Boss. 道总裁爱上我; Divel President Fall In Love. Read online Chapter 118. Author(s): KaiYuan Comic. Artist(s): KaiYuan Comic. Genre(s): Drama, Ecchi, Romance, Webtoons. Viewed today: 16921. Here U Are. You're here. Here You Are (D-Jun).

To get the free app, enter your mobile phone number. Ms. Gilmore has given her readers an interesting story combining several tropes with this one, the boss/employee, the secret romance, the single dad, runaway bride - but what is more was the creative way she managed to make all of these tropes meld into a cohesive story. Harlequin Junkie on Summer Romance with the Italian Tycoon.

Alternative(s): 霸道总裁爱上我 ; Divel President Fall In Love. Manga Summary: She was threatened to accept the unreasonable deal. Though she thought the deal was over, she met him again after five years. It seems he hated her, but he only had special feeling towards her both physically and mentally. The secret she kept was found.

Top tycoon Tom Maddison is used to calling the shots-until his convenient marriage falls through. Light joyous romance to lift the spirits. com User, June 2, 2009. Imogen Hobbs can't help dream about her new handsome boss.


porosh porosh
I liked the hero and heroine. They had great chemistry and they actually got to know each other before sleeping together. They did not physically hook up until like 74% into the book. I like how he took the chance first to put his feelings out there and she was right behind him. The only thing that bugs me, and this is about pretty much all romance books, is when they had an arrangement with one person and it causes rejection and they are then afraid of another rejection so they shut down. I mean, take a chance. You were not in love with the first person and they rejected you. You are in love with this person, is it better to stay scared of a rejection that will possibly not happen or to be without that person forever? Either way you are alone but at least you can try!!!
Mr.Champions Mr.Champions
This was just a silly book. First, of all the costs of a destination wedding at a castle, and the honeymoon is just a pound (dollar) too far to let it go, so "we must" go on the honeymoon and take our secretary with us. Secondly, with only 2 people on an island, and she does nothing but swim and sit on the beach? I work over 60 hours per week; 3 days into such solitude and I would at least be checking my e-mail.
Maman Maman
Great story. I like the clean and "normal" at the same time natural flow of things either drawing and storyline. In manga, the drawing were closer to the "classic" style thus "clean". I like the story regardless of the lack luster of heart throbbing build-up. Stories like this make me wonder: what happened afterwards?
Water Water
Great book!
Moralsa Moralsa
CEO of Collocom Tom Maddison has earned his reputation as `Iceman' thanks to his unemotional business decisions. Unfortunately his cold attitude seems to apply to all facets of his life. Tom's decided that it's time to marry and he's left love out of the equation. His potential wife is beautiful, successful, and undemanding. Julia's perfect for him - or so he thinks.

Imogene is Tom's temporary personal assistant. She's efficient, confident and utterly in love with Tom. Imogene is a romantic and believes in love and happily ever after. She'd once been in love and had her heart broken but she knows what she wants in a relationship and isn't willing to settle for anything less.

Imogene may only be Tom's temporary PA but the news that he's getting married and expects her to help with a wedding that's only three weeks away is stunning - especially since she wasn't even aware he was seriously dating. What's even more shocking is his emotional detachment in the wedding plans and lack of concern about the honeymoon. He actually consults Imogene on her ideal honeymoon location and has her arrange it for him and his future wife. When Julia cries off at the last moment, Tom isn't heartbroken but he's a man unaccustomed to failure of any kind and this is a public humiliation he finds unacceptable.

Since the arrangements have already been made at the exclusive resort and getting a refund nearly impossible, Tom suggests Imogene accompany him. He intends to work while he's there so it won't be a romantic getaway. Once they're on the exclusive island, Imogene succumbs to the peacefulness of the area and thoroughly enjoys the experience. Tom finds it difficult to relax and as usual buries himself in work but concentrating with visions of Imogene in a bathing suit in his head proves to be extremely difficult. He's only viewed Imogene as an employee before but now in this romantic setting he's seeing her in an entirely different light and can't help but desire her.

Imogene and Tom have vastly different views on life and love and they openly discuss their opinions and the reasons for them. Despite their differences there's an undeniable attraction that they decide to act on during their time together on the island. Will it really be possible for their relationship to return to boss/employee once they return to London? How will Tom respond when Imogene follows through with her plans to leave Collocom to travel the world?

Women often fantasize about exotic locations as the ideal spot for a honeymoon and HONEYMOON WITH THE BOSS fulfills that desire - with a twist. Imogene and Tom are very different and may have never come together if it wasn't for the time they spend on this exclusive island. It takes Imogene's caring personality and her willingness to share her feelings with Tom to get him to reevaluate his own life and how people see him. Jessica Hart allows readers to join Tom and Imogene on their romantic island experience and follow along as their relationship changes from boss/employee to friends and then to lovers. This is a sweet story full of passion, friendship, beautiful scenery and emotional appeal. If you're looking for the perfect `escape' book then be sure to pick up a copy of HONEYMOON WITH THE BOSS and watch for the other stories in Harlequin's ESCAPE AROUND THE WORLD miniseries.

Chrissy Dionne (courtesy of Romance Junkies)
Vuzahn Vuzahn
Imogen Hobbs can't help dream about her new handsome boss. Tom Maddison may be all business, but with his looks, even his efficient secretary can't deny his charm. Imagine her surprise when he assigns her the task of planning the honeymoon for his upcoming marriage! When the wedding falls apart at the last minute, sensible Tom can't see wasting all that money. Instead, why not use the opportunity to plunge himself even further into his work? Tom heads to the remote Coconut Island with his sensible secretary with the intent on hunkering down to work without distractions. Once there, both Imogen and Tom find the distractions of this tropical business trip a bit more than they ever imagined. But can this momentary paradise become something more than just a fleeting moment under the sun?

Though efficient in her job, Imogen Hobbs is a free spirit. Vibrant, young and adventurous, she just is not ready to settle down into a career at this point in her life. Her boss Tom is practical and a workaholic. He would rather do a business deal than plan his own wedding. Will Imogen be able break through his no-nonsense exterior? Even more importantly, will Tom be able to unlock her deepest desire, a desire once lost and which she thinks is now impossible to find? Will Imogen and Tom discover that life is better with one another than alone?

HONEYMOON WITH THE BOSS is classic Jessica Hart through and through, from front page to the last. Jessica Hart brings two seemingly opposites together and lets the fun begin. Fans will enjoy the dialogue as the two characters learn about each other, sharing light whimsical moments and the deeper desires of their hearts. The chemistry between Imogen and Tom, strong but kept hidden from one another, breaks forth in a memorable moment of laughter. Jessica Hart perfectly captures the spontaneity and unexpected, fun moments of love growing in the heart. HONEYMOON WITH THE BOSS is a light, joyous romance to life the spirits. With its lush tropical setting, HONEYMOON WITH THE BOSS is a perfect romance to inspire a reader's summer imagination. Unlike my visions of the typical tropical holiday, their excursion is a true fantasy without all the tourists and tourist traps --- but how much of a fantasy will this vacation be for a boss and his assistant who had no plans for romance together? Jessica Hart turns that question into fantasy, laughter and fun in a romance that reaches the depths of her characters' hearts.

Alsath Alsath
Happy endings are my favorite. And I so want to go to coconut island, minus the cockroaches and bats. Enjoy
Overall good story.
The author makes you root for the girl and you want him to fall in love with her.
I like the romance stories and this was a good quick read.