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eBook Twice Tempted by a Rogue ePub

eBook Twice Tempted by a Rogue ePub

by Tessa Dare

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  • Author: Tessa Dare
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Windsor; Large type edition edition (2012)
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Connected Books . Twice Tempted by a Rogue. Dare has written an extremely moving story, replete with deep-seated passions, adventure and characters that are not easily forgotte. his is a great book that deserves a place on your keeper shelf. Stud Club Trilogy, Book 2. How long could she resist him? Luck is a double-edged sword for brooding war hero Rhys St. Maur. His death wish went unanswered on the battlefield, while fate allowed the murder of his friend in the elite gentlemen’s society known as the Stud Club. Tessa Dare has expertly crafted an intriguing and suspenseful novel with unexpected plot twists.

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Twice Tempted by a Rogue book. The daring members of the Stud Club are reckless gamblers and no strangers to risk-until love raises the stakes in Twice Tempted by a Rogue. Luck is a double-edged sword for brooding war hero Rhys St. His death wish went unanswered on the battlefield, while fate allowed the murder of his good friend in the elite gentlemen's society known as the Stud Club.

Twice Tempted by a Rogue.

Even though officers slept in tents, he could always feel the bodies crushed around it, hear the noises of men snoring, coughing, frigging themselves to sleep. Truthfully, it hadn’t bothered him.

Even though officers slept in tents, he could always feel the bodies crushed around it, hear the noises of men snoring, coughing, frigging themselves to sleep alternative was to be left alone with his memories, and those were far less pleasant than any rude sounds created by men or wa. ut now he kept vigil with something other than memories of the past: plans for the future. And as such, Rhys didn’t mind being left alone at al. here were still sounds enough to fill the night. inlibrary; printdisabled; ; china.

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Tessa Dare is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling American . Twice Tempted by a Rogue (2010). Three Nights with a Scoundrel (2010).

Tessa Dare is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling American historical romance novelist. She has authored fifteen novels and novellas and created four different series Tessa Dare. in a way, they were my home.


Shadowbourne Shadowbourne
I used to read an absurd number of romance novels, but I've found myself with less time, disposable income and patience than I used to have, so there are now only a few authors whose books I'll still always check out. (Theresa Romain is another one in case you're trying to see if we have similar tastes or just want a recommendation for a new-to-you author!) The first two books of Tessa Dare's Castles Ever After series didn't really click with me. Honestly, I found myself missing my favorite entries from the Spindle Cove series and wondering if I'd ever truly love any of Dare's newer work. So my expectations for this one were moderate, but I'm thrilled to report that this ended up one of the very most pleasurable reading experiences I've had this year.

The heroine was just the type I tend to love and relate to most---she's caring, creative, smart, passionate about things other than men and competent but with clearly established flaws that keep her from being dully and unrelatably 'perfect.' Maddie (I even love her know how little things about a book just connect with you and make you think 'this is so the book I was meant to find'?!) suffers from what would today be diagnosed as a social anxiety disorder. She creates a fictitious boyfriend to avoid dealing with real life men...only said "made up" boyfriend appears on her doorstep one day. Jaded but fundamentally kind Scottish soldier Logan is more flawed and troubled than the man of her amusingly active imagination, of course, but turns out to be a true hero in all the best possible ways. (And, yes, I love the hero's name as addition to his passion, courage and blend of strength and vulnerability!)

It's not exactly a spoiler to reveal that Logan and Maddie eventually fall in love despite and in some ways even because of their flaws, but it's how they get there that's rewarding. Instead of a series of contrived and highly annoying "misunderstandings" that could be resolved with painfully simple explanations neither provides (may the book gods save us from romances that rely on those to sustain 350+ pages of plot!), Maddie and Logan grow closer by seeing how each deals with other people and conflicts in their lives, come to terms with their pasts, challenge but support each other, and just generally make each other better people even when they clash on a given issue.

Other things I loved:

One of the primary reasons Tessa Dare is still a "go to" author of mine even when I find some of her books disappointing is that her prose and dialogue are just uncommonly sharp, smart and witty. I'm a language lover, and the humor and subtle insight that characterizes Tessa Dare's best work makes it a special favorite of mine.

A few of the minor characters in this one are really vivid and memorable. I especially adored Maddie's Aunt Thea.

The book gives a few poignant illustrations of how war can affect men both physically and psychologically without descending into preachy, self-serious grimness.

When a warm, witty and sweet without being over-the-top silly, utterly insubstantial fluff. The more emotional moments feel really well earned and genuine (as opposed to falsely melodramatic and overdone!)

The few things I didn't love:

I'm not a fan of very explicit love scenes, and Tessa Dare's are always more lengthy and detailed than I personally enjoy. The good news is that Logan and Maddie are definitely NOT one of those couples who feel like they're bonded by physical lust with very little emotional and intellectual connection. (That's a huge pet peeve of mine about many modern romance novels and is one reason why I read far fewer than I used to!)

The hero's use of Scottish phrases adds authenticity---he's supposed to be Scottish, after all!---but could potentially be mildly annoying and distracting for those who don't like a lot of "ayes" and terms most of us aren't familiar with popping up in dialogue.

Even if you didn't love the first two books of this series (and I'm among the seemingly few who didn't!), I'd urge lovers of witty, warm, mood-lifting romances to check this one out. The theme about reality never quite living up to your fiction-fueled imagination but sometimes being even better in unexpected ways is likely to resonate with many of us 'bookworms'!
doesnt Do You doesnt Do You
I am one of those readers who has no patience for trying to guess the character or personality flaws of the hero and heroine. I like to know up front and then concentrate on how those flaws are overcame. I make an exception to that concept with regard to this story; and it is only the second time I have done so. Ironically, the first exception was also a Tessa Dare story- One Dance with a Duke, the first of the trilogy of the Stud Club. The reader learns the heroine's flaw almost immediately- she's terrified of crowds. To avoid having a season she invents a lover who is from Scotland- far way- and serving in the peninsular wars -no way for the family to meet him. She spends the next 8 years writing letters to him while engaging in her chosen pastime of sketching nature. The conflict that develops when it turns out there actually was a soldier with the made up name who has been receiving those letters. When she decides its time to kill him off and get on with her own life at 25 he takes a dim view of his own death so when he and his unit are discharged he seeks her out in her castle [bequethed to her by her godfather] and announces he's returned from the dead. The story from then on gets really good. There are clashs of wills as each is determined NOT to let the other get the emotional upper hand, blackmail, bargaining and a lot of sensual bribery. It is only towards the last chapters that we find out what the hero's reason for being angry and stand_offish truly is and the cure is easy enough for the heroine to provide. Throw in lobsters moulting, beetles, an ecentric aunt and a fun, good, emotional story is bound to result.
Bradeya Bradeya
Quite simply, I loved When a Scot Ties the Knot by Tessa Dare. It was such a refreshing break from the usual historical romance tropes. This book is funny and witty, and yet, the author was able to take two mismatched characters and show their emotional vulnerabilities in a way that was not trite or repetitive. The tale is told from third person POV, yet we are able to get the inside both main characters' heads and get their side of their back story as the story progresses.

The book starts off strong and engaged me right away. Maddie is a wallflower who doesn't like to draw attention to herself and is highly anxious in large crowds. She doesn't want to participate in the upcoming Season for the ton, so she invents a Scottish army captain named Logan MacKenzie who she claims she met on a beach in Brighton and they fell madly in love. He supposedly goes off to war and leaves her pining for his return. She convinces her family of this farce and then for years writes a series of fake letters which she sends to no one. Maddie continues this farce for years until she reaches an age where she is no longer forced to marry and then "kills off" her dashing young captain. She spends her days in a lonely castle, which she inherits from a relative and commissions scientific drawings. Flash forward years later and this pretend army captain shows up in the Highlands ready to claim his bride and establish a home for his comrades in arms. Imagine Maddie's surprise when he shows up and they marry hours later!

This author does a great job with dialogue in this book. She is able to take such an endearing tale, which reminded me a bit of a Disney fairytale, but for adults. The dialogue is heartfelt and humorous and we are able to get inside the heads of both the heroine and the hero and discover what is holding them back from admitting their love for one another because sparks fly between these two. Maddie loves her independence and is afraid to give that up, and she is afraid of giving her heart to Logan because he says that he has no heart. Logan has a fear of abandonment, yet he won't admit his vulnerability to Maddie.

The secondary characters are great in the book and add such a refreshing and humorous touch to the plot without being silly. There is a great addition of Maddie's pet lobsters, Fluffy and Rex, that really give an added touch to the plot. Maddie is such a lovely, awkward girl who Logan can't help but respect and fall in love with.

I recommend this book to those who typically don't read historical romance, but are thinking of trying it. This book has a modern, rom-com feel without going overboard with the jokes, yet it stays true to fashion within historical parameters. The characters are very likable and the story is so heartfelt that I wanted to hug my Kindle when I finished - a true joy of a fairytale!