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eBook Storm (Planet earth) ePub

eBook Storm (Planet earth) ePub

by A. B. C Whipple

  • ISBN: 0809443120
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  • Author: A. B. C Whipple
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Time-Life Books; 1st edition (1982)
  • Pages: 176
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  • Rating: 4.2
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He was born in Glens Falls, New York, on July 15, 1918, and spent most of his childhood in Suffield, Connecticut. He graduated from the Loomis School, from Yale University in 1940 and received an . from Harvard University before being hired by Life Magazine. He had many positions at Time/Life and wrote a number of books about maritime history.

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This is another from the Time Life Planet Earth series. This one now focuses on storms - mainly hurricanes and Tornados but there are other references. Again it shows material and information that I would not have expected and certainly would not have stumbled across using the internet. This volume however was certainly more US focused than the previous volumes - yes I think Hurricanes and Tornados are predominantly localised there but there are other storms such as cyclones which can be just as This is another from the Time Life Planet Earth series.

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Storm (Planet earth). ISBN: 978-0-8094-4312-3. ISBN-10: 0-8094-4312-0. Time-Life Books · 1982. Storm: A Novel (Faithgirlz, Soul Surfer).

Navy and Marines" (1991) "Critters: Adventures in Wildest Suburbia" (1994).

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Storm (Planet earth) Time-Life Books, Unknown Binding, 1984. About A. B. C. Whipple (Author) : A. Whipple is a published author. Storm (from the Planet Earth series) Alexandria, Virginia: TIME-Life, 1984, Leather Bound, 1984. Storm (Planet Earth) Time Life UK, Paperback, 1983. Storm (Planet Earth) Time-Life Books Inc, Hardcover, 1982. Storm (Planet earth) Time-Life Books, Hardcover, 1982. View A. Whipple's profile.

This small book will surely find interest among both science and non-science students He is really interested in everything about the Earth right now! This book presents a lot of fact in a way that keeps hi. .

This small book will surely find interest among both science and non-science students. The easy-to-read text and colorful Japanese-style cartoon graphics presents a fact-based and often personified description of the basic features of planet Earth. This is a fun and engaging introduction to the place we call home and will surely spark an interest in other titles by this author. He is really interested in everything about the Earth right now! This book presents a lot of fact in a way that keeps his attention.

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Pumpit Pumpit
Time-Life did it again with their Planet Earth series, and this is one of my favorites.

True, it is dated -- published in 1982 -- but it has a lot of good stuff in there: stories of weather, facts about the weather, diagrams, photos, very good overall coverage, and pretty thorough, given the fact that it's only 180 pages or so.

The best stuff is the historical accounts -- of tornadoes, hurricanes, the first flight into a hurricane (during World War II), the research by the two Americans Redfield and Espy in the 19th Century, the Bergen school of meteorology that began just before World War I. And much more besides.

You can find more on any of these topics online nowadays; but this is a very readable, beautifully laid out, popular account of storms and how we've managed to learn so much about them (though that process continues!).

It's a good place to get started before delving deeper.
Ubrise Ubrise
A.B.C. Whipple, the author of "Storm" was a survivor of the 1938 `Long Island Express' hurricane that caught New Englanders by surprise and "carved a swath of destruction 325 miles long, from the beach resorts of Long Island through the heart of New England to Montreal and the hinterlands of Canada."

Not only is this 1982 Time-Life `Planet Earth' book a good, concise history of weather forecasting, it also contains descriptions, photographs and diagrams of some of the most fearsome hurricanes, typhoons, blizzards, and tornadoes to have plagued the 20th Century.

This is one of the best introductions to meteorology I have read, and the only part that needs updating is the chapter on "Attempting to Tame the Weather." Some of the instrumentation described here never did work, e.g. TOTO (the Totable Tornado Observatory). As for attempts to modify weather, the summarization in "Storm" still holds true: "The lightning suppression program is virtually dead, hail suppression has undergone retrenchment, major efforts at hurricane modification have been delayed."

The decades since this book was published have seen improvements in storm tracking, but effective weather modification is still beyond our grasp.
Tyler Is Not Here Tyler Is Not Here
I love the Anansi stories and this is no exception.
I gave 4 instead of 5 because I thought the reading level was mislabeled. They mark it as a level 4, but compared with any other level 4 book this had way more words than typical level 4.
Like I said great book but if your expecting your young one to read it solo, beware that this is not typical .
Virn Virn
This book is a part of the "Planet Earth" series from Time-Life. It well-written, well organized, and well illustrated. Many of the photos are in color. The first chapter, and a succeeding one, concern hurricanes, and the explanations of hurricane dynamics are excellently explained, abetted by well designed color diagrams. The first chapter concerns the Great New England Hurricane of 1938, and is one of the better narratives I have ever read about this stupendous event. Especially interesting is the disclosure that exactly the same sort of disaster occurred in New England in 1815!!!

The book also addresses tornadoes, albeit in less detail than I would have preferred, blizzards, and the not quite ordinary thunderstorm. It seems tornadoes do not lend themselves to detailed narratives very well

I was very impressed with the chapter on how Norwegian scientists discovered and named the processes involving the movement of storms, air masses, and fronts. This was probably the most re-read chapter of the book.

This bood will not make you a meteorologist, but it will enable a sensible understanding of the phenomena our turbulent atmosphere casts our way. Recommended highly, especially for high schooler and weather devotees
Zargelynd Zargelynd
This is a great introduction to African folktales.