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eBook The Absent Author (A to Z Mysteries) ePub

eBook The Absent Author (A to Z Mysteries) ePub

by John Steven Gurney,Ron Roy

  • ISBN: 0590819186
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  • Author: John Steven Gurney,Ron Roy
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Alfred a Knopf Inc (1997)
  • Pages: 86
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  • Rating: 4.4
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A to Z Mysteries is a popular series of mysteries for children, written by Ron Roy, illustrated by John Steven Gurney, and published by Random House. The series is generally considered among the best "easy readers" for young children.

A to Z Mysteries is a popular series of mysteries for children, written by Ron Roy, illustrated by John Steven Gurney, and published by Random House. There are twenty-six books in the original series; one for each letter of the alphabet. The series begins with The Absent Author (1997) and ends with The Zombie Zone (2005).

Ron Roy (Author), John Steven Gurney (Illustrator). RON ROY has been writing books for children since 1974. Book 1 of 26 in the A to Z Mysteries Series. STEPHEN GILPIN is the award-winning illustrator of dozens of children’s books, including the popular and very funny Pirate Mom. Book 1 of 26 in A to Z Mysteries. He brings his fresh, kid-friendly style to all the covers of the A to Z Mysteries® series.

Home Quizzes Children's Books Quizzes Ron Roy : The Absent Author, A to Z Mysteries Quiz. Take this quiz to see what you can recall from the events that took place in this Ron Roy mystery. Ron Roy : The Absent Author, A to Z Mysteries Quiz. Theme/Title: The Absent Author, A to Z Mysteries. The kids from Greenlawn are trying ot solve the mystery of the missing author. Group: Children's Books Children's Books Quizzes.

The Absent Author book. Ron Roy, John Steven Gurney (Goodreads Author) (Illustrator). Jan 07, 2012 Stella Chen rated it it was amazing.

Join Us. Author Ron Roy And John Steven Gurney. 7/10 9. Books by Ron Roy And John Steven Gurney: A to Z Mysteries: the Bald Bandit. 10. A to Z Mysteries: the Deadly Dungeon.

But the author never shows up! Where is Wallis Wallace? It’s up to Dink and his friends Josh and Ruth Rose to track him down. Random House Children's Books Home.

Dink Duncan and his two friends investigate the apparent kidnapping of famous mystery author Wallis Wallace in Ron Roy's first book of the A to Z Mysteries series. The Absent Author by Ron Roy ~ Wallis Wallace is coming to town to sign his book. Dink, Josh and Ruth Rose think that he been kidnapped when he doesn't show up. A collection of early chapter books for beginning readers starring kid-detectives and mysteries to be solved. The Absent Author (a To Z Mysteries).

Roy Ron, Gurney John Steven. a to Z Mysteries The Ninth Nugget. Roy Ron, Gurney John Steven. Download (EPUB). Читать.



My son LOVES all of the Ron Roy series. We started when he was 5 (me reading to him). The books are wholesome without all of the snarky back-talking kid dialogue you find in other books. And the mysteries aren't formulaic (like Magic Treehouse). Clues are dropped that most adults may figure out right away, but at least for my son's age aren't as obvious.
My husband read this to us as a family (I have a first grader and a second grader) just before school started--it was fun, fairly quick, and it kept our attention. We plan to continue reading these little mysteries to see who can figure out the ending. I'm hoping that reading books like these as a family will make reading fun for my little ones.
Azago Azago
My son's teacher tells me he reads a grade level ahead--he is an 8 year old second grader, and I try to encourage him as much as I can. The only 'problem' is we are a bunch of readers in my house and my youngest frequently earns the title of 'contrary-boy' as he will specifically choose to do things his own way. I have (multiple times) feared he would balk at reading just to be different. Thankfully, it hasn't gotten that far but he does balk at reading a lot of the books his brother was interested in at the same age (Pokemon--no loss there, Magic Tree House, Boxcar Children etc). On the other hand, he will try some of the books his older brother will read NOW, like the Wimpy Kid books.

In any case, trying to find a book series he will like, that are age appropriate, and he won't ignore because I'm too happy about it can be a challenge. No "hey look honey at the wonderful book isn't it great!!!". More the "eh, a book, I'll just leave it here and maybe you'll like it".

Now, oddly enough, my older son declined reading the A to Z books--I can't remember if they were offered to him too early/too late, or he just didn't like them. I decided to give this one a try and my youngest absolutely adored it and finished it in one sitting. Amazing!!

So, I give this one the "HIGHLY RECOMMENDED" label, with the caveat that all children are different and have different tastes. This one defintely has appeal and is worthwhile, but if your kiddo doesn't like it, well keep trying!

Hawk Flying Hawk Flying
My 9-year-old son loves these books. He got a couple at school as a reward and after we read them, he asked for more books from the A to Z series for Christmas. He was so excited when he opened his present! Though they are a bit spendy for not so big books. Could only get 2 for Christmas as the whole set was outrageous in my opinion. But buying just two at a time is worth it for us to be able to read this age appropriate-exciting series.
RuTGamer RuTGamer
I purchased these for my 8 year old niece for her birthday (per her request). They are great for a child that loves to read and wants something a little more challenging/mysterious. She was very happy with these books. They seem to be great quality too. I highly recommend if you have a young reader in your home!
Kahavor Kahavor
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There is so much mystery you will love it!!
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Kadar Kadar
My son really enjoyed the first story and this one has also been declared a winner. Looks like I'll have 24 more books to buy soon! The reading level seems appropriate without being intimidating--he reads (according to his teacher) a grade level above, and overall is stubborn and has to choose his own thing. I don't know what his official 'lexile' level is (new words for me) but the book is listed at 470.

If you have a child who reads about these levels, and is looking for a fun series that appeals to the picky reader, I would recommend trying this series.


Good book!