» » The natural genesis : or, Second part of A book of the beginnings
eBook The natural genesis : or, Second part of A book of the beginnings ePub

eBook The natural genesis : or, Second part of A book of the beginnings ePub

by Gerald Massey

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  • Author: Gerald Massey
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Samuel Weiser; Reprint edition (1974)
  • Pages: 1087
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1. Williams and Norgate. p. 13. The human mind has long suffered an eclipse and been darkened and dwarfed in the shadow of ideas, the real meaning of which has been lost to the moderns.

Black Classic Press, 1 февр. Стр. 20 A comparison of certain Egyptian signs with those of the North American Indians tends to the conclusion that they had a common origin. 1 The Egyptians engraved such hieroglyphics in granite and the Indians still figure them in the air. But the. 21 The typology of the left as the lower hand, the feminine half, corresponding to the hinder part and the nethermost of two, runs through all the Indian signs. The lower, hinder part, and the left hand are feminine in the quarters north and west. 157 Vapour is the breath of water.

The Natural Genesis book. Details (if other): Cancel. Thanks for telling us about the problem. The Natural Genesis: Or Second Part of a Book of the Beginnings.

Volume two of a two volume set. (This description is for all volumes.

The Book of the Beginnings vol 1 & 2 and its companions The Natural Genesis vol 1 & 2 are serious scholastics works that delve deep in philology and comparative linguistic to prove the author's fundamental hypothesis: That.

The Book of the Beginnings vol 1 & 2 and its companions The Natural Genesis vol 1 & 2 are serious scholastics works that delve deep in philology and comparative linguistic to prove the author's fundamental hypothesis: That both Egypt and Africa are, not only the cradle of humanity and civilization, but that the real meaning of ancient and modern civilizations' religious symbols, myths. That school boys being teased or tickled would say "nark it!". Massey explores a similar etymology. The book is just packed with fascinating english traditions.

Black Classic Press, 1998. 214 This is the sign of the hero, but it is related to puberty ; hence :the winning and wearing of the feather" by the virile Indian, who takes a scalp to become a Brave

Black Classic Press, 1998. Результаты поиска по книге. 214 This is the sign of the hero, but it is related to puberty ; hence :the winning and wearing of the feather" by the virile Indian, who takes a scalp to become a Brave. Hence also the Mexican myth of the feather which caused conception in the. 237 In Maori and Mangaian there may be no name for blue as hue and tint; but this does not show that the people did not know the blue heaven from the white or red heaven when they saw it. The Zulu name signifies heaven, as The Blue. Где остальные материалы из этой книги?

Massey - The Natural Genesis (1). Legal Bok. A Dictionary of the University of Oxford. by Google as part of a project. to make the worlds books discoverable online.

Massey - The Natural Genesis (1). The Modern Steam Engine. Nietzsche and Other Exponents of Individ. Whether a book is in the public domain may vary country to country. Public domain books are our gateways to the past, representing a wealth of history, culture and knowledge thats often difcult to discover.

This book is a facsimile reprint and may contain imperfections such as marks, notations, marginalia and flawed pages. Other volumes in this set include ISBN number(s): 0766126560. Volume 2 of 2.

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Book by Massey, Gerald


Conjulhala Conjulhala
This 2 volume work on the genesis of cultural development, language, religion, and science was the most eye-opening thing I have read on the subject. It has a massive amount of data to sift through and I absorb something new each time I reread a section previously highlighted as information worth remembering.
The orientation away from Christianity as it is currently practiced could turn some people off, but I found it enlightening. The extreme nature of some of his religious commentary is likely the reason this book is not found among textbooks on evolution. Although it may have scientific shortcomings--it was written over a century ago--I think it should be available for anyone looking for a more comprehensive understanding of the history of man.
Awesome book by a great author, who doesn't get much publicity amongst some of his colleagues, past or present!! But the honesty in his works is very gratifying & probably the reason for him being pretty much"black-balled" in his field!! But for those seeking true knowledge of the ancient past when "his-story, is no longer cutting it, don't sleep on, Gerald Massey!!
Visonima Visonima

Malodred Malodred
Okay it took me about 5 months to read this book. I looked at it for a month before I attempted to began reading. Once I finally picked it up, I committed to read 20 pages a day, which amount to about an hour. Then I got distracted by more readable fiction books (L.A. Banks Vampire Huntress Series). There are 12 books in the series. I am currently waiting for book 11 to come via snail mail. I'm completely hooked. This book is not a casual read. However, I felt compelled to read it. My goal as intellectual reader is to self educate myself and learn something new. I only comprehended 1/4 of the book. However, my mission of learning something new was accomplished.

I highly recommend this book to those types of readers who are knowledge readers. If you are a scholar on world and African history you must read this book. If you are any way involved intellectually in any of the so-called western major religions and you are a knowledge reader, if you aren't scared, I say go for it.

I have committed myself to read volumn 1 by the end of 2012. These books definitely deserved a place on my book shelf. This was a hard earn read. Often I would have to re-read a paragraph or two to comprehend it.
Yananoc Yananoc
This along with his *A Book of Beginnings* and *Ancient Egypt: The Light of the World* constitute a major work that took Massey most of three decades to write. There is nothing so important as these books in demonstrating the origin of all the world's languages and cultures in the birth place of Egypt in Central Africa. Massey was the 9th Chosen Chief of what is known as the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids in Britain between 1880 and 1906. And it was during these years that he was working on these volumes. He was an evolutionist, a consumate scholar, philologist, and great savant. These books are filled with the most amazing insights. A Book of Beginnings scientifically demonstrates the origins of the British Druidic and ancient Hebrew traditions in the ancient Egyptian. It also delves into the most ancient levels of the Egyptian in the lake region of Central East Africa at the source of the Nile. These books are not for casual reading. They are fraught with detail and demand careful reading. They cast a bright light on the great world tree of cultures and languages whose tap root is in Central Africa. Massey traces the development of Egypt so far back that it makes the past two thousand years look like it was just the other day. For anyone trying to understand the origins of the great African cultures, the British culture, the Jewish culture, Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, and all other cultures as well as all of the world's languages, these books are to be regarded as a gold mine. For anyone studying the great Bardic tradition, these books belong among those that are to be considered indespensible. Massey is a major figure. All of his work is published by BCP (Black Classics Press).
Umsida Umsida
Gerald Massey is 'the' most under read "seer"/researcher dealing with history, religion, typology,... I mean what doesn't he deal with directly or indirectly?
If you are trying to find the reason or essense of cultural/religious/societal practices then this two volume set is a must. Massey does for History & Understanding what Athur Young does for science (The Reflexive Universe), he makes the developement of Kemit accessible and understandable.
The writings of Gerald Massey will probably be the most dense material you have read in your life! Sometimes what he covers in one page another author would have taken 10. The book is the 2nd of 3 main books (6vols) and in my opinion should be read first! I read "Light of the World" first and understood it (I thought). When I read Natural Genesis and reread the others...they all opened up and revealed way more insight.
Lastly, I think for the establishment of the time Massey would presently be akin to a (more radical) Noam Chomsky, Gore Vidal, Howard Zinn...along the religio-socio-historical side. Hope that helps some.
Ricep Ricep
Spending several years doing research on Ancient Egyptian religion and philosophy for fun I've come in contact with several different treatments of the topic of Ancient Egypt. I'm looking for something with a little more historical value, and have been directed toward this work. I'm speaking of "The Natural Genesis/Book One and the Natural Genesis/Book 2 by Gerald Massey. I understand the book is out of print at this point, but I would like very much if a copy should become available to be notified. Thank you....Cordially....Julie Stout