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eBook Mrs. Piggle Wiggle's Magic ePub

eBook Mrs. Piggle Wiggle's Magic ePub

by Betty Macdonald

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  • Author: Betty Macdonald
  • Publisher: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins Publishers (October 1976)
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Everyone loves Mrs. Piggle-WiggleMrs  . Betty MacDonald’s slim book delighted me as much now in late middle age as it did when I was a young girl, laughing out loud at Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle’s cures for wayward children: the Having been disappointed by Betty MacDonald’s The Egg and I, I returned to the book I first read 50 years ago, the one that made me. adore MacDonald: Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle. The tales involving the tiny, eccentric widow with her upside-down house, dog Wag, cat Lightfoot, pony Spotty, delightful games, and amazing insight.

Piggle-Wiggle's Magic Paperback – August 14, 2007. by Betty Macdonald (Author), Hilary Knight (Illustrator). Book 2 of 5 in the Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle Series.

Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle's magic. by. MacDonald, Betty Bard. Katonah, New York : Young Readers Press. Books for People with Print Disabilities. Internet Archive Books.

Piggle-Wiggle’s Magic was written two years after the first, and now the cures involve magical potions and powders, which Mr. Piggle-Wiggle the pirate had left in a trunk when he died. These are clever but I began to tire of reading of children whining and complaining. Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle is still fun, and I wished it continued to focus on her interactions with the kids. The last book seems even more so. Piggle-Wiggle herself is only a minor character in this volume of stories, and the children never interact with her. In the end, I wish Betty MacDonald had stopped while she was ahead. Then again, maybe I should have stopped while I was still enjoying them. Piggle-Wiggle loves everyone, and everyone loves her right back. The children love her because she is lots of fun. A classic story from one of the most beloved children's book authors!Mary Poppins meets Nanny McPhee in Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle's Magic, a hilarious and charming picture book about a magical problem solver that has been delighting readers for generations. Parents love Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle because she can cure children of any bad habit.

Piggle-Wiggle loves everyone, and everyone loves her right back. Their parents love her because she can cure children of absolutely any bad habit. The treatment are unusual, but they work! Who better than a pig, for instance, to teach a piggy little boy table manners? And what better way to cure the rainy-day "waddle-I-do's" than hunt for a pirate treasure in Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle's upside-down house? Read Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle's Magic Book Online. Piggle-Wiggle's Magic Author : Betty MacDonald. By Betty MacDonald Read by Karen White. Category: Audiobooks Children’s Middle Grade Books Children’s Picture Books. Jan 13, 2009 206 Minutes Middle Grade (8-12).

Piggle-Wiggle is a series of children's books by Betty MacDonald and a television series created by actress Shelley Duvall, as well as the name of the main character. The first book is Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle, published in 1947; three sequels completed by MacDonald are Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle's Magic, Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle's Farm, and Hello, Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle (1949 to 1957). Piggle-Wiggle is here for today's parents. The Silly-Questions Cure by BleedingHeartCrow for LeBibish. Fandoms: Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle Series - Betty MacDonald. No Archive Warnings Apply.

Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle has a trick up her sleeve

Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle loves everyone, and everyone loves her right back. The children love her because she is lots of fun. Their parents love her because she can cure children of absolutely any bad habit. The treatment are unusual, but they work! Who better than a pig, for instance, to teach a piggy little boy table manners? And what better way to cure the rainy-day "waddle-I-do's" than hunt for a pirate treasure in Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle's upside-down house?


Tenius Tenius
As a child, one of my favorite books to be read from and then to read myself were Betty MacDonald's "Mrs Piggle-Wiggle" series. Of course, I was living in the early 1950's and lived in a neighborhood where we all played outside, unsupervised, after school. The dads went off to work, and the moms stayed home with the kids. It really was a simpler time - but not a time I'd like to go back to. I have an almost three year old granddaughter and wanted to see if she might like the books - in a few years.The other day I downloaded the audio version of the first of the series, "Mrs Piggle Wiggle" and listened to it. I was just as delighted to hear it 60 years later.

It's always interesting to read or listen to a book that was written contemporaneously. This series, in particular, would be fobbed off as "politically incorrect" if published today, about today's world. It was a picture of a purer, more innocent time and that was how much of the country lived in the post-WW2 years. But, here's the thing: the times might have been more innocent but human nature doesn't change. Children still worry about the same things as we, their grandparents did, and still don't pick up their toys or bathe enough. They still go through stages where they talk back to the parents and teachers, and I don't think the "selfish gene" has been scrubbed from human reproduction. Betty MacDonald's parents and children - and Mrs Piggle Wiggle - are the parents and children of today. Addiction, violence and poverty have added to our problems but there was always a bit of that in the past. Hiding under our desks at school from the threat of nuclear war - like our wooden desks were really going to save us - and diseases that were rampant back then have been eradicated by cures. Betty MacDonald's wonderful stories full of interesting characters are as timely now as they were 60 years ago.

By the way, did you know that Betty MacDonald wrote the adult book, "The Egg and I"? That was one of four "adult" books she wrote, in addition to the children's books she wrote.
Tekasa Tekasa
I got this book for my seven-year-old son. We read at night before he goes to bed and since he is getting older we switch to Junior chapter books. This is a very good read and my seven-year-old son loved the different stories. The chapters are not too long so you can read one chapter every two nights. The only drawback about this book is that it is an old-fashioned type of book so some of the words are out of date and I had to explain the meaning of some of the words to my son. This did not in anyway take away from the story in fact it made us talk about it more and the time that these words were used. We have gotten through almost the entire series at this point and I have not been disappointed. The book was in very good condition and we enjoyed reading it a lot.
Flamekiller Flamekiller
Honestly, with cures like "whisper sticks" for whispering and "show-off powder" for the corresponding symptoms, this book is hard to beat. It's fun as a parent to read to my little person and he/she (6) loves to read it to him/herself. Understand that there may be some objections from parents regarding the conveyed parental methodology but the magic involved with symptom curing is super fun- and funny!
Darkshaper Darkshaper
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Why I picked it up: I loved this books as an elementary school student and they are still some of my favorite stories to read to myself or aloud.

Why I finished it: This short chapter book has been charming both children and adults for over sixty years. They are silly, fun, imaginative, and relatable for readers of all ages. How many of us didn't like picking up our toys, or talked back, or fought with our siblings, or knew of someone who did. The cures themselves are perhaps a little over the top in some cases, but they have become just as well known as the woman who 'prescribes' them. Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle and the children she helps are somewhat inspiring, encouraging the reader to think outside the box to solve problems. Now, I probably wouldn't go as far as to plant radishes on a child that doesn't bathe, but the point is that there is more than one angle with which we can address issues. It teaches us a lesson about the way we act toward each other and how we interact with the world at large. They're classic stories that are well-loved by generations and will continue to entertain both children and adults for many more years to come.
Inerrace Inerrace
Bought this book for my 8 year old daughter and she really enjoys it. It is about the right reading level for her and it holds her attention well. Story line is cute and each chapter has great morals/lessons. What I like about this book is she can read a chapter without me and I can jump back in and not feel like I missed anything or need to be filled in. Each chapter is a separate story and doesn't tie into the next.
SadLendy SadLendy
Highly recommended to read to kids between 6 and 9. My 2nd grade teacher read it to my class, and I checked it out of the school library to read myself years ago. I remembered it as my own kids entered elementary school. I have now read it to my 6 and 8 year olds, and they really enjoyed it as well. It was written during the 1940's so some of the characterization is a bit dated, but in my personal opinion that adds to its charm, and some lessons about childhood are really timeless anyway. My husband says this book should be required reading for all parents, and I'm inclined to agree! Some of Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle's cures for behavior issues, like the Radish Cure, are certainly extreme, but this book can still be inspiring for parents who just don't know what to do about their kids who won't clean their rooms, or share their toys, or who won't stop fighting with their siblings.