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eBook Great Captains Unveiled (Portway Reprints) ePub

eBook Great Captains Unveiled (Portway Reprints) ePub

by B. H. Liddell Hart

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  • Author: B. H. Liddell Hart
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: C.Chivers (May 25, 1971)
  • Pages: 280
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Max Hastings Great Captains Unveiled incisively examines the brilliant military careers and intriguing personalities of six masters of the battlefield .

Max Hastings Great Captains Unveiled incisively examines the brilliant military careers and intriguing personalities of six masters of the battlefield: Jenghiz Khan (1167?-1227) and Sabutai (1172?-1245).

Sir Basil Henry Liddell Hart (31 October 1895 – 29 January 1970), commonly known throughout most of his career as Captain B. H. Liddell Hart, was a British soldier, military historian and military theorist. In the 1920s and later he wrote a series of military histories that proved influential among strategists. He argued that frontal assault was a strategy that was bound to fail at great cost in lives, as happened in 1914–1918.

Great Captains Unveiled book. Sir Basil Henry Liddell Hart usually known before his knighthood as Captain B. Liddell Hart was an English soldier, military historian and leading inter-war theorist.

Great Captains Unveiled : Jenghiz Kahn and His General Sabutai, Marechal de Saxe, Gustavus Adolphus, Wallenstein and General Wolfe.

Great Captains Unveiled(1927). by. Hart B. Liddell. classification: English Litrature d. itle: Great Captains Unveiled(1927) d. ype: Print-Paper d. ype: Book. digitallibraryindia; JaiGyan. ark:/13960/t6vx5r771. Ocr. ABBYY FineReader 1.

Liddell Hart In very good condition. Book ships from New Brunswick, Canada. Can send photos upon request.

A series of of characteristically provocative essays. told with Liddell Hart’s unfailing verve and narrative sweep.

Great Captains Unveiled incisively examines the brilliant military careers and intriguing personalities of six masters of the battlefield: Jenghiz Khan (1167?-1227) and Sabutai (1172?-1245), who led their Mongol cavalry into the heart of medieval Europe and shook the fabric of its civilization; the French Marechal de Saxe (1696-1750), one of the greatest generals of his age

Behind Liddell Hart's policy contributions was the idea that the British decision in. .Bibliography of B. Liddell Hart.

Behind Liddell Hart's policy contributions was the idea that the British decision in 1914 to directly intervene on the Continent with a great army was a mistake. Scipio Africanus: Greater Than Napoleon (originally: A Greater than Napoleon: Scipio Africanus; W Blackwood and Sons, London, 1926; Biblio and Tannen, New York, 1976). Great Captains Unveiled (W. Blackwood and Sons, London, 1927; Greenhill, London, 1989). Reputations 10 Years After (Little, Brown, Boston, 1928). Sherman: Soldier, Realist, American (Dodd, Mead and Co, New York, 1929; Frederick A. Praeger, New York, 1960).

Great captains unveiled. 1 2 3 4 5. Want to Read. Are you sure you want to remove Great captains unveiled from your list? Great captains unveiled. by Basil Henry Liddell Hart. Published 1984 by Ayer in Salem, . Military biography, Military leadership. Originally published: 1928.


Jugami Jugami
Another excellent piece from BH. While his reputation has taken a hit in the past few decades in regards to his influence on historical events, and his alleged manipulation of the historical record to further that perception, he remains an excellent analyst and biographer. I have read probably a dozen of his works before getting to this one, and it has the usual high standard of good info and analysis on these somewhat neglected but outstanding commanders. The piece of Sabutai is worth the price of admission. Recommended for students of strategy and leadership.
Kiutondyl Kiutondyl
Lidell Hart was a pioneer in armored warfare and the purpose of this book is to illustrate six great military commanders in history and their contributions to manuver warfare.He starts off by discussing the mongols under Genghis Khan and Sabutai who used the concepts of speed,surprise and mobile firepower in their conquest of a large area of the Eurasian landmass.He illustrates that the mastery of these concepts enabled the mongols to build the largest land empire in history and destroy all kinds of enemies in war.Hart then discusses the French commander Marshal de Saxe who believed in using armor to support troops.He goes on to discuss Gustavus Adolphus whom he labels the father of Modern of warfare.Gustavus was a great tactician and superb administrator.Amongst the innovations that he brought to Europe were conscription,mobile artillery,a T formation and a superb combined arms formation.Gustavus is legendary because he saved the northern German Protestant states from defeat at the hands of the mighty Hapsburg dynasty.Lidell then goes on to discuss one of Gustavus' rivals ,the Czech Wallenstein whom he describes as the supreme poker player in the history of warfare.What is remarkable about Wallenstein is his rise to power.Being Czech,protestant and of minor nobility Wallenstein had almost no chance of becoming such a high ranking official,he succeeded by becoming one.Wallenstein was a master in surprise,manuver and psychological warfare.Whilst inferior to Gustavus in fighting skill and tactics ,he was far better strategist.Hart explains how he understood the value of seapower and how he bought Gustavus to heel simply by cutting across his lines of communications ,threatning his allies in the process and basically starving Gustavus's army.The last of the generals discussed is James wolfe,who defeated the French in Canada by performing an excellent feat of amphibious warfare.
Andromajurus Andromajurus
Hart's writing is vivid and engaging. He paints exciting and informative images of some of the great captains in history and provides some interesting, though not always thoroughly historical, insights into the hows and whys of some great commanders.

Of course his treatment of the broad strategies is always spot on, though he grinds a bit on his core thesis throughout his books a bit much, most of the time he is just preaching to the choir.

Highly recommended!
Moogura Moogura
Hart wrote the famous strategy book but in his examples he has to compress for time and brevity. This book is a easier read being more of a mixture of history that doesn't feel like it is compressed. The lessons of his Strategy book come to the fore in this book and the explanations become easier to grasp. Beyond that he is attempting to make a case for some great captains in history that are overlooked.
Mora Mora
Wafare philosophy enthusiasts will love Liddell Hart's works. This classic work containing the seeds of blitzkrieg and maneuver warfare theory will resonate especially with those who admire those schools of thought. The first chapter on Jenghiz Khan and Sabutai is alone worth the price of the book. A brilliant piece of military history and theory that still resonates with thinkers today.
Risa Risa
Like most history written by B.H. Liddell Hart, he is more interested in 'proving' his own theories rather than attempting objective history. This book is no different and relies upon very shallow analysis. Nevertheless, as alaways, Liddell Hart does make some interesting observations along the way. Read only with extreme caution.
Thordigda Thordigda
gave it as a gift, they loved it