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eBook Stiff News ePub

by Catherine Aird

  • ISBN: 075403643X
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  • Author: Catherine Aird
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Chivers P; Large Print e. edition (June 30, 1999)
  • Pages: 232
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  • Rating: 4.1
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Also by Catherine Aird. For David Barton with love. Messenger: Labienus –. This is stiff news – hath, with his Parthian force, Extended Asia from Euphrates; His conquering banner shook from Syria.

Also by Catherine Aird. He had marched from his pew to the foot of the lectern just as one day long ago he had marched across the parade ground at Sandhurst. He had halted in front of the two carpeted steps and climbed them stiffly now with a care not entirely unassociated with the wearing of bifocal spectacles. The reading,’ he announced, ‘is from the Book of Psalms.

Catherine Aird is the pseudonym of English novelist Kinn Hamilton McIntosh MBE. She is the author of more than twenty crime fiction novels and several collections of short stories. Her witty, literate, and deftly plotted novels straddle the "cozy" and "police procedural" genres and are somewhat similar in flavour to those of Martha Grimes, Caroline Graham, M C Beaton, Margaret Yorke, and Pauline Bell. She is a recipient of the Cartier Diamond Dagger award.

Julia! Where are you?’. Noise didn’t help her headache. Here,’ she called unsteadily able nursing a cup of black c. . Here,’ she called unsteadily able nursing a cup of black coffee in both hands, her ample figure crammed untidily into a jumper and skirt. What’s wrong?’ she asked. She looked as if she had slept in her clothes, although he knew she hadn’t. Lionel Powell tightened his lips. I really don’t know what’s going on over at the Manor. What does it matter?’ she asked. After all, your mother’s gone no.

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I am always pleased to find new British mystery writers as they tend to write in a way that I can enjoy. this is an ongoing argument at the moment.

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Whilingudw Whilingudw
Have not got got around to reading it yet, but I am sure I will enjoy it, as I do all her books.
Delirium Delirium
So disappointed--early Catherine Aird is the best British mystery gets, but the later ones are disjointed, dull and devoid of interest or humor. Go back and reread The Most Contagious Game instead.
Felolak Felolak
I love reading Catherine Aird.
Gianni_Giant Gianni_Giant
I have been reading Catherine Aird's books for many years and have enjoyed all of them. I think Sloan and Crosby have to be one of the most amusing duos in crime fiction. Crosby is always catching the reader out as well as Sloan because even though many of his utterances are superfluous every so often he hits the nail on the head and provides the inspiration which solves the case.

In this book Crosby's dubious driving skills are needed to help Sloan stop a funeral so that a post mortem can be carried out on the corpse who believed someone would murder her. The book is mainly set in a retirement home allowing the author free rein with the eccentric characters. The writing is as ever amusing with plenty of irony and little asides from Sloan about what he would have liked to say in the circumstances presented to him.

If you enjoy cosy crime novels then try Catherine Aird. The series can be read in any order.
Friert Friert
Aird is a new writer for me. I am always pleased to find new British mystery writers as they tend to write in a way that I can enjoy. As another reviewer stated, this book is very tongue-in-cheek, but it has to do with a topic I am currently involved in in bioethics; the concept of who controls when a person lives or dies. this is an ongoing argument at the moment. In the U.S. we tend to err on the side of caution, and feel that when a person's 'time' is up should be left to 'God' or 'fate.' In Europe, in Great Britain, and especially the Netherlands, this determination is being 'made' for people by their families or by society, who I don't feel has the right to make that type of judgement call.

Sloan, a rather weary detective is called into a care facility because a woman dies. This elderly woman writes a letter and has someone on the staff mail this letter upon her death...and she out and out states that she has been murdered. Sloan, and his sidekick Crosby (who is a terrible driver!) never do determine whether this one woman was among those in this care facility whose time was determined for them by someone else, whether a family member anxious to get their paws on the family money, an over-zealous nurse or medical personnel on the staff, or some other person for some other reading. But basically the question is raised that no matter who determines when a person should live or die is a murderer. I am not sure that this is the wishful thinking of this reader or whether Aird (there is a Scottish name for you) herself feels this way towards those who would play the part of God.

The writing is concise and compact. Aird wastes no words and yet she manages to get in plenty of snide remarks. At some places you almost feel as if there should be a drum-roll for the crack being made. How nice to find a new and interesting British mystery writer!

Karen Sadler
Kalrajas Kalrajas
As in all her books, this one is cleverly and wittingly written. No one quite has Ms. Aird's style. It is truly unique in the genre of British detective fiction. She has sharp dialogue and carefully drawn characters, and her books almost make the reader feel they are partaking of a guilty pleasure because of her sly wit and slightly naughty "tongue-in-cheek" writing. In this book Sloan and Crosby are called out to a Senior's manor. No one seems surprised that a sick old lady has died, except the lady herself. She had made arrangements to have a letter sent to her son saying that she was afraid of dying not a natural death. By the time Sloan and Crosby are on site at the manor it appears that something very wrong has been going on there. It's one of the most puzzling cases of Sloan's career, and he finds that he has to delve into the past to unmask the murderer.
Clandratha Clandratha
I welcomed the return of C.D. Sloan and even the lead-footed Crosby, and I was quite intrigued by the mystery; however, the thread seemed to fizzle out and the denouement left me cold. It all seemed much ado about nothing. An enjoyable read for fans of this sleuth, but newcomers to Aird should read some of her older books. My personal favorite is "A Most Contagious Game". It does not feature C.D. Sloan, although it is laid in Calleshire and mixes a delightful historical mystery with a modern one in masterful fashion.
This is very well written, with a dry humor. I like the author. She does a great job of characterization.