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eBook Air Passages: Surviving Asthma Naturally ePub

eBook Air Passages: Surviving Asthma Naturally ePub

by Ted J. Cibik

  • ISBN: 097228530X
  • Subcategory: No category
  • Author: Ted J. Cibik
  • Publisher: Oak Tree Productions (December 31, 2003)
  • Pages: 269
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  • Rating: 4.8
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Air Passages : Surviving Asthma Naturally. Select Format: Paperback. Select Condition: Like New.

All about Asthma, Asthmatics, and teaching you to live and laugh about your asthma :) (I am NOT a Doctor, I have no medical. A peak flow meter is a hand-held device used to measure your ability to push air out of your lungs. A peak flow meter may help identify causes of your asthma at work, home or play.

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Safdar Chaudhary and Sven Hosford interview Dr. Ted Cibik on Chinese Medicine, Taoism, and Formless Taoism, which is Dr. Ted's course for self-discovery that he is offering at his center in Leechburg PA. Dr. Ted began his journey of self discovery at age 5 when he was clinically dead for 15 minutes from asthma and a cure gone wrong. Since that time he has been a student of martial arts, taoism and all forms of Integrated Medicine, and has taught and helped people heal for over 25 years. In this wide ranging interview, the two Doctors compare notes on the state of Integrative Medicine.

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Ted J. Cibik, Visionary, Speaker, Healer and Author . Like the famous Chinese physician Sun Si Miao, Dr. Cibik was sickly as a child, so his interest in medicine grew naturally.

Like the famous Chinese physician Sun Si Miao, Dr. His pediatricians believed he would never live past the age of five.

Looking for a book by Ted J. Cibik? Ted J. Cibik wrote Air Passages: Surviving Asthma Naturally, which can be purchased at a lower price at ThriftBooks. Books By Ted J. Cibik. Air Passages: Surviving Asthma Naturally.

This book is going to tell you all about asthma, the reasons for it, its symptoms, and how you can cure asthma naturally

This book is going to tell you all about asthma, the reasons for it, its symptoms, and how you can cure asthma naturally. If you say that you can get plenty of allopathic treatments, they are going to be made up of cortisteroids, bringing you temporary relief, not curing you at all and not treating the problem at all.

There are a number of natural remedies that claim to manage asthma symptoms. Find out which methods are safe and effective, and which may do harm. Tired of depending on your inhaler and medications for asthma treatment? You may be considering trying a natural remedy to manage your asthma - but first, get the scoop on what works and what doesn't.

What is it? Asthma. Why is no one talking about this?

Asthma rates are rising faster than ever before along with other breathing disorders.

A new book explains theories why this is happening and more importantly what to do about the crises with practical, inexpensive lifestyle changes that improve the odds of survival and quality of life.

Air Passages is a book written by a lifelong asthmatic that found natural ways to deal with life-threatening asthma and allergies (the two are usually coexistent).

This book educates you on:

What is Rooibos Tea and how can it allow you to breathe better? How Medical Qigong may be the answer for asthma allergies in the 21st century. How pH level in your body affects breathing. The dangers of Albuterol and Prednisone, and what to do if you have to take them. Chinese herbals in the treatment of asthma allergies and immunology. Exercise prescription for asthmatics. Supplements shown to alleviate breathing disorders of all types. Meditation and prayer for asthmatics. How to control asthma attacks without medication. How to eliminate allergies in your home. How to breathe to you maximum potential (most people only breathe with 40% of their potential)


Ochach Ochach
The author is a 40 year asthmatic himself. He put a lot of information that he has found from various sources here in the book.
Some information was good for me to know.
I did not try his qigong exercise but I am instead doing tai chi. Tai chi seems to be working for me anyway.
Elildelm Elildelm
Excellent book with lots of useful information.
Cerekelv Cerekelv
By reading and performing these simple, easy to learn exercise, it has helped in reducing the need to utilize my inhaler as often. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a natural way to reduce their dependency on medical means to treat their asthma.