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eBook Cryogenic fundamentals; ePub

eBook Cryogenic fundamentals; ePub

by G. G Haselden

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  • Author: G. G Haselden
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Academic Press; First Edition edition (1971)
  • Pages: 757
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Cryogenic Fundamentals by G G Haselden. 3. Cryogenic Fundamentals by Randall F Barron. The book contains chapters on superconductivity, liquid natural gas technology, rectification system design, refrigerators and instrumentation. This book is very useful for civil and mechanical engineers and professionals. The book is also suitable for graduate students involved in the field of cryogenic engineering.

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The relatively high value of the characteristic rotational temperature causes the behavior of hydrogen, under cryogenic conditions, to deviate substantially from the behavior of an ideal diatomic gas in the compressible flow regime. Therefore, if an idea diatomic gas is to be modeled, cryogenic hydrogen is unacceptable as a wind tunnel test gas in a compressible flow situation.