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eBook Singing words ePub

eBook Singing words ePub

by John Twobirds Arbuckle

  • ISBN: 0918626048
  • Subcategory: No category
  • Author: John Twobirds Arbuckle
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Word Services; 1st edition (1978)
  • Pages: 113
  • ePub book: 1889 kb
  • Fb2 book: 1279 kb
  • Other: azw mobi lit lrf
  • Rating: 4.1
  • Votes: 961


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John Twobirds Arbuckle has written: 'Singing words' - subject(s): Indians of North America, Poetry. John Brunton has written: 'John Brunton's book'

John Twobirds Arbuckle has written: 'Singing words' - subject(s): Indians of North America, Poetry. When was John E. Arbuckle House created? John E. Arbuckle House was created in 1910. John Brunton has written: 'John Brunton's book'. What has the author John Ploeger written? John Ploeger has written: 'The paintings of John Ploeger'.

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by John Twobirds Arbuckle. Select Format: Paperback. ISBN13:9780918626042. Release Date:July 1978.

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Monn Monn
This is a book of poems by my friend, John Twobirds. If you feel at all Tribal, & want to feel close to a Medicine Warrior, this is a Way. This book was written back when, so it doesn't lead you into some Higher Spirit Realm, or does it. Well, my friend, that will come later. It does succeed to hit you in the Heart, though. I only found out that John Twobirds had written this book by chance. When I was talking with him, & sharing MInds, he never brought it up. I have never been able to read his anthropology books, because they are written in a pen-name. I do have a tiny story though. When he was going to college in Anthro, he was at a slide show that one of the professors was doing on paleo-glyphs. Stone symbols, pictures, codes. The professor was telling the class that the meanings of these petroglyphs had been totally lost through the generations, so that no one knew,.....then he broke from his lecture: Mr. Arbuckle, what are you mumbling about back there?

"I was reading the petroglyphs sir!" was his reply. Turns out that John Twobirds had been one of about 4 people who had been taught the meanings of the petroglyphys by certain Elders. John Twobirds was an amazing man, & those of you who don't know have a lot to learn.

He was 100% disabled (VA listed) from Vietnam. He was in Speical Forces there & his whole unit was overun & everyone killed. He was left for dead, trapped in a bunker when the iron & sand-bags fell upon him. He had been shot several times, once in the mouth. He lay there, wounded & unable to move for many days. The rats came to eat the dead bodies of the American soldiers. He became afraid they they would eat him too, However, then snakes came & ate the rats. The snake was his Medicine of em. Finally, got rescued.

He used to play Jazz sax with a famous blues band, too. Memphis Slim?
this is only scratching the surface of the Man, so to speak, but that is all I will reveal to you here. Read the book if you want to really make contact with a "new friend." *Alan*
Xar Xar
Beautiful, candid, insightful, and romantic.
Faugami Faugami
It's twenty years now since I first read this book and I enjoyed just as much today as I did back then. It was a great privilege to have known Twobirds and a great privilege to be able to read his poetry, thoughts and wisdom. I would recommend this book to all.