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eBook More Than a Governess ePub

eBook More Than a Governess ePub

by sarah mallory

  • ISBN: 0373305427
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  • Author: sarah mallory
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: harlequin (2008)
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  • Rating: 4.3
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More Than a Governess. Harlequin®Historical 2008. SARAH MALLORY More Than a Governess

More Than a Governess. was born in the West Country and now lives in an old farmhouse on the edge of the Pennines with her husband and family. Born in Bristol, Sarah left grammar school at sixteen to work in companies as varied as stockbrokers, marine engineers, insurance brokers, biscuit manufacturers and even a quarrying company. Her first book was published shortly after the birth of her daughter. More Than a Governess

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More Than a Governess book.

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More Than a Governess. Stern and unyielding, Major Damon Collingham was prepared to pay a king's ransom for someone who could stay the course as governess to his two motherless children. In her straitened circumstances, Miss Juliana Wrenn needed this post and could not allow herself to be intimidated by him-or his colorful reputation. More Than a Governess.

Governess - A governess is a female employee of a family who teaches children within their home. In contrast to a nanny (formerly called a nurse) or a babysitter, she concentrates on teaching children, not their physical needs. The Governess, or The Little Female Academy - The Governess, of The Little Female Academy (published 1749) by Sarah Fielding is the first full length novel written for children, [Fielding, Sarah (with an introduction and bibliography by Jill E. Grey).

The alliance will more than double the income and allow me to pass on a healthy inheritance to Giles as well as. .Read books for free from anywhere and from any device.

The alliance will more than double the income and allow me to pass on a healthy inheritance to Giles as well as providing good dowries for the girls. A dull ache had settled inside Juliana. She raised her eyes to the moon, idly noting how it had turned from a large yellow ball to the cold silver disk now shining down upon them.

More Than a Governess Текст. I want to make you known to your new governess. Gwendolin. He paused as the older of the two children bobbed a curtsy. 70 из 260 стр. Отложить. Juliana curtsied back. How do you do, Miss Collingham?’ ‘Gwendoline was twelve years old last month,’ said the Major. And this is Wilhelmina.

Sarah Mallory is an award-winning author who has published more than 25 historical romances with Harlequin Mills & Boon. She loves history, especially the Georgian and Regency periods and when she is not writing she spends her time walking the Yorkshire Pennines with her rescued whippet, Willow. Sarah also writes historical romantic adventures as Melinda Hammond. Customers Also Bought Items By. Louise Allen.

Not just a governess: Darkly delicious Lord Adam Hawthorne doesn't care a whit for society especially the tedium of finding a wife. So taking on a new governess for his young daughter shouldn't shake his steely disposition. Except Mrs Elena Leighton, an enigmatic widow, is a most intriguing addition to the household. Despite great impropriety, Lord Hawthorne is compelled to discover the real Elena no matter what secrets are unveiled. Bought for revenge: Captain Lucas Blackstone has survived Waterloo and come home uninjured

280 pages


Kendis Kendis
I have to start out by saying this book really doesn't deserve 5 stars, but it sure doesn't deserve 2 1/2 which is the current average.This is a pretty sold 4 star book in my opinion, the reason it isn't higher is basically because it tries to straddle the genres and ends up not doing any thing excellently, but it does do a good job at what it does.

I agree with the other reviews who said this was similar to Jane Eyre and Sound of Music with equal parts traditional regency romance tossed in. The Sound of music gives the story it's sweetness, the Jane Eyre gives the story a heroine with moral fortitude and the intrigue and the regency gives it the (mild) sex and manners.

If you happen to dislike any of the pieces I doubt you would like this book, but since Jane Eyre is my favorite book and Sound of Music one of my favorite movies I really enjoyed this.

The hero is rather like a sexed up Mr Rochester with some added alpha male and I found him rather endearing even if he was rather a stereotype. I also liked what keeps the lovers apart is something that is actually believable and realistic, which is duty and money. I guess some authors find it hard to overcome a problem that's so prosaic in a time before the lotto but it is dealt with very nicely here, and it's a nice change from some of the problems authors manage to come up with these days.

Nothing in the book is particularly wonderful, but it is much better than many books out there, with enough heart and sweetness to make this work reading. The writing style is a little stiff, not what's currently fashion for modern romances, but once the story gets going it is very engaging. This book isn't going to change your life and might not be the most memorable you ever read but it is enjoyable enough to be recomended.
Kesalard Kesalard
This book is also available from Harlequin Historical as a paperback, which is how I read it. Lovely cover painting having nothing to do with the book. I was entertained by it and I did finish it, but it's not a keeper.

The author seems to have felt I should admire the hero, Major Damon Collingham ("Devil" Collingham, pleasured three women in one night, yadda yadda), but I don't. He does have admirable qualities -- brave, resourceful, loved his first wife, protective of his three children -- but he is also one of those cliche heroes who seems to feel that grabbing the heroine, shaking her, and practically forcing her on the library desktop is a measure of his true, deep and lasting love for her. He's sorry later -- he always apologizes for losing control -- but a guy like this shouldn't be a hero; he's a borderline control freak and abuser. If this were a realistic novel, that would be an acceptable protagonist for a psychological study -- but it's not; it's supposed to be a romance. I didn't find it very romantic.

Then there's the heroine's rival, Lady Frances. Damon is pretty much expected to offer for her any day now; their lands adjoin and he is concerned about leaving something more to his children. However Lady Frances turns out to be a stereotypical snobby bitch who dislikes children and is stupid enough to allow Colin to learn this before he makes an offer. Wouldn't it have been a more unusual story if Damon had had to choose between two good women instead of one good woman and one snotty bitch?

The mystery aspect of the plot is just a device, and it's one I've seen a jillion times before -- French sympathizers in England secretly funneling funds to Napoleon. Pretty ho-hum by now, I am afraid.

The aspect of the book I did enjoy was the time the heroine spent with the children, both Damon's and her own younger siblings, and I did like her very much. She was in a bad situation after her father died -- with no money of her own and no one in her family willing to help her, she faced a life as a poor relation and unpaid servant, as did her younger brother and sister. She showed initiative and faced her choices with courage and quiet dedication to her siblings' welfare. I wished for her a better "hero" than she found.
Whitescar Whitescar
The journey to the Major’s house with the governess and children was entertaining. Julianna was an intelligent, level headed and warm heroine. The Major was gruff, kind and a good father despite his long absences in the military. However the growing sexual attraction between the two turned ugly several times in both words and action. By the end of the book, the Major was repugnant.
AnnyMars AnnyMars
More than a Governess starts off likable enough and ends likable enough as well, but that's the problem. There really isn't anything to make you fall in love with this book. It's enjoyable and you won't be disappointed with it if you don't expect too much. Almost from the start, it reminded me of the Sound of Music, and I began to picture Juliana Wrenn as Julie Andrews and Major Damon Collingham as Christopher Plumber.

The good:
* Cute characters - the scenes with the children are the strongest
* Well written - few, if any, grammar or punctuation mistakes
* Entertaining read for what you pay

The not so good:
* Chemistry between the main characters seems forced at times
* The herione had a "that's it?" type of reaction after the first time they had sex (which was entertaining and a much more realistic response, but doesn't necessarily make you want to read more, especially because it didn't seem to improve much)
* The plot seemed to bounce along, nothing too exciting or complicated about it.

All things considered, I would lend this book to my friends if they were looking for a quick read, but I wouldn't tell them to go out and purchase it at full price. However, it was an enjoyable way to spend a couple of hours and I don't consider the $4 I spend on the kindle/e-book copy to be a waste of money.
Magis Magis
I thought this book was a HUGE let down. The characters weren't very well developed, and the storyline was similar to Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre. I thought it was very unoriginal.