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eBook Spanish by Association ePub

eBook Spanish by Association ePub

by Michael Gruneberg

  • ISBN: 0844294470
  • Category: Humanities
  • Subcategory: Other
  • Author: Michael Gruneberg
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education; 1 edition (January 11, 1994)
  • Pages: 264
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  • Fb2 book: 1569 kb
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  • Rating: 4.2
  • Votes: 506


Dr. Michael Gruneberg is an internationally respected authority and author on memory enhancement.

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Michael Gruneberg’s most popular book is Spanish by Association. Showing 18 distinct works. Spanish by Association by. Michael Gruneberg.

Hundreds of words are introduced with easy-to-remember word pictures in English that help you instantly memorize and recall the new Spanish words.

Dr Gruneberg calls his books ‘By Association’ because the technique involves remembering something ‘by association’ with something else that one already knows. One associates a known object and thing with the unknown. One takes the known object and embellishes it as much as possible to get it firmly entrenched in the subconscious, and making it retrievable when you need it.

Michael Gruneberg is an internationally respected authority and author on memory enhancement. Country of Publication.

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Spanish by Association by Michael Gruneberg is a good book if you want to learn spanish quickly. Its possible to learn the whole book over the weekend but probably best to spread it out over a week. It has about 400 words and teaches you grammar too. It a good book to give you a structure to use to learn Spanish.

Spanish by Association's unique "Linkword" approach makes it easy for you to learn hundreds of Spanish words in just a few hours. Thoroughly researched and tested, this highly effective method teaches you vocabulary and grammar through association and memory. Hundreds of words are introduced with easy-to-remember word pictures in English that help you instantly memorize and recall the new Spanish words.


Arador Arador
I bought this to see methods of memorization, since memorization is the key to language learning. Overall, it is a good book, but it is not a breakthrough. The memorization techniques are effective and well-written, and it combines grammar lessons within the vocubulary.

The problem is that it is very basic, for total beginners; and most people, I would imagine, who begin to learn Spanish, start with a course like Pimsleur or Berlitz. By the time they buy this, they know most of the words and grammar. After completing the wonderful Pimsleur courses in Spanish, I know 9/10 words in this book.

Also, one other thing, is that memorizing basic nouns is relatively easy; it is simple to think of an animal name like "Pato" and connect it with a duck. The hard thing about language learning, however, is remembering participals and phrasal verbs, homophones, and 'false friends' like "Molestar" and "Introducir". Thinking of mnemonics for those types of phrases and words are far more difficult than the basic words presented here.

All being said, it is an excellent book for beginners at the "0" and "0+" level of Spanish acquisition, and the authors certainly know how memory works. Their techniques are solid.
Clandratha Clandratha
Wow! After teaching my own Spanish classes and in the public schools for as long as I have, I thought I'd seen all TYPES of books. When I got frustrated with the texts out there, I even wrote my own! But this is an approach I hadn't seen in a book.

I often use word pictures to help my students with memorization. Of course, it should work in a book format! I found myself giggling upon opening the text and reading about the camel in the cama (bed) and a car horn when we open a cajo'n (drawer).

I'll be recommending this book to any adult or child who wants a fun way to memorize new words. With practice, you won't need the book - it teaches you how to teach yourself Spanish! Marvelous!

Sra. Gose
Author of Flip Flop Spanish: Ages 3-5: Level 1 &Flip Flop Spanish: Ages 3-5: Level 2
one life one life
I’ve got this book in French and love it, so I thought I would pick one up for the Spanish language, so far so good
Alsantrius Alsantrius
How I wish I would of had this book in high school - it would have helped more than I can say. Well, thats been many years ago and I wanted to relearn Spanish and this is one of the greatest re-intro tools I could get my hands on. While no one book, guide, or course will make you a master of anything, this will give you the basics in a super fun and easy way to learn some spanish and a basic working knowlege & vocabulary. Great memory tool presented, well worth double or triple the cost of this simple book. An absolute keeper!
Gralinda Gralinda
Before you can start speaking or using a language, you need a good vocabulary. This book helps you get a large vocabulary down fast and easy, so you can move beyond that to learning how to use it. It's helped me get beyond the totally frustrating part of learning a new language.
Goldenfang Goldenfang
This book is working!
I have tried the rosetta stone to learn spanish and got more frustrated with every lesson. Spanish by association has taught me tons of nouns and proper spanish grammar in a fun way. For some reason, imagining crazy pictures with the words is working, and I finally feel like a second language is within my reach. I would recommend this book to anyone that wants to learn spanish and have some good laughs while doing it. (guarding a rope in a cloakroom?)
Foxanayn Foxanayn
As some others have said, the vocabulary in this book is very basic. If you have taken any Spanish in the past, you will probably be familiar with most of these words. This is truly for the beginner. That being said, the premise of the book- associating words with other things to aid in memorization- is helpful, although some of the associations are a bit of a stretch. It is a useful trick to learn, and can be applied to other things you might be trying to learn.
Some of the associations seemed contrived and it was not easy to follow the logic used.
Sometimes the association was too lengthy to see the connection... used it with some of the words but not for most.