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eBook Faking It (Playaway Adult Fiction) ePub

eBook Faking It (Playaway Adult Fiction) ePub

by Aasne Vigesaa,Jennifer Crusie

  • ISBN: 1441810579
  • Category: Humanities
  • Subcategory: Other
  • Author: Aasne Vigesaa,Jennifer Crusie
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Findaway World (September 1, 2009)
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  • Rating: 4.3
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Faking It. Jennifer Crusie.

Faking It. Love and deception have a lot in common. Meet the Goodnights, a respectable family who run a respectable art gallery-and have for generations. For Nina Askew, turning forty means freedom-from the ex-husband, freedom from their stuffy suburban home, freedom to focus on what she wants for a change. And what she wants is something her ex always vetoed-a puppy.

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Home Jennifer Crusie Faking I. Oh, Davy said, kicking himself for jumping to a stupid conclusion. No, I’m not, but if you’d like, I can take it away with me. I’ve got room in my trunk. Oh, that would be wonderful, Mrs. Olafson said, her frown clearing.

Literature & Fiction. Faking It. by Jennifer Crusie (Author), Aasne Vigesaa (Narrator). Oh, how I love a Jennifer Crusie book! So do my friends, as evidenced by the books disappearances from my bookshelves. He sat down on the bed and thought, She’s a crook and a liar and she’s played me for two solid weeks.

Aasne Vigesaa, Jennifer Crusie. Crusie is just as smart and sassy about the things a woman has to do to make love work, and a lot funnier to boot.

I am wanting a lot of analgesic fiction this week, so I am rereading a bunch of Crusie and Krentz (who is my Crusie-methadone go-to).

LOVE AND DECEPTION HAVE A LOT IN COMMON. Jennifer Crusie, whose known for her quirky romance novels, outdoes herself with this tale. I am wanting a lot of analgesic fiction this week, so I am rereading a bunch of Crusie and Krentz (who is my Crusie-methadone go-to). Crusie never seems to write quite the same book twice, and so is much more limited in her output.

And exactly what is the difference between aman labeled a doughnut and one who deserves the title muffin ?Faking It is a hilarious, warm novel with a cast of quirky and wonderfulcharacters that endear while they charm. Readers who met the Dempsey siblings inCrusie& Welcome ToTemptation will be delighted to revisit the family and discover whathappens to Davy Dempsey when he meets his romantic nemesis, Tilda Goodnight.

Narrated by Aasne Vigesaa.

Jennifer Crusie is a new author for me to explore. This was the second of her books I read (Bet Me, being first). In this story I was amazed at the world of Art Masterpiece and intrigue which I never really considered before.

Reformed art forger Tilda Goodnight reluctantly joins forces with semi-reformed con man Davy Dempsey to steal a dubious painting and several million embezzled dollars from a lethal widow named Clea who has targeted a mild-mannered art collector as her next dearly departed. Complications include her sister, the female impersonator; his best friend, the reformed cat burglar; a recidivist embezzler named Rabbit; a hit man, some lousy sex, and a juke box. Trouble ensues...


Malara Malara
Truly exceptional, even for Jennifer Crusie. Brilliantly quirky and creative. Hilarious. I laughed out loud many times. Romantic, lots of sexual tension (but no graphic sex). All the characters were fantastic. The plot twisted and turned; I never knew what was going to happen. Oh, I figured out most of the who-was-who and what, but I still couldn’t guess from moment to moment how it would play out. I loved that there was more than one romance going. I admit I read it slowly because I didn’t want it to end and was afraid she wouldn’t be able to tie all those many ends up to my satisfaction, but the ending was fabulous! Would give this book ten stars if I could. I think this is my new favorite book. I’ve been struggling with depression, and I woke up this morning feeling great because of this book.
Whitemaster Whitemaster
Oh, how I love a Jennifer Crusie book! So do my friends, as evidenced by the books disappearances from my bookshelves. Once again I've resorted to getting a book on audio so I'll have it available when I want a fun and interesting read.
The Goodnight family has a long and interesting involvement with art, and Tilda is the latest gifted one, and her family is just as convoluted. Resorting to burglary is a first, but she runs into a con artist who sometimes consults for the FBI who is resorting to burglary for personal reasons. And so the fun begins! I'll leave the plot clues to the publisher's blurb and skip the spoilers, but this is a great stress reducing read!
Aasne Vigesaa is really great for this narration with her ability to portray the characters and situations.
Bluddefender Bluddefender
Faking It is a strange romance. In my opinion it's not a traditional romance, it's quirky and the characters don't even have good sex the first time (she stressed out and he's not paying attention). But it's a witty and fun story that I've enjoyed every time I've read it.

Tilda's niece Nadine sells a painting. This shouldn't be a problem because the family owns an art gallery, that's what your supposed to do. Unfortunately, this painting should have never seen the light of day. The family goes into instant panic mode (except for Nadine because nobody will explain the problem to her) and they arrange a way for Tilda to steal the painting back. Tilda is not good at breaking and entering, in fact it gives her an asthma attack. While searching Clea's room Tilda runs into Davey (in Clea's closet). Davey realizes that Tilda's bumbling is going to get them caught, so he tells her to meet him at a diner and he'll steal the painting for her. When the meet later on he hands over the still wrapped painting - which later turns out to be the wrong painting. Davey and Tilda scramble to steal the right painting (and his money back) while the Goodnight family's secrets start to crumble around them.

Part of the fun of the story is the reveal of all of the secrets. Half the time things are explained in a timely manner, other times a bit too slow for me. However I was willing to overlook that for the creative plot, the colorful characters, the humor, and the fact that I just loved Tilda and Davey. Clea, one of the "bad guys", was even funny though I felt a bit bad for her. There were times when I wanted to strangle Tilda's family for putting so much pressure on her. But they were all dealing with their own painful secrets and guilt and everyone (even Tilda) tried to keep the status quo going because it seemed best.

It's easy to say that Crusie's books are formulaic - murder, song or movie quotes, a dog, a cool son or daughter (of varying ages), wisecracking side characters, and HEAs all around. Sometimes that's just fun.

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Angana Angana
"Matilda Goodnight stepped back from her latest mural and realized that of all the crimes she'd committed in her thirty-four years, painting the floor-to-ceiling reproduction of van Gogh's sunflowers on Clarissa Donnelly's dining room wall was the one that was going to send her to hell."

Matilda Goodnight has many problems and all of them start and end with her family. Her father, now thankfully deceased, played fast and loose with the reputation of the Goodnight Art Gallery. As his parting gift, he left them all with a giant mortgage and practically no money. Tilda's mother Gwen is completely miserable. Trapped by the gallery, Gwen spends most of her time working double-crostic puzzles and splashing a little too much vodka into her orange-pineapple juice. Tilda's sister Eve is a single mother whose ex-husband Andrew still lives in the Goodnight building, along with the love of his life, Jeff. Four nights a week, Eve lets loose by transforming herself into Louise, a sultry singer of dubious morals who performs at Andrew's nightclub. Tilda is the glue that holds the Goodnights together. She's sacrificed her artistic talent painting mural reproductions all over Ohio and Kentucky in order to make the payments on the mortgage. When trouble threatens the Goodnights, Tilda will do whatever it takes to make things right - even when what it takes is breaking into a neighbor's house to steal back a painting that never should have been sold.

Davy Dempsey has his own problematic family. Dear Old Dad (who's currently on the lam, dodging a fraud charge) raised all three of his children to be masters of the con. Much to Michael Dempsey's chagrin, his two daughters have turned out to be respectable, law-abiding citizens. Davy's older sister had the skill, but not the heart, to be a world class con artist. His younger sister had the heart, but not the skill. Now Davy, well Davy has skill and nerve and heart and plenty of imagination. He spent the first thirty years of his life defrauding the amoral and the downright criminal - in other words, those in no position to send the law after him. For the past three years (ever since he took Clea Whipple, now Clea Lewis, for a million dollars), Davy has been living life on the straight and narrow. His only contact with the game comes from occasionally consulting work for the FBI as a fraud expert. All that may have to change as the sociopathic Clea has managed to steal all of his money - not just her original million, but the two million more Davy has made through smart investing.

Davy's determined to recover his money, which is how he ends up meeting Tilda Goodnight in a closet. They're both breaking into the same house. Despite such an awkward introduction, Tilda and Davy decide to join forces and work together to take back what's theirs. And as they struggle to keep secrets from one another, Tilda and Davy will learn it's as impossible to turn your back on who you really are as it is to ignore the person you are truly meant to love.

Davy Dempsey was originally a secondary character in Ms. Crusie's novel Welcome to Temptation and I, for one, am delighted to see the charming con artist take center stage here. I love all of Ms. Crusie's novels but this book, along with Bet Me, is one of my two favorites. Everything is perfectly balanced, including a devious plot, fabulous characters and wonderful, witty dialogue. Honestly, I don't see how anyone with a sense of humor and a soft spot for happy endings could read this book and not adore it.