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eBook The 9/11 Commission Report ePub

eBook The 9/11 Commission Report ePub

by 911 Commission,Grover Gardner,Barbara Rosenblat

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  • Author: 911 Commission,Grover Gardner,Barbara Rosenblat
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FAA Air Traffic Control Centers Reporting structure, Northeast Air Defense Sector Flight paths and timelines Usama Bin Ladin Map of Afghanistan Khalid Sheikh Mohammed The 9/11 hijackers The World Trade Center Complex as of 9/11 The World Trade Center radio repeater system The World Trade Center North Tower stairwell with deviations The Twin Towers following the impact of American Airlines.

The 9/11 Commission Report, formally named Final Report of the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States, is the official report of the events leading up to the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.

14 the 9/11 commission report. Neither the State Department’s consular officers nor the Immigration and Naturalization Service’s inspectors and agents were ever considered full partners in a national counterterrorism effort.

9/11 Commission Report, formally titled Final Report of the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the .

9/11 Commission Report, formally titled Final Report of the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States, is the official report of th. .We’re dedicated to reader privacy so we never track you.

But that approach won't work for the audiobook of the 9/11 COMMISSION REPORT

But that approach won't work for the audiobook of the 9/11 COMMISSION REPORT. Remarkably, the narrators-a who's who of audio professionals-pull it off, as evidenced by Barbara Rosenblat's voicing of the harrowing air controller and pilot transcripts, Ralph Cosham's perspective on fundamentalist Islam (the British accent helps), Dan Cashman's raspy explanation as to why it's easier to create terror than to stop it

The 9, 11 Commission.

The 9, 11 Commission. Taking the reader back to the horror and devastation of September 11, 2001, the 9/11 Commission Report by the 9/11 Commission, is the official report that presents the final findings of the committee Krean Hamilton Commission (better known as the 9/11 Commission.

The commission was also mandated to provide recommendations designed to guard against future attacks.

The Peoples 9/11 Commission Report. I provide information which shows that it is unlikely that no planes hit the pentagon or the twin towers. That flight 93 was actually shot down and never crashed where they said it did.

The 9/11 Commission Jordan Tama. 5. The commission’s investigation and report. The 9/11 Commission Jordan Tama. The commission got off to a rocky start, as the first choices of President Bush and Senate. 6. possessed both government experience and expertise in counterterrorism and/or intelligence.

The report and its recommendations can save American lives. Barbara Rosenblat: 17 Earphone Awards, Golden Voice, Voice of the Century. Several Audie Awards.


Kazracage Kazracage
I have no comment about the content. But the production of this Kindle book is downright terrible.

I know you can't expect much for a buck. On the other hand, the guys who made the 35 cents or whatever Amazon pays off this didn't earn it. The text was not cleaned up at all, leaving misplaced punctuation, poor line spacing on practically every sentence, mangling the text so badly it is almost unreadable.

If there is another Kindle version of this book around, I'd choose it even if it cost a tad more.
Villo Villo
This is a fascinating read; there are three major things I learned from it.

First, I started reading it about a week before the "Christmas-Day-Panty-Bomber" incident, and it appears that most of the "intelligence failures" that surrounded the 9/11 attacks are still a huge problem, because many of the same things happened (or, more importantly, didn't happen) with that incident ... five years later.

Second, a huge part of what we know about the planning and execution of the 9/11 attacks we learned from Kahlid Sheikh Mohammed and Ramzi BinAlshibh. And (this is my personal observation here, not the commission's) - does anyone really think we would have learned anything from them without "enhanced interrogation techniques"?

Third, for anyone who has tried (or is still trying) to blame the 9/11 attacks on any particular group, cause, political party, person or factor other than the people who actually carried it out ... give it up. There is plenty of blame to be shared by all.

This book was actually easier to read than I thought it would be. It's dry in spots, but basically it reads like a novel. It is heavily footnoted (which, of course, is a GOOD thing), and I did read the footnotes as well as the main text, so that made it a bit more cumbersome than just reading the "story" would have been.

Next, I want to research the recommendations made by the commission at the end of the report, to figure out what, if anything, has been done about them. In many cases I think I already know the answer ... "we have a committee working on that." I know for certain that we've made no progress on one of them ... one which the commission stated was of vital importance: standardizing the transliteration of Arabic names so that potential terrorists can't slip through the cracks due to a misspelling of or typographical error in the English version of their name. Of course, this is exactly what happened with the panty bomber ... five years later. That committee must not be working hard enough. Sigh.
Grari Grari
A truly beautiful and well crafted book to pass down through the generations. We will never forget.
Tamesya Tamesya
Spaces are missing between sentances, sometimes appearing in the middle of words. Footnotes appear in the middle of sentances, and titles or chapter heading are placed ramdomly throughout the text. The formatting problems are indicative that quality is not an issue for this publisher (MobileReference.)
Gardagar Gardagar
There are some books you just need to have on hand for when somebody screaming on a blog starts misquoting said books. I didn't buy this book to read it cover to cover, but I'm glad I've got it to refer to when needed. This report certainly does not answer all the questions I have about why 9/11 was allowed to happen, but it's better than nothing. I just wish the Bush/Cheney administration would be held accountable for their atrocious lies and failures.
Stylish Monkey Stylish Monkey
The formatting is incorrect for the Kindle Edition. Paragraph spacing is off and there are missing spaces between sentences on every single page.
SadLendy SadLendy
I just found out about the third building that fell on 9/11 and decided to see what the 9/11 Commission had to say about this building's collapse - at 5:30 that afternoon and not hit by an airplane. Couldn't find a single word about it! Something's fishy here!
Philip Zelikow often defends illegality in the quest of empire, so its no surprise that Philip Zelikow's 911 Commission report, which he authored, is a mythological masterpiece, a complete web of lies, based upon lies, with virtually all citations in the footnotes being nothing more than bare allegations made in top secret "interviews". I suppose that "interview" means "waterboarding", and as allah knows, you can get anybody to say anything when they think you're drowning them.

When I read the "9/11 Commission Report", I did something few people did. Every time I saw a footnote, I went to the back and read the footnote to see if it supported the facts claimed in the text. Sometimes the footnote was peripherally related - it was "sorta" relevant, but many times the footnote simply did not support the key "fact" being claimed in the text. This was done in many ways. One way it is done is by making a factual claim in the text, along with other statements irrelevant to the main fact, and when you look at the footnotes, the factual claims aren't referenced at all, instead the footnote relates only the irrelevant text. The second way Zelikow lies in his footnotes is by making one claim in the sentence or paragraph, and then the footnote says something COMPLETELY DIFFERENT. For example, on page 86 - Zelikow (trying to revise history and ignore things like, well, the Iran Contra scandal) makes the statement that "The CIA's number one customer is the president of the United States, who also has the authority to direct it to conduct covert operations." It cites footnote 64. When you turn to page 477 and read footnote 64, the cite is to United States Code Section 413, WHICH IS ABOUT CONGRESSIONAL OVERSIGHT TO FORCE THE PRESIDENT TO REVEAL ILLEGAL ACTIVITY. Whaa? It's a bald faced lie to claim Section 413 stands for presidential authority to conduct covert ops.

And on and on and on. Zelikow fills the footnotes with unverifiable references and irrelevant references, I suppose to make it "look scholarly". It's almost as if he had Ann Coulter making his footnotes. "Facts" in text are supported by footnotes which are anything but "facts", such as popular books (usually right wing) written after 9/11, top-secret "interviews" which can't be cross-checked, citations to non-public (uh, do I mean secret?) documents, or cites to documents that the average person cannot find without a lot of work. For example, my handwritten notes regarding the footnotes on page 477 of the 9/11 Commission Report shows that of the "facts" alleged on page 86: 9 are to "official reports"; 9 are to "pop literature"; 25 are from secret "interviews"; 5 are cites to "laws or statutes" (and I've already shown how Section 413 was falsely attributed); 5 are to "executive orders" (not law, in my opinion, but presidential "decrees" from King George), and only 3 were from "testimony" - which I suppose means sworn testimony, under penalty of perjury (but that might not be true - don't forget that King George and Dick Cheney refused to give sworn testimony and instead were interviewed together by the commission behind closed doors, and nobody from the commission was allowed to take notes or record the interview). That means that only 6 percent of the co-called "facts" referenced on page 477 were based on sworn testimony, and almost all would be inadmissible in court since it violates the "best evidence" rule. Perhaps a court would allow more in - but the point is made - the "facts" in the 9/11 Commission report are thinly supported - the book is a sham.

Philip Zelikow, as the director of the 9/11 Commission (or gatekeeper) was the actual author of almost all of the 9/11 Report. He is more likely a perp than a unbiased party, since, he was a security advisor to Condi Rice regarding Al Queada and as such, should have been INVESTIGATED for his failures, not put in charge of the investigation. Other oddities abound. Zelikow is a student and expert on "mythology" (his thesis in college was on creating public myths). Zelikow was an administration insider whose area of expertise is the creation and maintenance of "public myths" thought to be true, even if not actually true. See [...]
We all know that he controlled what the Commission did and did not analyze, then limited the scope of the Commission's inquiry so that the overwhelming majority of questions about 9/11 remained unasked (see [...]
and [...] ). Zelikow is arguably the single most responsible person in covering up the truth about 9/11. Zelikow is believed to be the principal author of the final drafts, and its his horribly crappy fiction that makes it "read like a thriller". Yah Zelikow, It can't be ignored: your fiction is abysmal, "it was a dark and stormy night" kind of crap. But that's what's so disturbing - somebody is putting a fictitious spin on what should be a "REPORT" - so it becomes a "STORY" - actually, the 9/11 Commission Report is more than a story - it's an attempt at modern myth building. From the spooky scary Islam guys to the bizarre physics lessons on tower collapse to the huge section which tells us "what to do in the future" (which should be called the "Project for a New Century Lite"), the entire book is crafted with the end in sight: the glorious heroic saga of a sleeping giant savagly blind sided, and the NYPD and FDNY heros who died so you and I can be free.

Now don't get me wrong - I don't know what happened on 9/11, but you won't find anything in this book but a bizarre fantasy-land story - which sounds a lot like a report a cop writes when he's trying to cover his tracks...

Zelikow, as a virtual a member of Bush's cabinet, was horribly conflicted and can't be trusted. Not only was he talking to Karl Rove throughout the Commission investigation, but he was also giving talks about catastrophic terrorism BEFORE the 9/11 attacks. Zelikow also wrote, in "Foreign Affairs", pub. Nov-Dec 1998, an article called "Catastrophic Terrorism: Imagining the Transformative Event" - One "Transformative event" he discussed therein was the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center, which he went on to "imagine" what would have happened had it succeeded, which sounds suspiciously like what actually did happen. Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't that kind of premeditation typically seen as an important clue which prosecutors use to identify criminals? And this guy is the key man writing the 9/11 report? And people wonder why so many Americans believe in the 9/11 truth movement.
See, as well:
And later, despite blockbuster sales for the 9/11 report, Zelikow later told the Washington Post he was alarmed by the concurrent spread of "conspiracy theories" about the attacks, which he described as pathogens which would destroy his carefully crafted myth:
"Our worry is when things become infectious, as happened with the [John F. Kennedy] assassination," Zelikow says. "Then this stuff can be deeply corrosive to public understanding. You can get where the bacteria can sicken the larger body." (1)
To "Dr." Zelikow, the truth is bacteria. And if you read the 9/11 Commission report, and then do some research, you'll see that the "bacteria" are winning. The "truthers" make some very good points regarding lies about time lines, and the bizarre fact that the ones who supposedly screwed up on 9/11 (if you believe the Report) all got promoted. Something very odd here.

The fruit from this poisonous tree has spread far. The "War on Terror," er, I mean on Afghanistan, oh, I meant Iraq...or is it now Iran? Pentagon black ops budgets and 3.1 trillion missing, Space commands move to encircle the world with killer satellites, the Patriot Act gutting the constitution, contracts awarded to Halliburton to build detention campss, surveillance society and the Telecom Scandal, SPP and Nafta, Cafta, etc. It all answers the question about who would have done it, and what they had to gain. It's empire boys and girls. Corporatist empire. That's who benefitted from 9/11 by billions and billions of dollars. My guess? Al quaeda is a false front enemy created by the CIA to fill the "global enemy gap" created after the Berlin wall fell down. A nameless, faceless, endless global boogy man army. And you kids fell for it.