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eBook Learn in Your Car Mandarin Chinese: The Complete Language Course (Chinese Edition) ePub

eBook Learn in Your Car Mandarin Chinese: The Complete Language Course (Chinese Edition) ePub

by Henry N. Raymond

  • ISBN: 1591257026
  • Category: Humanities
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  • Author: Henry N. Raymond
  • Language: Chinese
  • Publisher: Penton Overseas Inc (December 1, 2006)
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  • Rating: 4.4
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Learn in your car. This course is made by Penton Overseas, the same makers of Speak in a Week.

Learn in your car. Like Speak in a Week, this is also an audio/visual course containing CD's and written transcripts, although the booklets in Learn in Your Car are not as visually appealing. This set focuses more on traveling rather than general conversation, sometimes using individual words/phrases instead of complete sentences to communicate. But then, I am in the car a lot, where there are no distractions.

Learn Chinese for Beginners Easily and in Your Car Audiobook Super .

Learn Chinese for Beginners Easily and in Your Car Audiobook Super Bundle! Phrases and Vocabulary Set! 2 Books in 1: Over 2000 Mandarin Words and Phrases! . By: Henry N. Raymond. Length: 9 hrs and 16 mins.

by Henry N. Raymond (Author). Book Condition: Nice clean disc that plays perfectly in the original case. ISBN-13: 978-1591251989. We take pride in our accurate descriptions. Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Learn Chinese w/ ChineseFor

Learn Chinese w/ ChineseFor. Us Beginner Chinese Lesson 1: Self-introduction in Mandarin Chinese Beginner Course with 40 Beginner Chinese Lessons, 52 Video, 40 Quizzes, 400+ Questions.

Written by Henry N. Mandarin Chinese Guaranteed. Narrated by Penton Overseas.

Henry N. Raymond2006年1月1日.

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Mandarin Chinese Picture Dictionary: Learn 1000 Key Chinese Words and Phrases. This Mandarin picture dictionary covers the 1000 most useful Mandarin Chinese words and sentences. Each word and sentence is given in Chinese characters with Hanyu Pinyin pronunciation and English definition. The words are grouped into 37 themes or topics. These are the missing companion booklets for the popular "Listen In Your Car: Russian" CDs, Audiofiles. Raymond or any other file from Books category. Скачать с помощью Mediaget.

Listeners learn pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar of Spanish without the need of a textbook.

Our best-selling audio language-learning program provides comprehensive grammar and vocabulary to beginners and advanced students, offering guidance in pronunciation in addition to language fundamentals. Updated for the 21st century and re-recorded with fresh voiceovers, Learn In Your Car includes terminology for cell phones, computers and the Internet, as well as contemporary currencies and usages. Listeners learn pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar of a new language without the need of a textbook: Level 1: Key words and phrases, basic grammar skills, emphasizes travel needs; Level 2: Expands vocabulary, new grammar concepts, more day-to-day activities; Level 3: Broadens vocabulary base, more advanced grammar skills, enriches conversational ability. 9 hours of audio on 9 compact discs, 3 booklets with recorded text for reference & grammar notes, Zippered CD Wallet, Travelogue DVD.


SupperDom SupperDom
After owning these items for a few months, here is my brief review of each one for comparative purposes for those who are considering learning the language but are contemplating on which course to purchase. It should be noted that there is no one perfect method. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages, hence no five-star ratings from me. I also recommend using a dictionary as a supplement.

PIMSLEUR MANDARIN. This course is completely audio. Each CD contains two half-hour units, no individual tracks on each lesson. I consider this method to be the easiest way for a beginner to start speaking. It is very non-intimidating, introduces the vocabulary slowly and gives an explanation of the words used in the dialogues. However, there is no written transcript so one is unable to verify the pronunciation visually although the speakers' voices are quite clear. Also, if the listener wants to review a certain section, he/she would have to remember which lesson it was played on. The overall vocabulary is limited but this method relies a lot on memory retention. Pimsleur is pricey and may not be the best value for the money when you consider the drawbacks. If this is a concern, then perhaps Conversational Mandarin at a much lower cost along with another course(s) reviewed below may better fit the bill for broadening the horizon. Still, the lessons are pleasant and less monotonous than other audio methods. Good for those who wish to spend the drives in the automobile more productively.

SPEAK IN A WEEK. This course contains four spiral-bound books with a CD to accompany each one. The books are visually appealing, brightly colored and the fonts used are very clear. The eight lessons in each book are spoken in complete sentences with an extensive vocabulary at the end of the book. The first eight tracks of the accompanying CD's cover each lesson, with the second half of the CD using some of the vocabulary at the end of the book to expand on the words learned in the lessons. Unfortunately, I have also discovered a few minor printing/recording errors on the books and CD's. Although the sounds of Pinyin are covered in writing, there is no audio to verify the pronunciation. The knowledge of Pinyin is a necessity and this may be a drawback for some users because there is no audio pronunciation for the majority of the vocabulary words. Since this is an audio/visual set, I consider it an overall good value at a modest price.

LEARN IN YOUR CAR. This course is made by Penton Overseas, the same makers of Speak in a Week. Like Speak in a Week, this is also an audio/visual course containing CD's and written transcripts, although the booklets in Learn in Your Car are not as visually appealing. This set focuses more on traveling rather than general conversation, sometimes using individual words/phrases instead of complete sentences to communicate. The audio is monotonous compared to Pimsleur and may be better used along with the booklets at home rather than in a car, but the advantage is the words on the CD's are color coded and covered in the written transcripts. This makes it an ideal supplement to Speak in a Week since you can also hear the pronunciation of simple words such as the numbers used in counting. The combination of the two Penton Overseas courses along with a dictionary can provide a solid foundation of the language at a total cost less than Pimsleur alone.

BEHIND THE WHEEL. This is my least favorite of all the methods. As others have stated, this is definitely not recommended for beginners. Like Pimsleur, this course is completely audio with no written transcripts but has the advantage of individual tracks, making it easier for short reviews. In my opinion, the presentation is not as pleasant to listen to as Pimsleur and although the vocabulary is more extensive, there are no individual word explanations which can be very confusing for beginners. There are also no explanation of formal vs. casual forms of introduction or when different words that have the same meaning are used for certain circumstances. This course may be a handy supplement for a lower intermediate user who has a basic understanding of the grammar and is better able to distinguish the individual words.
mr.Mine mr.Mine
I bought Learn In Your Car Mandarin partly on the basis of good reviews here, but also because I had used the Spanish version of the program to learn that language a few years ago and am now fairly fluent.

As is well known, Learn In Your Car consists of CDs and booklets. The format is very simple. An expression is stated in English, then there is a space for you to say the Chinese, then the expression is repeated in Chinese, another space for you, the same expression in Chinese a second time, then another space. That is basically it. There are 9 CDs and about 10 lessons or groups of phrases on a CD. The booklets provide a hard copy of the text in both languages.

Right now I have been working with CD1 for about 6 weeks and have mastered most of it. I probably need about one more week before I move on to CD 2, though I have listened to CD2 a bit when I was getting bored with CD1. Now if you need someone to ask a Mandarin speaking hotel receptionist for a room without a bathroom, I am your man. And I can count from 1 to 100. And I can tell a taxi driver to take me to the airport or train station. So that is a start.

Beginning in Chinese is incredibly different, because even the Latin alphabet version of Chinese called Pinyin is incredibly difficult and the letters often bear no resemblance to the sounds represented in European languages. I had such a hard time getting started that I did try some other programs which I am continuing to use for a bit of variety.

Pimsleur has a reasonably priced introductory set and is quite good for learning basic conversation. I had previously used the Haitian Creole set and enjoyed that. The problems with Pimsleur are 1) there is no written text, which is a huge problem with Chinese, not so much with Haitian, and 2) it is very slow going, 3) it costs an arm and a leg.

Instant Immersion Mandarin by Topix is a budget priced set of discs that has speech recognition, but I haven't found it very useful. There is no book. The publicity material for the course claims it is similar to Rosetta Stone, but much cheaper. However I have not used Rosetta Stone, so I don't know. Rosetta Stone is outside my budget.

Rocket Languages Mandarin is an online course that is rather more expensive. I bought it for almost a hundred dollars because I felt I needed some instruction and explanations beyond what Learn In Your Car offers. There are audio lessons you can download to an mp3 player or computer, games for your computer, exercises, lessons on Chinese culture and manners, grammar, and overall it is pretty useful. The English male presenter, Dave Lewis, is a little overenthusiastic for my taste, but overall the course is pretty good and would be an excellent resource to use in a classroom or group learning situation.

Downside is that there is no book and if you want a set of CDs, they are very expensive, more than double the online course.

A very nice course I got free from my online library, but you can also download it for a few dollars is the Collins Easy Language Learning Mandarin Chinese course, which I would also recommend as good value. I don't have the book, but apparently there is one available. The lessons have explanations in English, plus exercises that invite you to repeat phrases. Each brief chapter focuses on one key phrase and other associated words.

I would mention that another useful resource is the Google translator program, available free online, which translates from English into Mandarin, and gives you a playable audio version, Chinese characters either simplified or traditional, and Pinyin. You could also use this Web site to construct your own flash cards, laminated cheat sheets, or whatever you need.

I like to use all of these courses for a bit of variety and entertainment, and to hear some English or American voices talking about learning Chinese, but I also find that for the real work of learning Chinese, I keep coming back to Learn In Your Car, because I can drive for hours repeating phrases over and over and over again until they are burned into my head, and then when I stop I can still hear those phrases in my head, and I start building variations on them to ask for different things. In this situation one thing I like about the program is that it is ALL practice. There is no listening to chatter and explanations in English. Rocket Languages has a bit too much padding and classroom chitchat, but Learn In Your Car is all business.

That is the real key to an effective language learning course. You have to find something that you can spend many hours working with, because without the input of time and repetition, you won' t really get there. This course seems to be working for me, but whether you will like it depends on you. All I can say is that it is extremely difficult to get started in Chinese, because it is so different from any European language. The Pimsleur is helpful to get some momentum, but I find Learn In Your Car is the most effective course overall for learning the language. (But then, I am in the car a lot, where there are no distractions.)

Incidentally the woman Mandarin speaker on the Learn In Your Car Mandarin is the clearest and easiest to mimic of all the courses I have mentioned, and the recording quality is crystal clear.

One possible criticism of Learn In Your Car Mandarin is that the early discs are rather tourist oriented and don't teach you how to seduce Chinese maidens by asking them for a meal at your place--as per Pimsleur--or discuss politics. I don't find this too much of a problem, because it seems to me that when I eventually arrive in China, whether for vacation or work, I would most likely initially be dealing with airports, trains, changing money, hotel rooms, getting something to eat or drink, greeting people etc. and that these basics would be useful. I would also want to know the word for toilet and recognize the Chinese signs for Ladies and Gents so as to avoid any possible faux pas. No good arriving at a hotel and being able to discuss the weather with the receptionist, but not able to request a room without a bathroom (or with a bathroom).

I do not have any kind of commercial connection with the manufacturers of this course. I shall try to update this review in a few months to say what progress, if any, I am making, because, although one may comment in all kinds of ways about the structure of the program, the only metric of any value is whether you succeed in learning to speak, understand, read, and write the language in question.

Qing ba zhe shencha hao chengi. Wan shang hao!
Hellstaff Hellstaff
I use a popular software program to study Mandarin, but I can not always be in front of my computer. Using the 'Learn in Your Car Mandarin Chinese' let's me listen and learn even when I am traveling or busy doing something else.

I ripped all the CDs to a mobile device and can listen to them anywhere. This helps me spend more time immersed in the language when I can't be in front of my computer.

All tracks start with the word or phrase in English which is then repeated twice in Mandarin with a pause in between so you can repeat it. This set also includes 3 notebooks with EVERYTHING that is said in written form so you can go back and look it up if you missed it or need help with pronunciation.

I like that it has the English as well as Mandarin because it helps get the intent and context of the phrase.

I would recommend this product.