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eBook The Four Loves ePub

by C.S. Lewis

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  • Author: C.S. Lewis
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  • Publisher: Harvest Books; First edition (September 29, 1971)
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God is love,’ says St John. When I first tried to write this book I thought that his maxim would provide me with a very plain highroad through the whole subject.

God is love,’ says St John. I thought I should be able to say that human loves deserved to be called loves at all just in so far as they resembled that Love which is God. The first distinction I made was therefore between what I called Gift-love and Need-love.

The Four Loves summarizes four kinds of human love-affection, friendship, erotic love, and the love of Go. In this candid, wise, and warmly personal book, . Lewis gently reflects on the four basic kinds of human love-affection, friendship, erotic love, charity.

The Four Loves summarizes four kinds of human love-affection, friendship, erotic love, and the love of God. Masterful without being magisterial, this book's wise, gentle, candid reflections on the virtues and dangers of love draw on sources from Jane Austen to St. Augustine.

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147 quotes from The Four Loves: ‘Friendship. is born at the moment when one man says to another What! You too? I thought that no one but myself. The Four Loves by . See a Problem? We’d love your help. Details (if other): Cancel. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Not the book you’re looking for?

THE FOUR LOVES C. S. Lewis - Watch. 129 Pages·2006·353 KB·793 Downloads. made was therefore between what I called Gift-love and. Need-love.

THE FOUR LOVES C. C. Lewis: Life, Works, and Legacy (Four Volumes Set). 41 MB·1,343 Downloads·New! Most popularly known as the author of the children's classic The Chronicles of Narnia, C. Lewis. 49 MB·5,109 Downloads·Portuguese. Lewis, C. 1898-1963. Cartas de um diabo a seu aprendiz, C. Lewis; tradução. Lewis - The Four Loves. 96 Pages·2006·616 KB·1,711 Downloads.

The Four Loves is a book by C. Lewis which explores the nature of love from a Christian and philosophical perspective through thought experiments. The book was based on a set of radio talks from 1958 which had been criticised in the .

Lewis examines four varieties of human love: affection, the most basic form; friendship, the rarest and perhaps most insightful; Eros, passionate love; charity, the greatest and least selfish

Lewis examines four varieties of human love: affection, the most basic form; friendship, the rarest and perhaps most insightful; Eros, passionate love; charity, the greatest and least selfish. Throughout this compassionate and reasoned study, he encourages readers to open themselves to all forms of love-the key to understanding that brings us closer to God. The Four Loves is a book by C. ark:/13960/t0wq6s434. Ocr. ABBYY FineReader 1. (Extended OCR).

The Four Loves CS Lewis Fount £. 9, 176pp. Love is many things to CS Lewis but above all it is a Christian ideal. That is not to say the eternal - what is love? - question is forever answered. Love is far more complicated having four manifestations: Affection, Friendship, Eros and Charity. Those seeking a self-help book to determine whether their relationships are healthy, will not find the answer in these 176 pages. However, all will find something of interest.

A candid, wise, and warmly personal book in which Lewis explores the possibilities and problems of the four basic kinds of human love- affection, friendship, erotic love, and the love of God. “Immensely worthwhile for its simplicity...a rare and memorable book” (Sydney J. Harris).


Grosho Grosho
A wonderful book written late in C. S. Lewis's career, and so reflects a greater sort of wisdom. As usual, he covers all the peripheral issues first, and seemingly in parallel, yet by the end of the book he ties all the elements together in a powerful essay. This is his reflection on love, both natural (as in coming from man's nature) and divine (coming directly from God), and in this way the book is timeless. There are, however, a few points dealing with friendly relationships between the sexes that may seem dated -- they are thoughtful and astute, but they are mostly reflective of a time in England when men and women rarely worked side by side. Yet, even here, Lewis is aware of the transitory nature of these conditions, and mentions that if these situations changed then the nature of the friendly interactions would also change. His general observations remained true regardless. This essay is not as easy to read as "Mere Christianity", but with patience I would think almost anyone who persevered to the conclusion should be able to understand and gain from it. It is very highly recommended.
Manemanu Manemanu
In this classic C.S. Lewis, the celebrated author of 'the Chronicles of Narnia,' reflects on love. He begins by observing that at birth we all start out with need-love, needing gift-love. Gift-love is the kind of love the creator shows to the created, in the process of creating and taking care of the created. It is the love a mother bestows on her newborn child. In contrast, need-love is the condition of poverty that every created being begins with at birth. I feel this quote sums up the point Mr. Lewis was making about need-love, 'Man approaches god most nearly when he is in one sense least like God. For what can be more unlike than fullness and need, sovereignty and humility, righteousness and penitence.'

Mr. Lewis continues with a brief synopsis of things that we can show love for; these include others, nature, country, and finally, the transcendent creator. Dissecting each, he illustrates that love of nature, patriotism, etc. are inadequate receptacles of our love.

Next, Mr. Lewis looks at the different kinds of love which include affection, philios, eros, and charity or agape. Affection includes the love of parents for their child, love of our pets, etc. Philios is the love between friends. Eros is the love between two lovers. Finally, charity is the love of the creator towards the created and the return of that love by the created toward both the creator and creation.

Of all the loves, Mr. Lewis holds charity or agape in the highest esteem. All other loves fall short of Agape, as Mr. Lewis states in this quote, 'The (other) loves prove that they are unworthy to take the place of god by the fact that they cannot even remain themselves and do what they promise to do without god's help.' They are merely images of this 'charity or agape' which is both immanent and transcendent of creation. By placing our faith in images we are placing faith in what is transient and temporary. Yet, the love that is immanent and transcendent of creation is all encompassing, therefore imageless, and thus beyond human conceptual understanding..

To understand love in all of its aspects we need both the images of affection, philios, and eros as well as the transcendent for the images are stepping stones on our way up to this feeling of all encompassing love. Here, Mr. Lewis makes an important point about love when he states, 'To love at all is to be vulnerable. Love anything, and your heart will certainly be wrung and possibly be broken. We shall draw nearer to God, not by trying to avoid the sufferings inherent in all loves, but by accepting them and offering them to him; throwing away all defensive armour.'

We have to feel love for the images in order to understand and feel the love of the transcendent. Yet, we cannot become entranced by our love for the images of the love immanent and transcendent of creation, because they like we are merely temporary, here one day, gone the next..

Mr. Lewis concludes with this point, 'Only those into which love himself has entered will ascend to love himself. We were made for god. Only by being in some respect like him, only by being a manifestation of his beauty, loving-kindness, wisdom or goodness, has any earthly beloved excited our love.'

Most of the time when we think about love we think about it in its aspect of eros. Mr. Lewis compelled me to contemplate love in all of its different manifestations, and through this reflection, to see that love is much more complex than what we frequently assume it to be. It is for these reasons that I consider this a classic read worth pondering.
wanderpool wanderpool
Love reading me some C.S. Lewis, and he's got some great insights in this book. Having it on Kindle was also really nice, since even though I've always been at an advanced reading level (because I've been obsessed with reading since I was 4), I definitely had to read through this slower to comprehend Lewis' often long-winded sentence structures, and being able to look up definitions at the tap of a finger undeniably made the read-through even quicker and more seamless.
I bought this version to read for a class since it was the cheapest option, and having the Chinese characters didn't hamper me in reading it at all, if anyone was concerned about that.
I definitely can't say I agreed with absolutely everything Lewis writes in this book, but overall, it's an absolutely fantastic read that I would encourage everyone to take some time to devour at some point in their life.
Cherry The Countess Cherry The Countess
I read this book back in the 1980s when I was a senior in High School, I wanted to read it again because I had enjoyed it so much. It was well worth reading again. Dr. Lewis explores the topic of love in terms of need/gift love and pleasure. Later categorizes love into four topics based on the four different Greek words for love which are affection, friendship, eros, and charity. He is an academic, but he is also a Christian. The book is based on Christian beliefs and these beliefs are used to explain the topic of love. His writing style is wordy, yet it is easy enough to understand. He explains well what the different loves are and how they are important in our lives. If you are looking for a book that focuses on erotic love or the "Hollywood movie " love, you are better to find another book that panders to that kind of audience.
Zyangup Zyangup
I literally put a quote from this book on my arm, that's how much I believe in it. CS Lewis's ability to transcribe love as a core human emotion is elegant, his grasp of Christian theology, ethics, and even aestheticism makes this book well worth the read.
Marg Marg
I wish that I had read this at a younger age but I am not sure my heart and mind would have been mature enough to understand and accept this. His insights are profound and he has captured the full spread and intricacies of emotions that men feel. This book has changed me for the better and will help me be a much better husband, father, friend, and Christian.
Samulkree Samulkree
This is a really life changing book. Even if you are not into apologetics, it has some interesting perspectives on love (all types, not just the romantic love that pops into our mind when we hear the word) and how we view it through our modern day, western lens. I can't recommend this enough. I bought this copy for a gift and will gift this book again in the future.