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eBook The Marx-Engels Reader (Second Edition) ePub

eBook The Marx-Engels Reader (Second Edition) ePub

by Karl Marx

  • ISBN: 039309040X
  • Category: Social Sciences
  • Subcategory: Other
  • Author: Karl Marx
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company; 2nd Revised & enlarged edition (March 17, 1978)
  • Pages: 788
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  • Rating: 4.6
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The Marx-Engels Reader book.

The Marx-Engels Reader book.

Karl Marx studied law and philosophy at the universities of Bonn and Berlin, completing his doctorate in 1841. A co-founder of the International Workingmen’s Association in 1864, Marx died in London in 1883. Robert C. Tucker is professor of politics emeritus at Princeton University and past president of the American Association for the Advancement of Slavic Studies.

Marx- Engels Reader contains an interpretive general introduction. Chronology: The Lives of Marx and Engels Introduction Note on Texts and Terminology. The Marxian Revolutionary Idea Stalin as Revolutionary, 1879-1929: A Study in History and Personality The Lenin Anthology.

Without this book, KARL MARX: SELECTED WRITINGS, there is no way of understanding Marx in this age of propaganda coming from both sides of the political spectrum.

Поиск книг BookFi BookSee - Download books for free. Marx and Engels Collected Works 1874-83 (Karl Marx, Frederick Engels: Collected Works . 4). Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels. 6. 3 Mb. Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels on the Paris Commune. Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. 3. Karl Marx, Frederick Engels Collected Works: Engels : 1892 (Karl Marx, Frederick Engels: Collected Works Vo. 9). 5. 4 Mb. Karl Marx, Frederick Engels: Collected Works Vo. 0 : Marx : 1861-63. Категория: Экономика.

Поиск книг BookFi BookFi - BookFinder. Download books for free. Karl Marx, Frederick Engels: Marx and Engels Collected Works 1861-64 (Karl Marx, Frederick Engels: Collected Works Vo. Скачать (PDF) . Читать. Karl Marx & Friedrich Engels: Articles in the New American cyclopaedia (Independent socialist clippingbooks). Ссылка удалена правообладателем.

Chronology: The lives of Marx and Engels

Chronology: The lives of Marx and Engels. pt. I. The early Marx

The Holy Family (book). K. Karl Marx Library.

The Holy Family (book). Marx/Engels Collected Works. R. Revolution and Counter-Revolution in Germany. php?title Category:Books by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels&oldid 869593926". Categories: Books by Karl Marx.

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Jark Jark
A really great book to have handy. The paper is much higher quality than most books out there at this price. As for content, it covers a lot of Marx's work. I'd recommend to anyone looking to find a book full of Marx materials
Helo Helo
Great collection of writings of Marx and Engels.
Waiso Waiso
A great collection of some of the well known and even a few lesser known works of the intelligent Marx and Engels. An essential book for an introduction to Marxist philosophy and ideology. The range within the collection is impressive and gives a breadth of understanding.
Jogrnd Jogrnd
This tome is massive. I needed it for a graduate level class on classical sociological theory. It can be confusing at times because translations from German to English are difficult, but this is still an excellent read to get the full range of Marx's ideas in his own words. There is also a lot from Engels but most of it is Marx.
Vijora Vijora
Such a good read! Totally recommend if you want help with going deeper into Marx
Djang Djang
This gives the best most readable collection of Marx's writings. It is just a great, concise, portable sized book. Tucker chose the correct Marx works to include, and edited it all beautifully. It is a keeper!
Dominator Dominator
The other reviews cover the content, but as for the format (at least in the elder edition this reviewer has), the pages are stubby and short given the length of the binding. Increasing the width by another 1.5'' would have reduced the somewhat crammed text, but Norton must have needed the paper to print other books at the time.