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eBook Restraining Judicial Activism ePub

eBook Restraining Judicial Activism ePub

by David Barton

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  • Author: David Barton
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Judicial activism refers to judicial rulings that are suspected of being based on personal opinion, rather than on existing law. It is sometimes used as an antonym of judicial restraint.

Judicial activism refers to judicial rulings that are suspected of being based on personal opinion, rather than on existing law. The definition of judicial activism and the specific decisions that are activist are controversial political issues. The question of judicial activism is closely related to constitutional interpretation, statutory construction, and separation of powers.

In Restraining Judicial Activism, David Barton illustrates the current extremes of egregious judicial decisions and discusses the constitutional process of removing reprobate judges from office, using the means specifically designated by the Founding Fathers in the Constitution. With concise clarity, Barton describes the historical perspective on removing overactive judges through impeachment, and aptly compares the current misconceptions on impeachable offenses with the Constitution's explicit provisions.

Restraining Judicial Activism book.

Judicial Activism: A Restrained Defense Paperback – January 1, 1996. The 4 appendices to the book chronicle how scholars have used the phrases "judicial activism" and "judicial restraint" in hundreds of articles, books and cases. by. Sterling Harwood (Author). University Press of America bought the rights to this book, so please contact them to encourage a new printing, if you wish to explore the book.

Restraining Judicial Activism (ebook). David Barton (Auteur). Whereas Americans once enjoyed the finest fruits of judicial integrity, we now speak with distaste at the many unpalatable decisions served by our robed officials.

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The concept of judicial activism has long been a matter of debate. Judicial Restraint and Activism. In short, a law can be interpreted in different ways. Is the judiciary expected to practice restraint? Here is a brief overview of the various aspects of the concepts of judicial activism and restraint. Judicial restraint and judicial activism are two theories of judicial interpretation. According to the theory of judicial restraint, judges must uphold the laws made by the legislature, and should not try to strike them down, unless they are unconstitutional. He should stick to the meaning and intent of the current law, and should not try to make law.

David Burton tackles 5 myths surrounding the Judiciary branch using the Constitution and writings from our Founding .

David Burton tackles 5 myths surrounding the Judiciary branch using the Constitution and writings from our Founding Fathers. Discover the true constitutional role of the Judiciary and the lengths to which the Founding Fathers went to prevent the activism that often characterizes today's Judiciary. Running time: approximately 79 minutes; 1 CD. 5 Judicial Myths: Restoring a Constitutional Judiciary Audiobook on CD (9781932225617) by David Barton.

This enlightening book addresses the crisis of judicial activism in today's government, revealing an overlooked Constitutional provision: impeachment, the recourse prescribed by the Founders for an unaccountable judiciary. Learn how to recognize judicial activism and reinstate judicial accountability.


Fordg Fordg
All of David Barton books should be required reading in every schools in America
MarF MarF
Truthful book well written and much needed in this untruthful world.
Burking Burking
Bu Bu
Should be required reading for all!!
Tetaian Tetaian
he always has a good book like his work
Tamesya Tamesya
This is a "MUST" read for everyone that cares about AMERICA! It is "EYE OPENING" on the TRUTH of what is going on in the Judicial branch and how since WWII the congress has given up its power to STOP judges! The first 130 years of our county history the state ledguslatures and congress "IMPEACHED" judges that acted out of the norm of our society. Read and learn.
Skyway Skyway
David Barton has written much on the relationship of Christianity and the founding of the United States. In this book, I think he does a good job in convincing me that the checks and balance system when it comes to the court include the right to impeach a judge without having to have an actual previously written law that the judge has broken (murder, perjury, etc). The author brings many treasure trove of quotes (some of which are now in the public domain and can be searchable online!) to support his case that this was the historical interpretation from Founding Fathers, early Jurists, law text books, etc. I got to admit that at first I was skeptical but I am convinced that "high crimes and misdemeanor" does not mean only current statutory laws, but anything that Congress might find wrong as a means of checking the Supreme Court and the Court in general. Even if readers disagree, it's worth looking into his citation and historical legwork
Barton really traces the corruption some still mistakenly call a Justice System. This clearly points the way back to Original Intent..
How do we find a politician with the backbone to make these changes?
This book will give you a better perspective on what is wrong with courts than any Law School could (recommend Liberty adopt it as a text).