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eBook Organizational Behavior and Management ePub

eBook Organizational Behavior and Management ePub

by Michael T. Matteson,John M. Ivancevich

  • ISBN: 0256107254
  • Category: Management and Leadership
  • Subcategory: Perfomance and Work
  • Author: Michael T. Matteson,John M. Ivancevich
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Richard D Irwin; 3rd edition (May 1993)
  • Pages: 788
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  • Fb2 book: 1990 kb
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  • Rating: 4.1
  • Votes: 324


He is co-author of several books, including Human Resource Management and Global Management and Organizational Behavior

Ships from and sold by agreenhippo1. He is co-author of several books, including Human Resource Management and Global Management and Organizational Behavior.

Ivancevich, John M,Matteson, Michael T. Publication date. 2. Organizational Culture - pt. Understanding and Managing Individual Behavior. 3. Individual Differences and Work Behavior. 5. Evaluating and Rewarding Individual Behavior. 6. Job Design - pt. Group Behavior and Interpersonal Influence.

Organizational Behavior and Management Paperback – 16 Mar 2013. 13 Usually dispatched within 4 to 5 days. by John M. Ivancevich (Author), Robert Konopaske (Author), Michael T. Matteson (Author) & 0 more.

Organizational Behavior and Management book. John M. Ivancevich, Robert Konopaske. Michael T. Matteson. The book, Organizational Behavior and Management, is an excellent rescource for anyone wishing to improve their management skills. This resource gives insight to better understand and improve management skills for the purpose of benefiting a company and most importantly, those being supervised.

The authors’ goal in writing Organizational Behavior and Management 10e is to improve students’ ability to understand .

The authors’ goal in writing Organizational Behavior and Management 10e is to improve students’ ability to understand, interpret, and predict the behavior of people working in organizations. The book combines text, self-learning exercises, group-participation exercises, and cases in an integrated way designed to enhance learning and retention of organizational behavior concepts and skills.

Michael Matteson, John Ivancevich. The authors focus on presenting the reader with outstanding contributions to the management and organizational behavior literature. The readings include works of recognized, respected, and pioneer scholars in the field while also broadening the understanding of management and organizational behavior topics found in textbooks. The readings also incorporate theorists from the economics, sociology, statistics, mathematics, engineering, and psychology disciplines to reflect the complex and dynamic field of management and organizational behavior.

John M. Ivancevich, Robert Konopaske, Michael T. The recipient of numerous teaching awards at four different universities, he is also the author of many textbooks and academic articles.

Organizational Behavior and Management.

Students in the 21st Century will face an unprecedented rate of change in employee diversity, global competition, and legal requirements. This book is intended for those students, giving them a wealth of text, readings, exercises and cases allowing them to experience and understand organisational behaviour and its importance to them as future managers. 21st century managers must not only be able to perform the necessary functions of management, but also lead in a manner that enriches the capacity of employees who may or are likely to be moving around from work assignments, starting their own firms, and multiple organisations. Leading change, thinking ahead, executing flawlessly a plan or program, using technology, displaying passion regularly are what leaders must do smoothly and easily. The 6th edition of OBM prepares students for this enhanced role, by focusing on managing and leading a firm's most valuable assets, its people.


Haal Haal
Again, needed for school. Not impressed with the content. Thank God I didn't pay school prices for it.
Mr.jeka Mr.jeka
Excellent! As expected.
Lightbinder Lightbinder
Book was in new condition.
Globus Globus
Milkovich and Newman? Do the other reviewer's have the right book As I right this review I have the book next to me and I can't find any reference to a Milkovich and Newman? Whoever these fine people are I can't see how they have anything to do with this textbook.

As for the textbook, I had to use it for my introductory Management class as part of my MBA program. And halfway through my MBA program this book gets the award for the dryest, boring, waste of trees. Yeach I've complained about Marketing, but this book is far worse.

Instead of explaining the intricacies of management and addressing contemporary issues in the typical office, this book focuses on stating the obvious, restating it again, without offering any arguments, any conclusions, or even giving any advice.

Consider this typical sentence, which I found by randomly opening the book. 'As previously indicated, conflict may have either positive or negative consequences for the organization, depnding upon how much exists and how it is managed.' (pg. 358).

When they aren't boring the reader with their lack of depth and insight the authors bore the reader with stupid asides on companies that add nothing. Consider the following sentence, 'The 13,000 restaurants in McDonald's network all pay attention to quality, service, and cleanliness.' (pg. 41). You mean the authors find it necessary to teach MBA students how to serve fast food? I thought that was the reason kids enroll in these programs so they don't won't end up working in a fast food joint.

This book was so bad, that some of my classmates gave up even trying to read the chapters, because they weren't getting anything out of it. And although the material is very elementary it's written with so much filler material that it is extremely hard reading. It as if the authors were paid based on how many words they were able to write, so that the book would look thinker and the publisher could justify it's outrageous list price.

And the worst part is that the material is so disorganized that some of the information in the chapter summaries isn't even covered in the chapters. I'm just glad I only had to put up with semester of this trash.
Velan Velan
I really liked this book. If you are interested in psychology and management, this book would be a good start.