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eBook In Hostile Territory : Business Secrets of a Mossad Combatant ePub

eBook In Hostile Territory : Business Secrets of a Mossad Combatant ePub

by Gerald Westerby

  • ISBN: 0887309011
  • Category: Management and Leadership
  • Subcategory: Perfomance and Work
  • Author: Gerald Westerby
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Harperbusiness; 1st edition (May 1, 1998)
  • Pages: 290
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Gerald Westerby" (not his real name) is a former Combatant in the Mossad, Israel's special-operations agency, who now makes his living as an. .

Gerald Westerby" (not his real name) is a former Combatant in the Mossad, Israel's special-operations agency, who now makes his living as an international business consultant and entrepreneur. In Hostile Territory spices up relatively straightforward business advice, founded on the three principles of "Patience, Preparation, and Persistence," with illustrative stories of undercover missions in, among other venues, Yemen, the Iran-Iraq war, and Libya. From Publishers Weekly.

In Hostile Territory : Business Secrets of a Mossad Combatant. The same principles can be applied to a combatant, a terrorist, a politician or even a jailer to get them on your side. 0887309011 (ISBN13: 9780887309014). This is a book of successful business strategies written by a former Mossad Combatant and SEAL commando. It is published by Harper Business, which focuses on leadership, career choices, management and finance. You need to read it yourself.

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Gerald Westerby (not his real name) is a former Combatant in the Mossad, Israel's special-operations agency, who now makes his living as an.Behind Enemy Lines : A Mossad Combatant's Guide to Business Conduct.

Gerald Westerby (not his real name) is a former Combatant in the Mossad, Israel's special-operations agency, who now makes his living as an international business.

Items related to In Hostile Territory : Business Secrets of a Mossad. GERALD WESTERBY, now a successful businessman, was formerly a Combatant in the Mossad, Israel's legendary special operations agency. Gerald Westerby In Hostile Territory : Business Secrets of a Mossad Combatant. ISBN 13: 9780887309014. In Hostile Territory : Business Secrets of a Mossad Combatant. He also served as a navy commando in that country's top-secret SEAL unit. After years as an agent, Westerby turned to the world of commerce, where he put to profitable use the Mossad.

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Gerald Westerby put it very simply in terms of assassinations when he declared, ?misery breeds misery. In Hostile Territory: Business Secrets of a Mossad Combatant. Harper Business: New York, 1998. We killed a Terrorist and two more popped up to fill his place. Then they killed some more of us and so on and onward?Sure, it made the masses feel good for a day or two, but were we risking our lives to entertain the masses? In Hostile Territory: Business Secrets of a Mossad Combatant.

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In Hostile Territory: business secrets of a Mossad combatant. Business & Investing - Small Business & Entrepreneurship - Entrepreneurship, Internet Archive Wishlist, Israel, Israel. Mosad le-modiʻin ṿe-tafḳidim meyuḥadim, Management. Created April 1, 2008.

In Hostile Territory: Business Secrets of A Mossad Combatant reportedly is a guide to succeeding in business .

In Hostile Territory: Business Secrets of A Mossad Combatant reportedly is a guide to succeeding in business that uses the tactics of Israel's Mossad intelligence agency as examples. In Hostile Territory was written under the pseudonym Gerald Westerby (a character in John Le Carre's spy novel Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy), who probably is former Israeli naval commando and Mossad operative Jerry Sanders, according to an exclusive article in the Jewish Week of Queens, New York. New York: HarperBusiness, 1998. Assassination Egypt, Intelligence and Security Eichmann, Adolf: Israeli capture Israel, Counter-terrorism Policy Israel, Intelligence and Security Middle East, Modern . Security Policy and Interventions Palestinian Authority, Intelligence and Security Syria, Intelligence and Security. Encyclopedia of Espionage, Intelligence, and Security KNIGHT, JUDSON.

The memoir of an Israeli operative who has now retired to become a successful international businessman. Writing under a pseudonym to protect his identity, the author shares the wisdom that he gained while simultaneously running international business enterprises and carrying out military assignments for the Massad. The author uses these experiences to teach lessons such as when to exercise power, the elements of a winning team, why simplicity is the best strategy, how to make the best of bad situations, and how to succeed against the odds. Annotation c. by Book News, Inc., Portland, Or.


The author, using an assumed name, applies the principles he learned in his Mossad training and operations to skills necessary to be a successful businessman. Interesting perspective on a subject pretty thoroughly covered. Even though most business owners at least intuitively know these points, the author relates them to phrases in the Bible and illustrates his points with stories of actual operations he was involved in as a Mossad combatant.

I have been in business over thirty years, and I still picked up some very useful information. Each chapter discussed a specific area of business: silence, Rule of Like, Buyers and Sellers. In Rule of Like, he explains how people want to do business with similar people - the Old Boy Network. So, to do business with a "duck" you need to be a duck... or a decoy.

Excellent, practical book. It should be required reading for anyone owning or looking to start their own business.
hardy hardy
Very entertaining account of various missions of spies. Similar to other spy books where you wonder how one guy gets all these great missions -- except that this book has really fabulous lessons on tactical behavior. Although most of the missions he wrote about were well re-created and obscure enough to maybe have happened roughly the way he writes, one alleged Mossad mission he wrote about was actually performed by a CIA agent during the evacuation of Embassy hostages in Iran and was written about in numerous other books. Well worth reading.
Dellevar Dellevar
This is totally five stars. The spy stories used to illustrate the 'lessons' (one per chapter) are written in an engaging, amusing, yet often suspenseful manner, and well-chosen to make the point. They are interwoven with useful, hard-boiled tips and perspectives. I am sure they would be invaluable to anyone starting or building a business or organization, but I found so many of the insights can apply directly and clearly to almost any kind of endeavor.

As far as management or personal development books go, this is one of the best I've read.
Owomed Owomed
As they say in Texas, "If'n you done it, it ain't braggin." The author's approach - that of starting each chapter by listing an executive-business skill and then writing down a first-person Mossad exploit that in his opinion features that skill, is an unusual one. The only teeny weeny part that I find disingenuous is his claim that he's left the Mossad for good and gone back to being a plain-vanilla business tycoon. Uh huh...
Naktilar Naktilar
a brutally explicit teaching of how to train you mind for ruthlessness and skill in dirty tricks both on and off the field of battle. A reminder that every
negotiation is adversarial. Well written and immensely entertaining although a little unsettling as you would expect from a Mosad Combatant
Halloween Halloween
Not only a fascinating insight into the operations of the Mossad, but also a collection of extremely useful and pertinent business principles. From my experience, of business not spying obviously, these business principles are worth remembering and applying, and the whole book was well written and a good read. Overall, I would rate this as one of the best self-help business books around.
Purebinder Purebinder
The title sounds interesting but the content is contrived, less than useful, and very poorly presented. These so-called business secrets are hardly secrets at at all as a little but it of common sense will tell you.
I think he was trying to use the Mossad myth in order to make a buck.
This book is certainly 5 star.

If you love intelligence agency/spy agency stories and want to benefit from the insight of the people working there and take such insight into business, this book is tailor made for you. It takes away mental work we probably would have had to do thinking how I am going to translate all this real combat wisdom to day-to-day success.

Gerald Westerby is the pseudonym of the author. For obvious reasons, he could not use his name. People, from spy agencies, who have used their real names normally leave out a lot of sensitive stuff from their books. Such books go thru strict censorship. Recent book "man in the shadows" by ex-Mossad director Halevy belongs to that category. Totally watered down and blessed by government and his former employer.

The author who is said to have gone to become a famous businessman after retiring from active mossad duty knows how to write for people looking for stuff. The way book is organized itself makes a point or two about the fact that author seems to have become reasonably successful in business. Otherwise, he could not have written so well identifying parallels between his intelligence work and business.

The book is divided into three sections. They are - patience, preparation and persistence. These 3 are certainly necessary ingredients for success. Author narrates many real life scenarios that he was part of under each category. He uses many punch lines and anecdotes to drive home his point.

For example, the author was tasked to meet late Sudanese rebel leader John Garang. Mossad told him to look for an opportunity to meet Garang when Garang came to Europe. The author knowing that Garang never set foot outside of his stronghold in southern Sudan says "given that Garang had not left the Sudan in 20 years, the thought that we should wait until he was in Europe was a bit like waiting for global warming to cook your goose." Point made. Case rested. Author went to meet Garang right in Sudan right under the nose of authorities.

Some other points that author writes with passion which have disappeared from the radar of many managers include planning, silence and concentration. Everyone can do themselves a favor by planning a bit more, shutting their mouth little more and listening more and concentrating on thing at hand than attending to their bling-blings during meetings or while talking to people.

"Silence is golden" - author proves it beyond doubt when they were confronted in Saudi Arabia by an army officer. Even if they had uttered one word, they would have rotten in Saudi jails and died under most horrible conditions. They used presence of their minds and remained silent. Silence makes people uneasy and people use anything and everything to overcome the silence. The military officer who confronted these mossad agents asked them (on his own) if they were people from "National Geographic" and even helped them to transmit secret code out to Mossad. Beautiful story.

Being able to think on your feet is a very valuable quality. This does no mean that you have rush to answer but using this critical faculty is important. Once a Mossad agent was traveling with a fake German passport. It is usual for spy agencies to produce fake passports for their agents which are hard to differentiate. Although the passport was prepared meticulously, the person developing the cover story for the agent had made blunder. Instead of using full middle name, he had used only middle initial (letter H). It is customary for Germans (as mentioned in the book) to use their full middle name in legal docs. So, when this agent landed in some country, the immigration officer was kinda surprised to find a person with German passport with one letter initial than full middle name. He inquired about this apparent inconsistency. Mossad agent thought on his feet and made up a story. His story was that his middle name was "Hitler" and his parents did not want him to be troubled by that name. So, they had chosen to use only middle initial. Delivered with full confidence and convincing body language and immigration officer totally floored. If the initial were to be something else, he would have probably made some other story. This incident is not from this book but is very relevant. I think this one is from Gordon Thomas's "Gideon spies".

Great book. Really hard to find. Out of circulation. Used sell as high as USD 60.