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eBook Six Figures in Six Months ePub

eBook Six Figures in Six Months ePub

by Clay Stevens

  • ISBN: 0980093058
  • Category: Marketing and Sales
  • Subcategory: Perfomance and Work
  • Author: Clay Stevens
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Self (February 16, 2011)
  • Pages: 245
  • ePub book: 1981 kb
  • Fb2 book: 1473 kb
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  • Rating: 4.4
  • Votes: 518


Six Figures in Six Months provides a step-by-step recipe for creating lasting success in your direct sales business. Clay Stevens is a twenty-five year veteran in network marketing and has extensive personal experience in direct selling. This experience combined with his expertise as an instructional designer has been the foundation for the comprehensive training system presented in Six Figures in Six Months. Mr. Stevens has written four books on effective training methods and owns four patents for instructional methodologies and game-development technologies.

Showing 14 distinct works.

Clay Stevens’s most popular book is Six Figures in Six Months Six Figures in Six Months. Showing 14 distinct works. Six Figures in Six Months Six Figures in Six Months by. Clay Stevens, Master Direct Selling Coach and Mentor.

If you’ve ever read Six Figures in Six Months before I would love to hear from you. Please tell us what you liked about the book and how it helped you in your network marketing business.

6,7, and 8 figure earners are endorsing it.

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This ground breaking novel by Clay Stevens will make you a network marketing superstar.

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The one book you absolutely need to experience success in network marketing. This ground breaking novel by Clay Stevens will make you a network marketing superstar. This is the definitive how to have success in network marketing guide. Contained in this network marketing success training book are the tips for guaranteed success. Experience building a direct sales business from the ground up and feel the highs and lows of building a successful multi level marketing business as you live it play-by-play through a unique set of characters. From the time Steve Thoms is introduced to a new business opportunity to the day he walks across the stage as a six-figure earner, you will be captivated by his compelling story. Through his journey you will learn the 3 Step Success Pattern that creates predictability. This pattern is fundamental to building a strong and profitable business faster and with less frustration. "Six Figures in Six Months is a rare find and can be a true game changer for you and your family", Sharon Lechter, Co-author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad. Endorsed by 6, 7 and 8 figure earners in the industry.


Minnai Minnai
The book is well written and enjoyable but be ready to seriously consider forking out big bucks by the end because the whole book is one long advertisement directing you to sign up for their training and having looked at the website the audio library alone is almost $400! Not really impressed AT ALL! If I wanted to be advertised to i would watch tv.
Diab Diab
Six Figures in Six Months
I got slightly concerned, not by the book, but by the resistence one might get from upline who only knows of the 'enroll, hope, replace' strategy -- which the book clearly highlights as a costly exercise that leaves many would-be networkers disgruntled because of non-succeess (in their short term view).

My initial misgivings:
* I disliked the repeated advertisements of the tools (I now have gone through some Ri Training content :) ). After some introspection, what would I rather have had, left out to find non-specific content? So I quickly changed my mind and got the tools.
* Implementation and follow-through (3 Step Success Pattern) on my part. No book, CD, technique builds a business; people do. Well-trained people do the best, in almost anything. Tools are a great start for anyone. Network Marketing is a profession, one of the fastest growing, might I add.

Questions I had:
1. How do I build fast momentum if people still have to go and analyse themselves?
2. How do I deal with people that quit at stage one of the 3-step Success Pattern?
3. Will all new enrollees want to take the PEProfile? What will my uplines say? But then who's business is it?
4. How do I infuse the 3-step Success Pattern (with the 3 principles) with what I already know?

1. tricky, but do I want to build with pin-heads? No!!! So there! NMers must undergo some form of training to handle the ups and downs.
2. They were going to quit anyway. The book goes deeper in stating the reasons most folks quit, or try another company with the same 'enroll, hope, replace' strategy.
3. That's what the criteria for a teachable person includes. Invest time with people who want to follow a proven and predictable, duplicable system. If not, they won't last long anyhow. Fear not! The question of upline mentor: I think one needs to run it past their upline coach/mentor regardless. Why? Because, the moment you try to do your own thing is the moment you lose duplication and predictability in your team. You're effectively saying: look I've got a better way to do things now. But don't you change it! :) First thing they'll do, is... look for more loopholes and... change it too!! They (upline mentor) have a better view, if not, go further upline. Take the PEProfile and put their email address there. Discuss what he'd recommend you read/listen to in order to improve the red and yellow scores. That way, you are still using your specific system of business building, just with more focus and intent for massive growth. I think this is the most important thing for me: improve using your company's proven business building patterns, supplemented by the PEProfile as a 'map'.
4. I am working on this one. I'm a bit concerned about mucking things up for my team. Albeit a good sign of leadership is to make a decision promptly and stick with it until the desired result is achieved. To coalesce or not to coalesce recipes, that is the question I am still mulling over... Start a new team, "start them at the start", help them "build personal effectiveness", advise them to "follow a proven pattern that creates predictability."
bass bass
Learning so compacted you can't put this book down. Use all the tools in this book to help you succeed. An invaluable tool for everyone in business.
Kulalbine Kulalbine
Actually this book should be rated higher than five stars. The content and knowledge Mr. Clay Stevens has shared and his style of writing makes this an easy read. For those folks wanting to earn a six figured income and above can easily follow the plan for reaching this kind of income. The bottom line success depends totally on the individual who follows the author's clearly defined
success plan. Since Mr. Stevens has made his own successful way in the field of direct marketing several times over he has given a good and factual testimony that is eye opening to say the least. I personally think this gentleman is a genius. I will be reading all of the books he finds time to pen. Thank you Mr. Stevens for sharing with us.
huckman huckman
All of the other reviews posted before this one expressed feelings about this books style (written like a novel) and the effect it had on the reader; but, none of them expressed the fact that this book is basically a motivational advertisement for RITraining's network marketing training system--which, is a surprisingly good thing.

I too received an e-mailed message from a friend telling me I had to read this book--ASAP! Because the recommendation came from a trusted friend, I downloaded the novel on Kindle and read it over the next few days. The book follows the life of Steve (who, in the beginning, is a successful high school baseball coach/teacher that is barely getting by on his salary) as he is introduced to network marketing in a common fashion; but, who is soon taken under wing by Glena (a leader in his upline); as she works with Gary (a systems analyst) to develop a training system that propels Steve and his networking business to six figures a year in six months. The story does an excellent job of following all of the players; showing exactly why each of them gets their respective results (successful or not). However, it also shows that those results are both predictable and programmable!

Now, that is something new to the Network marketing industry--programmable predictability.

The novel introduces the reader to the tools Steve uses as he follows Glena's lead (using Gary's designs) to make the training system work and build predictable growth in their downline; and, it just so happens that those very tools (the PEProfile, the Million Dollar Mastermind audio library, the Residual Income Simulator, etc.) are real tools available to the reader from RI Training.

As I read the book I initially a bit put off by the obvious advertising nature of the book; however, I enjoyed the true to life style of the novel well enough to read it to the end; and, having read the story, I definitely wanted to review the actual tools for myself; respectively, I was quite pleased to discover that RI Training offers a 30-day free trial offer with access to most of those tools at no cost.

Accordingly, I have begun a test of those tools, by introducing several people to the book (both veterans to, and those that are new to, the network marketing world); and respectively, to the RI Training system of tools. Each of those people are now using the system in accord with RI Training's protocols. Respectively, I will report back in a few months with the results of our test. Quite frankly, from what I have seen already, I expect this book is the beginning of an incredible journey for each of those people. As they will also most likely get to that point of six figures in six months.

The bottom line: this book is an excellent way to introduce people to a new (predictable) way of both learning how to build a business and then making that business thrive.
Cetnan Cetnan
After over 20 years learning network marketing through trail and error, a book that shows a predictable success pattern. Thank you Clay Stevens! What a great resource to work with team members so they can improve themselves and start earning consistently, predictably at an accelerated rate.
Very Old Chap Very Old Chap
This book is a great read for anyone who is involved in any business that requires you to market or network with other people. There's so much practical application it would be good to reread. Easy and entertaining to read even for the not so serious business person.
I m enjoying reading it