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eBook Bono on Bono ePub

eBook Bono on Bono ePub

by Bono

  • ISBN: 0340832770
  • Category: Music
  • Subcategory: Photo and Art
  • Author: Bono
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Hodder Paperback; First Edition edition (2006)
  • Pages: 352
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  • Rating: 4.1
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Bono is one of the most influential musicians at work today. Over the past twenty-five years his band, U2, have sold a staggering 130 million albums and collected 14 Grammys. Their success has made Bono one of the most recognisable faces in the world. Here, in a series of conversations with his friend, the music journalist, Michka Assayas, Bono reflects on his transformation from extrovert singer of a small, Irish, post-punk band into an international rock star. Along the way he speaks candidly about his childhood, about his mother's death, about his Christian faith and about his difficult relationship with his father, who died recently. Bono also speaks passionately about how he has used his fame as a platform to campaign fervently on a range of global issues, and why these issues - which include the IRA ceasefire, Third World debt and, most recently, the growing AIDS crisis in Africa - are so important to each of us. Intimate, humorous, and fiercely opinionated, "Bono on Bono" is Bono's story in his own words. It will fascinate and challenge fans of U2 and general readers alike.


saafari saafari
Even if it was published in 2004, the information is relevant. I enjoyed the interview format and the way the author would not let Bono stray away. There's a chapter near the end where Bono predicts the future of music and I found myself laughing at how accurate his predictions were. His passion for Africa is very well explored. Some may think it took much space in the book, but hey! that's his cause. As he self-describes, he's a "Rock Star with a Cause." I admire him for taking a cause so seriously and working so hard for it. It's more than what I do, and more than what most people around me can brag about.
Whether you are a U2 fan or not, the book is worth reading.
Jake Jake
Buy it! Its well worth the money and the honesty this man pours out in the pages is well worth the time spent reading it. I love Bono. He is a passion in my life, his music and his incredible open heart. He has taught me so much in the way of learning about others lives and helping instead of needing for myself. If everyone could just do more to help others, I think this world would be a great place for EVERYONE. And I think Bono is a real asset in making others see this. The book was pure and honest, and I liked how it opened my eyes to things I really didnt know about Bono and how he feels.
Ishnllador Ishnllador
This book is layed out in question/answer format making it very easy to leave off and pick up. It is a very addictive read with interesting and inspiring dialogue. There is an openness that the writer pulls out of Bono that reveals his faith, history and philosophy. From it, you discover that Bono is very human and surprisingly down to earth.
Skiletus Skiletus
Great reporting and insight into Bono's background, history of U2, and political views/activism. A great read for a U2 fan.
sergant sergant
Fantastic Book about Bonos life and music career...This is a must read
Arcanefist Arcanefist
This book is a great read. I was surprising how entertaining the book made a simple conversation. It's probably more entertaining for the fans of U2 since Bono is often promoting causes rather than discussing himself in such detail.

My complaint is with the condition of the book I received. It had a stained cover and several of the pages had brown spots all over them. The book smelled horrible as well. It was clearly not a new book. The seller was TheJKBooksalesplace but I believe it was actually fulfilled by Amazon. So maybe it was sitting in a warehouse for several years.
Saithinin Saithinin
I enjoyed this book immensely but it did take me a month to read it. It was a book I needed to read, then put down, etc. rather than a quick read cover to cover, just due to the high energy the interviews had & it was thought provoking. I recommend it for any music lover!
Wow. In an age of stupid reality shows where greed, self-indulgence, and stupidity seem to be glorified, it is refreshing to have a Bono in our world today. It's as though he offers a different type of role model, a Gandhi of sorts, perhaps a Christ of sorts.

I highly recommend this book if you'd like to get to know Paul David Hewson a little bit better.