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eBook Glacier Impressions ePub

eBook Glacier Impressions ePub

by photography by Kerry T. Nickou,photography by John Reddy

  • ISBN: 1560372052
  • Category: Photography and Video
  • Subcategory: Photo and Art
  • Author: photography by Kerry T. Nickou,photography by John Reddy
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Farcountry Press; First edition (June 30, 2002)
  • Pages: 80
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  • Rating: 4.5
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Enhanced with photography by John Reddy and Kerry T. Nickou, Glacier Impressions is a gorgeous and visually stunning book showcasing the majestic grandeur of Glacier National Park in Montana.

Enhanced with photography by John Reddy and Kerry T.

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Few people get to see Montana’s remote Glacier National Park in its distinct four seasons the way these experienced landscape photographers have captured it for this book.

Snow, lightning, high peaks, deep valleys, summer greenery beside rushing melt-water cascades, wildlife large and small, and many-shaded spring wildflowers—Glacier National Park Impressions has it all!


komandante komandante
The book contains a generous collection of color pictures. There are 80 color photographs. Generally, when the book is open, the page to the left contains a full-page image, while the page to the right contains a half-page image. We find some inspiring examples of scenery, which can reasonably provide anybody with the motivation to vacation in Glacier National Park.

The great examples of scenery include, Mount Oberlin with beargrass (page 3), the "Garden Wall" (page 9), Logan Pass (page 13), Highline Trail (pages 24-25), Little Chief Mountain (page 30-31), Boulder Peak (page 39), Grinnell Peak (page 40-41), Two Medicine (page 50), beargrass (page 54), Sinopah Mountain (page 67), and Thunder Mountain (page 74).

A little problem is that many of the images contain washed-out regions. For example, the mountain range on page 14 is a washed-out dark blue. The forested area on page 8 is washed-out. A mountain on page 48 is washed-out. This tends to be a problem in color photography, but not in black and white photography, because the range of contrast available in black and white is much greater than with color.

Another problem is that many of the images could have been from anywhere. We see pictures of bears, deer, grazing horses, small mammals, nameless waterfalls, squirrels, flowers, and rubber rafts sitting in a stream. The photographer should have spent more time getting to know majestic locations, such as St.Mary lake, and less time with flowers, deer, grazing horses, squirrels, and deer. To repeat, many of the photographs in this book could have been taken in a city park in Podunk, Wisconsin. (No offense to people from Wisconsin -- in fact, I lived in Wisconsin for 4 years.)

There seemed to have been no attempt to wait to the exact moment, when the lighting conditions were perfect, or when a really amazing cloud came into view.

The book does contain at least one masterpiece. The 2-page photo (pages 40-41) discloses an amazing panorama, where distant Grinnell Peak contains arrow-like patterns of snow, an interesting transition of texture between distant forest and proximal forest, and a spear-like dead, blanched-white tree over to the foreground on the right.

Thunderbird Mountain (page 74) could have been a masterpiece, but the sky is terrible--too much glare. The photographer apparently doesn't realize that the best color photos can be acquired when the sky is overcast.
Mr.Twister Mr.Twister
This is a good book at a great price but if you want great photographs, spend a little more. The photographs aren't all that exciting, however the scenery of Glacier is amazing and it's nice to see images from all over the park. I am not too disappointed however I would much more recommend purchasing Montana Impressions (the newer version) by the same photographer (John Reddy) which also has many pictures from Glacier National Park and the rest of Montana. The photography is much better in this book and the quality of the book itself is much better.
Seevinev Seevinev
It's a nice book with lots of pretty pictures.