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eBook Showdown With Evil: Our Struggle Against Tyranny and Terror ePub

eBook Showdown With Evil: Our Struggle Against Tyranny and Terror ePub

by Jamie Glazov

  • ISBN: 0973406550
  • Category: Politics and Government
  • Subcategory: Politics
  • Author: Jamie Glazov
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Mantua Books; First edition (October 1, 2010)
  • Pages: 272
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  • Rating: 4.5
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FREE shipping on qualifying offers. With apologies to President Kennedy, Showdown With Evil may represent the highest concentration of intellectual rigor in one place, since any single essay fo William Buckley" - Robert C. McFarlane, National Security Advisor to President Reagan, Chairman and CEO of McFarlane Associates Inc. --from the back cover, Showdown With Evil.

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Showdown with Evil is a collection of 29 of Dr. Jamie Glazov's best interviews, while serving as. .

As the so-called "Arab Spring" sweeps across the Muslim Middle East, Jamie Glazov organizes symposia of great minds to discuss current events and their potentially dangerous consequences. This book is a record of what transpired, and you'll hear from Michael Ledeen, Lt. General Ion Mihai Pacepa, Dr. Whalid Phares, Robert Spencer, Daniel Pipes, David Satter, and many more. The participants are not of one mind, and where they disagree, as often they do, the reader will have to make up his own mind.

18. Banquo’s Ghosts - Rich Lowry. His book, Legacy: Paying the Price for the Clinton Years, was a New York Times bestseller. He is the co-author (with Keith Korman) of the new thriller, Banquo's Ghosts. FP: Rich Lowry, welcome to Frontpage Interview. Tell us what inspired you to write this thriller.

Why Dr. Jamie Glazov's book on the progressive . Jamie Glazov's book on the progressive Jihadist odyssey is more relevant than ever. Jamie Glazov rolls over left-wing intellectual pretensions with a Mack truck that handles like a Porsche. He rounds them up–and when he’s finished, there’s nothing left. Richard Perle, Assistant Secretary of Defense for the Reagan administration, now a fellow at the American Enterprise Institute. Reads like a thriller. Thank you! jamie glazov Left's Jihad Romance United in Hate.

Jamie Glazov holds a P. in history with specialties in . Библиографические данные. United in Hate: The Left's Romance with Tyranny and Terror WND Books book.

Jamie Glazov (born Yakov Glazov, Russian Яков Глазов, August 19, 1966) is a Russian-born Canadian columnist. In 2009 he published a book entitled United in Hate: The Left's Romance with Tyranny and Terror. He specializes in Soviet Studies, and US and Canadian foreign policy Jamie Glazov. Glazov's new book, Jihadist Psychopath: How He Is Charming, Seducing, and Devouring Us, is being released on December 18, 2018.

Jamie Glazov's "United in Hate: The Left's Romance with Tyranny and . When long passages await Our muffled cries.

Jamie Glazov's "United in Hate: The Left's Romance with Tyranny and Terror. United in Hate: The Left's Romance with Tyranny and Terror. United in Hate analyzes the Left's contemporary romance with militant Islam as a continuation of the Left's love affair with communist totalitarianism in the twentieth century. Liberty Island has been republishing a series of poems by Jamie Glazov first published in 2016, now with new images. I saw it In your eyes. When words fail to speak goodbyes. When paths less traveled Must pass us by. On other sides.

Showdown with Evil is a collection of 29 of Dr. Jamie Glazov's best interviews, while serving as editor of, with the leading intellectuals and newsmakers of our time -- all of whom contribute to understanding, and opposing, radical Islam and its leftist apologists. Glazov, whose parents were dissidents in the former Soviet Union, shows in his conduct of these interviews that he understands the values of freedom and the need to fight for it. The collection, which begins with a Foreword by Richard Perle, former assistant Secretary of Defense for the Reagan administration, offers a powerful and honest assessment of the implications of this threat as well as a warning that should not go unheeded. It's a crash course in how to protect American liberty from its totalitarian and terrorist enemies. Lieutenant General Thomas McInerney, USAF (Ret.), called Showdown With Evil, “The most important book in America.


Shliffiana Shliffiana
Jamie Glazov is very courageous; his fight for freedom and liberty is amazing. His enemies are many - the USA is now being taken over by Marxists, Islamists and those who wish to destroy the West. Obama; the Marxist in chief is undoubtedly the worst President the USA has ever had. He was absolutely correct when he stated that he would change America. He has brought the USA to its knees and as a world power it will take many many years to recover. (If recovery is possible)
blodrayne blodrayne
There is a lot of info in the book that I wasn't aware of. It has been an educational read but some of the sections were written even before obama was in office. While somewhat pertinent to our plight today, I chose to skip some sections that I felt no need to read at this time.
Kaim Kaim
This is a excellent book, well researched and offers indisputable conclusions. Free of emotional hysteria, it concentrates on facts. Compelling reading.
romrom romrom
This book puts into a few pages some of the very important interviews conducted by the author over the previous decade. The book serves as a compendium of summaries of primarily conservative thought regarding national security issues and the various prejudices influencing the attendant debates. The book is easy and fast reading with quick look-up of the various interviewee's and Dr. Glazov's views.

Although most of the book is serious business, Ann Coulter's response to Sadam Hussein's capture was the funniest comment I've read in some time. But so also was Natan Sharansky's discussion of his use of humor: telling Soviet jokes during KGB interrogations. Other interviewee's offered like fun, making for enjoyable reading.

I did not, however, think Theodore Dalyrimple's work and conclusions regarding the address of opiate addiction were of notable value to Dr. Glazov's book. I haven't read Dalyrimple's work which supports the interview and I likely will not. But given the information provided in Jamie's interview, it is clear that Dalyrimple's conclusions were taken from the application of Intrapsychic (as opposed to gleaning all assessment information from the identified patient's or offender's system as a whole) based evaluation methods and that the population in which he was working, thus learning - reaching his conclusions therefrom, was (apparently) skewed to prison inmates. Evaluating people for drug use within that domain is tricky business; and in my view and experience - which is thirty-five years in the field - will without considerable care, particularly if systemic evaluation tools are not employed, dramatically affect the evaluator's perspective.

I thought Dr. Dalyrimple's comments pertaining to observing waiting room behavior unbeknownst to the clientel were both unethical and foolish. When we used (in America) one-way glass for evaluating client and therapist activity, we were required by facility licensing standards and ethical codes to notify all persons if and when such observations were employed / ongoing. Other than that, the different processes inherent in waiting-room conversations between clients and those which will attend disclosure discussions with professionals no doubt should be expected and should also be weighted in conclusions drawn regarding client presentation, motive and behavior. I'll say again, though, that I did not read this gentleman's book (that serving as the motivation and guide for the interview) that provided the necessary more detailed source information. Hence, my criticism might require adjustment should that occur.

I did agree with Dalyrimple's view that opiate addiction is over-dramatized by other aspects of the culture, for example, as found in literature and media to include movies. Having made these criticisms, I am glad that Dr. Dalyrimple has done the work that he has for this population and that he expresses his views accordingly.

The power of Dr. Glazov's interviews results from his transparency as a very caring person and dedicated finder of the truth, all combined with a willingness to speak it. He is conscientious in recognizing that the interviewee may have different views from his on, albeit he is not bashful about searching any facts or rationales underpinning the differences. Dr. Glazov always ensures that the show remains the interviewee's views and not his own. But I am bias toward Dr. Glazov's work; my prejudices stem from having followed these discussions for years and being a Glazov and Frontpage fan.

Jesse W. Collins II
Abandoned Electrical Abandoned Electrical
Jamie Glazov's collection of interviews on the terrorist threat should 'satisfy' all who want to know why Americans are still concerned about their future with islamists..
Best interview for my money is that given by Victor Hanson, who manages to stay on topic though he paints with a broad brush.. In Hanson's work the problem is never a mile wide and two inches deep - as in analyses by Fareed Zakaria, or for that matter Zbig Brzezinski..
Gna Gna
I saw one review of this book that said it can "change history". It's good, but not that good.
Āłł_Ÿøūrš Āłł_Ÿøūrš
This collection of 29 interviews conducted over the course of the last several years by Jamie Glazov is relentlessly fascinating and engaging. As former Asst. Secretary of Defense Richard Perle states in the foreword, this is "an illuminating and important commentary on the largest issues facing America and the West," particularly the "Islamist agenda that has replaced communism as the principal threat to western values and civilization."

In readable and easily digestible chapters ranging from 3 to 18 pages each, Glazov - the editor of David Horowitz's Front Page website - probes the impressive minds of some courageous conservative intellects like Victor Davis Hanson, Phyllis Chesler, Brigitte Gabriel, Andy C. McCarthy, Natan Sharansky, Christopher Hitchens, Theodore Dalrymple, Horowitz himself, even William F. Buckley, Jr., in chapters grouped into the following topics:

1) Obama's Destructive Path
2) Unholy Alliance
3) Islam: The Religion of Peace?
4) The Terror War
5) The Evil Empire
6) Leaving the Faith
7) The Titans
8) Looking to the Future of Freedom

Each section is capably introduced by David Swindle, the smart young editor of Horowitz's NewsReal Blog. Swindle conducts the concluding, 30th interview of Glazov himself, who is no less interesting and passionate an interview subject than the others.

If you are at all concerned about such issues as national security, Obama's impact on the future of America, the threat of fundamentalist Islam and the complicity of the Left, and the conflict between freedom and tyranny, then this collection is a must-have.