» » The Inconvenient Indian: A Curious Account of Native People in North America
eBook The Inconvenient Indian: A Curious Account of Native People in North America ePub

eBook The Inconvenient Indian: A Curious Account of Native People in North America ePub

by Thomas King

  • ISBN: 0816689768
  • Category: Social Sciences
  • Subcategory: Politics
  • Author: Thomas King
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Univ Of Minnesota Press; 1 edition (September 5, 2013)
  • Pages: 272
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  • Rating: 4.7
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The Inconvenient Indian book.

The Inconvenient Indian book. King does a great service in explaining the long history of Indian-White relations in North America so clearly and in using the sweep of the tragic failures to urge us all to do better in the future. I also appreciated his cushioning of uncomfortable truths with ironic humor and a sense that we are all facing the I learned a lot from this and was blown away by King’s ability to compress so much history by focusing on a limited set of themes.

The book itself is not a history. The early parts of the book focus on the past, and in the latter chapters King brings his focus into the present. In chapter 3, King takes on the commodification of Native peoples in Canada and the United States, arguing that Americans and Canadians are far more comfortable with dead Indians than living peoples.

In his 2013 book The Inconvenient Indian, King says, "The issue has always been land. The Back of the Turtle (Doubleday, 2014). It will always be land, until there isn’t a square foot of land left in North America that is controlled by Native people. King also discusses policies regarding aboriginal status. He noted that legislatures in the 1800s withdrew aboriginal status from persons who graduated from university or joined the army. DreadfulWater Mysteries.

eISBN: 978-0-385-67405-8. 1. Indians of North America-History. 2. Indians of North America-Social life and customs. 3. North America-Ethnic relations. For whatever I’ve included in this book, I’ve left a great deal more out. I don’t talk about European explorers and their early relationships with Native people.

The Inconvenient Indian

The Inconvenient Indian. Thomas King explores the relationship between Natives and non-Natives since the fifteenth century and examines the way that popular culture has shaped our notion of Indigenous identity, while also reflecting on his own complicated relationship with activism. Craig Kielburger defended The Inconvenient Indian on Canada Reads 2015.

Ranging freely across the centuries and the Canada–U.

The Inconvenient Indian. THOMAS KING is one of Canada's premier Native public intellectuals. Written by Thomas King. King was the first Aboriginal person to deliver the prestigious Massey Lectures, and is also the bestselling, award-winning author of six novels, two collections of short stories and two nonfiction books. He won the 2014 Governor General's Award for Literature for his most recent novel, The Back of the Turtle.

In The Inconvenient Indian Thomas King offers a deeply knowing darkly funny unabashedly opinionated and utterly unconventional account of Indian-White relations in North America since initial contact Ranging freely across the centuries and the Canada-U S border King debunks fabricated stories of Indian savagery and White heroism takes an oblique look at Indians and cowboys in film and popular culture wrestles with the history of Native American resistance and his own experiences as a Native rights activist and articulates a profound revolutionary understanding of the cumulative effects of ever-shifting laws and treaties on Native peoples and lands Suffused with wit anger perception and wisdom The Inconvenient Indian is at once an engaging chronicle and a devastating subversion of history insightfully distilling what it means to be Indian in North America It is a critical and personal meditation that sees Native American history not as a straight line but rather as a circle in which the same absurd tragic dynamics are played out over and over again At the heart of the dysfunctional relationship between Indians and Whites King writes is land The issue has always been land With that insight the history inflicted on the indigenous peoples of North America-broken treaties forced removals genocidal violence and racist stereotypes-sharpens into focus Both timeless and timely The Inconvenient Indian ultimately rejects the pessimism and cynicism with which Natives and Whites regard one another to chart a new and just way forward for Indians and non-Indians alike


Cyregaehus Cyregaehus
I found this book listed on a college must read list, so I looked it up on Amazon, read the opening and was immediately hooked. I liked Thomas King’s sense of humor and writing style. This is one of the best written books I have ever read, especially where History is concerned. Thomas King is a brilliant writer who draws the reader in with historical facts, funny anecdotes, and his own personal experiences with being a Native American. The humor was inserted at just the right moments to help ease the tension arising amidst the tumultuous events that happened in North America for the last four hundred years. I was thoroughly disappointed when I read the last word of the book, because it was over. I want more! My favorite line is, “Most of us think that history is the past. It’s not. History is the stories we tell about the past. That’s all it is.” (pg. 3)
This book isn’t always an easy read, but it is one that everyone should read. Thank you, Mr. King, for creating this exciting and thought-provoking book.
Talrajas Talrajas
I have several books on the subject of the European colonization of the North American continent and the brutal occupation and "ethnic cleansing" employed in the process. I am not Native American being totally of northern European descent. I have studied the many cultures of the many "First People" Nations and have many friends and acquaintances among them. My library of books on this subject include the "history" of this process from both points of view. I also have many novels by Native American writers as well as those of my own ethnic origin. I was initially surprised by the humor and lack of much ill will present in the works of fiction and of historical accounts in the writings and movies by Native American writers, but still presenting the story in a clear eyed view from their point of view. The European writers through the ages tend to either justify or distort this history or, more recently, bemoan the the injustice to the point of magnifying the degree almost to distortion in the other direction. I have several of Thomas King's books including novels as well as historical accounts, and all of his writings have me laughing through tears. I can only say again that this is the best on the subject ever.
This book was not only a fascinating history of Indian and North American White interactions, but it was told with a refreshing and insightful voice. The author tells this story in such a way that you feel you are sitting around a table just chit chatting with him. He is not overly critical of either side, but presents the facts and the point of view of the various North American tribes well and inclusively. I loved this and will be pushing it on anyone with an interest in this kind of history.
Shan Shan
Forgive those who trespass against us. Not so much, but rather a call for justice. First Nations Peoples have had the short end of the stick since the word go. The author gives almost an encyclopedic list of trespasses. The focus seems to be political rather than social. Scarce mention of natives in urban environments.
Tebei Tebei
A set of confronting and illuminating stories about how Native Americans, First Nations, Metis and Inuit have been repeatedly screwed by the system. While I learned a lot from this book, the style and narrative were frustrating and jumbled. There was no real story or logic or thesis - just a sequence of anecdotes and history lessons, with lots of tangents and exhaustive lists. Could have benefited from some heavy editing.
Yggdi Yggdi
The very best book i have ever read about the tangled history between Native Americans and the English, French and other invaders on this continent! With a wry sense of humor and crisp satiric bent, Thomas King has written a thoughtful, carefully researched account of what happened (and continues to be happening) to Natives who have been trampled on for centuries. Leavened by good humor and personal experiences, King's book should be required reading in every school in Canada and the U.S., in every place of worship, and in every home. After spending my entire career studying Native American literatures, I only wish that this book had been available to me and my 100's of students in my high school and college classes! You have written a masterpiece, Dr. King!
Zbr Zbr
A eye-opening visit to the legitimate concerns of native peoples in both Canada and the US. Filled with insights, historical facts and wry comments. This would be an excellent read for anyone who wants to be informed regarding the on-going exploitation of native peoples - from Colombus to today's protest of the North Dakota Pipeline.
I have discovered a gem! For anyone who wants to learn about North American (not just Canadian) history and society, this is an essential book. And above all else, Thomas King's writing style is compelling. This man certainly knows how to tell you a story which keeps you entertained, while at the same time makes you reflect and re-think about things in our history in a new light.

I am a fan. I am now reading The Medicine Man!