» » The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig
eBook The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig ePub

eBook The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig ePub

by Helen Oxenbury,Eugene Trivizas

  • ISBN: 0590486225
  • Category: Social Sciences
  • Subcategory: Politics
  • Author: Helen Oxenbury,Eugene Trivizas
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Scholastic, Inc.; First Edition edition (1994)
  • Pages: 30
  • ePub book: 1447 kb
  • Fb2 book: 1798 kb
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  • Rating: 4.3
  • Votes: 979


The big bad pig is after the three little wolves. He blows all three of the wolves' houses down. What can the little wolves do?


Yahm Yahm
I have usually rooted for the under dog/wolf, so I laughed out loud when I found this book and promptly ordered it. I read it and immediately ordered a couple more for young relatives - want them to see all sides and all that.

It is a standard-sized hard cover children's book, very cute drawings, nice story doesn't get old too quickly. Nice, sympathetic wolves and a very mean pig. I think it is for the type of person who remembers the Addams Family tv show and the little girl coming home from kindergarten crying because they had killed the dragon in the story. Dragons/Wolves are the heroes here
Flamehammer Flamehammer
I buy this book for grand kids and friends because it's so much fun for little tikes and adujlts get a kick out of it too.
Fararala Fararala
The cutest story with a different twist of the traditional Three Little Pigs story. My kids thought it was great, and when they've told other family members about it, we get all kinds of questions about where to buy a copy.
Hunaya Hunaya
This funny, irreverent spoof on The Three Little Pigs will have your kids/students riveted- and adults as well. The wolves in this book start with bricks and progress to steel and concrete fortresses to keep the big bad pig out. The kids will love it for the dynamite, your engineer friends will love the specific lists of building materials, and parents and teachers will love it for the sweet message about friendship they find at the end.
Aradwyn Aradwyn
I thought this book was really neat on the change of perspective. I bought this for my classroom and my husband and I could not stop laughing at everything. I really think my students are going to enjoy this story.
Atineda Atineda
I read this to my little guy ever since he was two. He learned about the big bad pig before he knew about a "big bad wolf!" Yes, the story gets violent, as the pig has to find ways to destroy the ever more sturdy houses, but the worst, most violent thing in the book (minor spoiler) is an explosion that barely singes the wolves' tails. Trust me, your kid will soon see a lot worse than this on any cartoon! Get this book. The illustrations and the writing are gorgeous, and your child will learn that a predator can come from any species (heh).
Gio Gio
My mother in law has long been animatedly telling my three yr old the story of the three little pigs whenever we're stuck in the car for a while-- and he loved every minute of it, every time. My husband and I were already big fans of Helen Oxenbury (Check out "We're Going On a Bear Hunt")-- so when we saw this, we were sold. But we had no idea we'd instantly love it *this* much. Other reviewers have given away it's secrets--suffice it to say that I was not expecting the pig to pull out a drill, or the wolves to refer to all the tea leaves in thier china tea pot! I'm more than willing to read it to my son again and again-- and that's saying a lot for a children's book. I'm online right now getting it for my neice who will be one in 3 days-- but I'm really getting it for my brother ;o)
Cute, but many large vocabulary words that take a lot of explaining. Not the best for 6 year olds...but would be better for older students