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eBook Serbocroatian-English Dictionary ePub

eBook Serbocroatian-English Dictionary ePub

by Biljana Biljana Sljivic-Simsic,Morton Benson

  • ISBN: 0812276361
  • Category: Dictionaries and Thesauruses
  • Subcategory: Reference
  • Author: Biljana Biljana Sljivic-Simsic,Morton Benson
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: University of Pennsylvania Press; First edition. edition (November 1, 1971)
  • Pages: 862
  • ePub book: 1800 kb
  • Fb2 book: 1289 kb
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  • Rating: 4.5
  • Votes: 890


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Compiled by Morton Benson. With the collaboration of Biljana Sljivic-Simsic. An Anniversary Collection volume. View your shopping cart Browse Penn Press titles in Anthropology, Folklore, Linguistics Join our mailing list.

This book is a large and comprehensive dictionary providing SerboCroatian equivalents of the English lexicon, including nearly 60,000 English headwords and 100,000 phrases, idioms, and collocations. See all Product description.

With the collaboration of Biljana S̆ljivić-S̆ims̆ić. Published 1971 by University of Pennsylvania Press in . Written in English. There's no description for this book yet.

With the collaboration of biljana šljivić-šimšić. Published by: University of Pennsylvania Press. ThisDictionaryseeks to describe the lexicon of standard, contemporary SerboCroatian. An attempt has been made to limit the scope of theDictionaryto the vocabulary used in the speech of educated Yugoslavs and in the daily press. Important scientific and technical terms are included.

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sh Dictionary by Benson, Morton, Sljivic-Sim.

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This is the largest, most comprehensive, and by far the most up-to-date dictionary providing English equivalents of the SerboCroatian lexicon, including about 60,000 SerboCroatian headwords and 100,000 phrases, idioms, and collocations. The vocabulary represents the present-day speech of educated Yugoslavs and of the daily press, and includes the complex political and economic terminology used in contemporary Yugoslavia. The new edition includes a large number of current usages as well as essential computer terms. This dictionary accounts for the differences between the Eastern and Western varieties of SerboCroatian as well as between American and British English. The leading dictionary of its kind in Yugoslavia, this dictionary is a must for every reference library.


Foxanayn Foxanayn
This dictionary is the best basic Serbo-Croatian-English dictionary for anyone from beginner to first levels of professional research. It requires some work to get acquainted with its fields, but it is worth the effort.

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Jim R
Rit Rit
For a beautiful language that is out of the way for most English speakers, Morton Benson produced a classic I wish everyone else in foreign langage dictionary publishing would emulate. (I've been dreaming since 1993 of a Benson-quality analogue for Romanian...)
Are there flaws? Sure. The "see the other entry" habit a previous reviewer mentioned is time-consuming and often requires a great deal of thought when deciphering the meaning of, say, similar verbs with the same roots but different prefixes. Also, I would've liked to see more explicit definitions of verbs frequently converted to their gerund form, instead of having to arrive at my best "guess-timation" in some not-so-easy situations.
Most other gripes remain the exclusive business of literary experts. (Particularly gripes about the real or imagined separation of Serbo-Croatian into separate, non-hyphenated languages; most of these arguments have more to do with nationalist projects on angry tangents than logic or linguistic history.)
For serious non-native students of the language like myself (a political scientist), I have yet to see anything remotely close to the Benson, let alone better, although there may well be a few out of print rarities in used book shops in the former Yugoslavia.
Very few dictionaries of any non-major foreign language go into the grammatical, let alone regional, detail that Benson does in the entries themselves (particularly past tenses and participles) and a wide range of expressions (even though it is not intended to be a real phraseological dictionary). He also includes an excellent, quick and dirty reference of cases and grammatical endings for nouns and adjectives in the back (nice, you can leave your textbook photocopies at home). The preface contains several rules concerning verb behavior that I have found immensely helpful.
This Benson is frequently found as part of a 2 volume set, one volume on Serbo-Croatian to English, the other volume as the reverse (English to Serbo-Croatian). They're rather large in size and pricey, but *worth every penny* if you have any sustained need to understand Serbo-Croatian beyond a short tourist trip. My copy is rather battered and overly thumbed, but rates as important a place as my underwear in my backpack on every trip to Serbia. (I even bought a backup copy in Belgrade--much cheaper, but also on cheaper paper). Look around for deals offering both volumes together--I think I got mine in 1995 directly off Cambridge UP for not much more than the current price for one (90 dollars).
There is also an earlier version of the Benson produced in the early 1980s, I believe--smaller, going from S-C to English to back, in one much more portable volume, but it does not have the grammatical details so vital to the bigger Benson, and it certainly falls far shorter on the number of words. Every teacher I know recommends the "big Benson" for the serious student.
I just wish more publishers served language students with the quality of the Cambridge UP Benson, instead of foisting cheap, frustratingly useless junk on starved niche markets, like Hippocrene routinely does. You can *always* find better than a Hippocrene in the new or used book shops of the target country, and if you're going to visit it there.
Gom Gom
For the Belgrade ("Serbian") variety of the language, this is the best dictionary available. Alas, that's not saying much. Benson seems to rely on literature more than the living spoken language, which may explain the many outdated and archaic forms that are presented without being so identified. Just one example: frka is glossed as "snort, snorting of a horse." But in modern Serbian, that would be frkanje, which Benson does not list. (The modern meaning of frka is "ruckus, fuss, ado"; again, omitted by Benson.)
But the one failing of this dictionary that I find unforgiveable is the abuse of the word "see." It is so common to look up a word in Benson only to find nothing but an instruction to "see" some other entry that we have a joke among Serbian translators: Benson induces "see"-sickness. And the worst of it is, often the entry you're told to "see" is an inadequate synonym for the word you need.
If Benson has a strength, it is in its meticulous attention to accentuation. You won't find that in any other English dictionary.
Ndav Ndav
To those who excessively criticize this dictionary: What's your alternative?

After years of struggling through BCS texts with mediocre, terribly presented, incomplete bilingual dictionaries (Croatian - English, Serbian - English, SerboCroatian - English, etc), this dictionary was a godsend. I can now read a novel and actually expect to find the unknown words in this dictionary. The other dictionaries I've used are childish in their lacks and careless preparation.

This is a serious, well-presented, thorough dictionary. If you're looking to be able to understand literature in BCS, this is the dictionary you want.