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eBook The Encyclopedia of Unsolved Crimes ePub

eBook The Encyclopedia of Unsolved Crimes ePub

by Michael Newton

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  • Author: Michael Newton
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Checkmark Books (July 1, 2004)
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Newton, Michael, 1951– The encyclopedia of unsolved crimes, Michael .

Newton, Michael, 1951– The encyclopedia of unsolved crimes, Michael Newton. Please call our Special Sales Department in New York.

This book is all about unsolved crimes and there are alot of people in the book that are not famous. to go along with this one and I recommend them all. They are all great reading and alot of the stories leave you wondering "Why?". The Encyclopedia of Unsolved Crimes (Facts on File Crime Library).

p. cm. Includes bibliographical references and index. ISBN 0-8160-4980-7 (hc : alk. paper) ISBN: 0-8160-4981-5 (pbk) 1. Crime-Encyclopedias.

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Start by marking The Encyclopedia of Unsolved Crimes as Want to Read . Too many personal opinions and facts spliced with fiction. It should be titled "The History of Unsolved Crimes According to Michael Newton Even if it's Incorrect. To the garbage bin this goes.

Start by marking The Encyclopedia of Unsolved Crimes as Want to Read: Want to Read savin. ant to Read.

More than 800 unsolved cases that continue to baffle investigators. When it comes to crime, truth is often stranger than fiction. Many of the cases that have stumped investigators are among the strangest on record

More than 800 unsolved cases that continue to baffle investigators. Many of the cases that have stumped investigators are among the strangest on record. Whether due to a lack of leads and evidence or to bizarre and baffling circumstances, many of the mysteries presented in this book have remained unsolved despite years of investigation by qualified law enforcement agents. Several of them have become legendary and drawn the attention of amateur sleuths around the world, but still they remain open.

This Encyclopedia presents readers with the facts, evidences and theories of more than 800 cases. I repeat: more than 800 cases.

Michael Newton (born 1951) is an American author best known for his work on Don Pendleton's The Executioner book series. Newton began work on the Executioner series by co-writing The Executioner's War Book with Pendleton in 1977.

Provides a detailed overview of more than five hundred baffling unsolved crimes from the past two centuries, discussing each crime in depth, the evidence gathered, the parties involved, and law enforcement theories regarding such cases as that of the "Zodiac" Killer, Jimmy Hoffa, the Black Dahlia, Jack the Ripper, and the Tylenol murders. Simultaneous.


Ohatollia Ohatollia
This Encyclopedia is amazing and is really a must-buy book. If, like me, you have a real passion for True Crime/Serial Killers and Murder cases then you really need to buy this great book. I am surprised that this book doesn't have much reviews, this is really a fantastic book to own.

This Encyclopedia presents readers with the facts, evidences and theories of more than 800 cases. I repeat: more than 800 cases. Examining mysteries from the 19th and 20th Centuries this Encyclopedia looks at murders, robberies, missing persons, kidnappings, serial killers and much, much more. Each entry documents the events of the crimes, the victim(s), the alleged perpetrator(s), the key point of the police investigation and the current status of the case. 93 new cases have been added to this second edition and many others have been updated.

You'll find all the "legendary" or well-known cases: The Black Dahlia; The Zodiac; The assassinations of J.F.K., Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King; Jimmy Hoffa; DB Cooper; Judge Crater; JonBenet Ramsey; Jack the Ripper; The Lindbergh Kidnapping; The Boston Strangler; Natalee Holloway; The St-Valentine day Massacre; Bugsy Siegel; Chandra Levy and so, so many more, hundreds more cases that you might have heard or read about at one point in your life.

There's also hundreds of cases that most people might not know, I have discovered a lot of cases just by reading this book. Cases like: The Dartman (New York 1975-1976); Germany's Highway murders (1935); Ponoma Strangler (1993-1995); Texas' I-35 murders (1976-1981); Honolulu Strangler (1985-1986), The 2001's Myojo 56 fire in Japan and so many more, hundreds of cases the general public may have never heard or read about.

The list of cases covered in this encyclopedia is really outstanding, author Michael Newton did a wonderful job researching all the cases. I am happy that a lot of my favorite cases are featured in the book ( Joyce Chiang, Kristen Modafferi, the Butcher of Mons ) but I was a little disappointed that other cases ( Molly Bish, Betsy Aardsma, Danny Casolaro ) are missing from the list, but hey nothing is perfect and like I said the list of cases you'll find in this great book is really impressing and outstanding.

Do I need to say more ? Just buy this great encyclopedia, and for less than 20$ you can't say no. You won't be disappointed. ;)
Erthai Erthai
A compendium of many, many infamous unsolved cases. On the whole I find it well-written, and in a few cases Mr. Newton's witty turn of phrase made me laugh out loud. I salute the Mr. Newton's thoroughgoing and diligent research, and his correction of commonly circulated misinformation about certain cases.

However, speaking for myself, I am respectfully not interested in the unsolved murders of gangland crime bosses and anti-West terrorist figures. With all due sympathy, I am not interested in reading about the murders of gangsta rappers, though I certainly wish these artists had not been violently snatched from the world of the living. And, while I salute those heroes of the Reconstruction era who were willing to lay their lives on the line to bring about a renewed, more racially harmonious South, I was not much in the mood to be reading about them here. All these topics are covered, interspersed with gripping accounts of serial murders, art thefts, and heists and atrocities of every kind. So be aware.

In summary, this book does its best to deal with a wide, wide variety of unsolved cases, not just the typical cold case (serial) murder that has gripped the public imagination in recent years. Perhaps this will be to your liking, perhaps not. It was to mine, mostly.
Cia Cia
I found this book to be a very interesting look into the realm of unsolved crimes. The stories were well researched and quite informative. It is the type of book that is simply hard to put down, once you open it. I highly recommend this book to anyone finds unsolved crimes interesting.
Wanenai Wanenai
Kerahuginn Kerahuginn
Highly enjoyable, although with quite a heavy emphasis on lynching and civil rights killings.
While not wishing to downplay the tragedy of these events I dislike political issues mixing with murders.

Still a highly enjoyable read.
Benn Benn
As a crime buff, I love books like this. You can read it in alphabetical order or just browse. Mr. Newton's entries are concise and informative without getting bogged down with too much information. Highly recommended for true crime aficionados.
Beranyle Beranyle
One of the few e books that serious information for those who study and have true fascination with this aspect of crime.
Was quite pleased with the book and its great condition in which it arrived.