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April 3, 1995, Longman. Libraries near you: WorldCat. Created December 10, 2009.

Her characters in Chain of Fire, No Turning Back, and Out of Bounds face extraordinary challenges in a society she .

Her characters in Chain of Fire, No Turning Back, and Out of Bounds face extraordinary challenges in a society she describes as "more dangerous than any fantasy. She has won many awards for her writing, including the Carnegie Medal, the Jane Addams Book Award, and the American Library Association Best Book for Young Adults for The Other Side of Truth, about two refugee children smuggled to London who are also featured in Web of Lies.

This book will make you see life through new eyes. This story follows not only a family but an entire tribe of people. People who haven't got much to begin with - that are forced out of their homes and their town.

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When the villagers of Bophelong are forced to leave their houses and resettle in a barren "homeland," thirteen-year-old Naledi and her younger brother join in a school demonstration and learn that the South African government treats even children who dissent with brutality.Betrayed by their chief, who has sold off their homes, impoverished Naledi and her friend Taolo, inhabitants of a divided South Africa, form a fierce student opposition to the oppression of their people


Quemal Quemal
I first discovered the work of Beverly Naidoo while I was traveling in South Africa and was pleased to find her books increasingly available here. She writes starkly and appropriately for the adolescent about the days of South Africa Apartheid. CHAIN OF FIRE deals with the displacement of people in Cape Town when developers wanted the desirable land for "better" uses than it was being used doe poorer people's homes.

I have had some email conversations with Ms. Naidoo and have her profiled in my co-authored Childrens' Literature text LIVING LITERATURE (Kasten, Kristo, & McClure, 2005, Prentice-Hall) so I can add a personal note that Ms. Naidoo is a White South African married to a Black South African and because of that, she was exiled from her home country during the Apartheid years (inter-marriage was illegal). She maintains a home in the U.K. but continues to visit South African often and continues to tell its stories of struggle and change brilliantly.
Wendy C. Kasten, Ph.D.
Ericaz Ericaz
"1427" a number painted on the front door of Naledi's house. She steps out of her house to find out that every door in their village has been painted with a number. She finds out that her village is to be moved to new location. She and a few other residents decide to threaten the men painting their doors by telling them that they would take this up with the chief, but they soon realize that their own chief was offered a large sum of money and he had decided to move the village. Naledi's family which is about to be moved to a dry barren part of Africa decides to stand up to the Europeans. Taolo, one of Naledi's closest friends and a few other friends from her school decide to revolt and start a plan a way that they can stay in the village they are currently living in, but with a corrupt chief and the mighty power of the Europeans will Naledi have a chance? This book will captivate the reader and will fill the reader with more curiosity after every page. This book is recommended to anyone who wants an adventure over power and struggle.
Dozilkree Dozilkree
Chain of Fire
Have you ever had a incident where someone treated you badly because the color of your skin or you did things differently than others? That's what happens in this story. It is all prejudice and discrimination. A black tribe is forced to move because they need more room for the white people. The blacks try to stand up for themselves but in the process many get hurt. Will they have to move or will they all possibly stand up for themselves and die? You'll only find out if you read Chain of Fire. If you want my opinion I think that this is a great book because this really could of happen. What I am really trying to say is that the subject of the book could have really happened because it was about blacks and in this time blacks weren't treated fair. This book has to do with prejudice and discrimination. Back in the early 1900's blacks weren't slaves in all parts of the world only in some places but they still weren't treated fair. If you were to rate this book from 1-10 on a rating scale I would give it a 10.
Jaberini Jaberini
Determination and resistance is the only thing that Naledi and the villagers, from the Chain of fire have left after the European's took everything else away from them. Chain of fire by Beverly Naidoo will captivate readers as they see how the South African's struggled and fought for freedom. The South Africans are willing to do anything that will help them have a say in their own land even if it means going behind the European's backs. The Europeans with all their force, power, and control only have to tell the South African's what to do and if they disobey, then they will have to face the serious consequences. This book deserves 4 stars as it is truly amazing with all the detail that Beverly Naidoo has put in. The book makes the reader realize how tough life was for the South African's in their own land. With every new crisis that occurs the chain of the community becomes stronger, longer, and brighter.
Kemath Kemath
This is a good book. This book is good for childrens all age.The book talks about these kids Naledi and Taolo trying to save their land from the Europian. Naledi and Taolo found numbers on house that ment everything to the whole town. The town had a metting that chief Skete had set up. Chief skete had to brake the news to them to tell them that they have to go home because the government is kicking them out of the land but Mma Tashedi said this is our land we have nowhere else to go and i don't want to leave. Naledi knows somethings wrong and shes going to do what ever she has to save her land .Naledi and the town marched to the town to fight against them.As the go on they get stronger and wiser.Naledi find out that her friend Taolois gone. Iwonder what she is going to do.This book is good for childre because it teaches them to always fight for what they love.
Hellstaff Hellstaff
Chain of Fire written by Beverly Naidoo

The book Chain of Fire is a very historical kind of book which is centered on apartheid. Naledi and her ambitious friend Taolo, decide to convince the whole school to protest against what the white people are doing. The Europeans have decided to move Naledi's whole community to their alleged home town. Naledi becomes voted into an anti-removal committee. Now their forces grow weak and people are hurt; they are determined to continue resisting. Whilst her grandma's condition gets worse, when people abandon others, and when people go missing, Naledi doesn't know who to turn too. How will they stop the police from moving them, will they change things in time, or will they resist...and win...?

i recomend this book, escpecially to kids who are learning about African history