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eBook Ultimate Italian Beginner-Intermediate ePub

eBook Ultimate Italian Beginner-Intermediate ePub

by Living Language

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  • Author: Living Language
  • Publisher: Living Language (2008)
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Ultimate Italian Beginner. has been added to your Cart

Ultimate Italian Beginner. has been added to your Cart. Paperback: 448 pages.

Ultimate Italian e book. It covers the equivalent of two years of college-level study.

Features 3 books 9 audio CDs Free online learning.

Build a Foundation Start speaking Japanese immediately using essential words and phrases.

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And going to the club meetings helps to keeps you motivated.

1. Italian Short Stories For Beginners by Olly Richards. And going to the club meetings helps to keeps you motivated. If you would like to read socially with other Italian readers, then check out your nearest chapter of the Dante Alighieri Society.

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Ultimate Italian has everything you need to learn Italian from scratch or to revive the Italian that you learned years ago. This course combines conversation and culture in an easy-to-follow, enjoyable, and effective format. It's the perfect way to learn Italian for school, travel, work, or personal enrichment. Ultimate Italian Beginner-Intermediate includes:•40 lessons in a comprehensive 416-page textbook:Each lesson contains a lively and authentic dialogue, vocabulary, grammar and usage, step-by-step character writing, cultural highlights, and plenty of practice. The first ten lessons also include special pronunciation sections that will have you speaking right from the beginning. The book also contains review sections, readings, supplemental vocabulary sections, appendixes on essential Italian grammar, and a Italian-English/English-Italian glossary.•8 hours of recordings with an ingenious two-step approach:Learn at home: Listen to the first set of recordings as you follow along in your textbook. Immerse yourself in Italian while you listen and repeat with the all-Italian recordings, and learn conversation, grammar, vocabulary, and moreLearn on the go: Then practice, review, and expand upon what you’ve learned with the second set of recordings. An instructor will guide you through each lesson, and since no reading is required, you can listen in the car, on the train, at the gym…anywhere!


Coirad Coirad
I found this book to be very helpful in my preparation for a trip to Italy. At one time I had been fairly competent in Italian but had forgotten most of what I once knew. This book got me back up to speed quickly in conjunction with Pimsleur Italian, which I can't recommend highly enough. It really made the trip much richer being able to read and communicate in Italian. One morning I went for a walk and found an old Order of Malta castle just outside of Rome now being used as a hospital. After a brief conversation with the custodian who did not understand any English, she gave me a private tour of the building. On other occasions, I found it helpful for getting medication at a pharmacy.
This book has a great and logical approach to improving vocabulary and understanding of grammar. It covers many different topics from dining in restaurants and navigating medical care, to renting and buying homes, as well as cultural events with arts and music. The exercises were helpful. But learning a language is work. I recommend notecards and making your own flashcards. Don't just do singular words, write out phrases and sentences, the questions and answers for the exercises and so forth. Memorize them because that ingrains the structure of the language into your head and later allows you to play around with it.
Sure, if you stay in the tourist areas of Italy you will be able to get by without learning the language. But not everyone there speaks English, and far fewer feel competent enough in it to talk to anyone in English. However, even if you stay in the tourist friendly places, your trip will be enriched when you can read what is there for the Italians and not just the points of interest for the tourists, the waiters and waitresses treat you different too.
Hinewen Hinewen
I've only barely scratched the surface with this book, but it seems to be a pretty comprehensive resource for beginning Italian learners. I bought it as a resource to accompany my Pimsler lessons, and believe it will be a wonderful addition. I especially like the cultural references, so you're not only learning about the language itself, but a little about its place of origin and the people who live there. Overall this is a fascinating learning resource.
Butius Butius
I bought this book since I'm moving to Italy and want to learn the local language. I really like the layout and the progression - it's not too fast to demoralize me, but it's not too slow to make me bored. I already speak French, and the grammar and syntax rules of the two languages are nearly identical, which probably has helped me progress fairly quickly. I decided not to get the audio CD since I already had a firm grasp on the pronunciation and what it was supposed to sound like based on my visiting Italy before. All in all, I'm pleased with this book and recommend it to any motivated beginners who want to learn the language.
Rageseeker Rageseeker
This book is a great reference to go alongside other materials while learning Italian. It hasn't sufficed as the only book used during my studies - I've had to find something with more vocabulary and practice exercises. To use as a reference for grammar rules, this book is great.
Ffel Ffel
I wouldn't recommend this book. Its information is a bit disorganized in their lessons; not clearly delineated as in other language grammar lesson books. The worst part is there is very little opportunity to practice the lessons in their exercises. There are not enough exercises. The ones that are there are disorganized in their presentations. It desperately needs a companion workbook in order to master anything from its lessons. I feel it also tries to do too much: instead of putting in their "cultural notes" I would use that space to put in more exercises.
Keth Keth
A must have book if you're learning Italian. This is the book I use in my Italian classes I teach. Comes with two sets of CDs.
One with just the Italian and one with the Italian and the translation. 8 CDs.
Beginning and intermediate Italian.
I highly recommend it. It's help me
and my students moltissimo/a lot!
Sagda Sagda
I received the book and it is excellent and in great condition but the CD isnt included which is pretty important especially since
pronunciation is such a huge factor in learning a language. The review made it sound like one would receive the CD along with the book
but of course that would be too easy.
A good book for learning basic Italian. I purchased it for a community education class and was happy to find the volume available from Amazon