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eBook Bullying (God, I Need to Talk to You About...) ePub

eBook Bullying (God, I Need to Talk to You About...) ePub

by Susan K. Leigh

  • ISBN: 0758607962
  • Subcategory: Reference
  • Author: Susan K. Leigh
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Leigh Susan (2005)
  • Pages: 16
  • ePub book: 1215 kb
  • Fb2 book: 1372 kb
  • Other: lit rtf azw mobi
  • Rating: 4.8
  • Votes: 553


Inexpensive way to teach Christian behavior - Stimulates discussion between parent and child - Uses children's feelings and experiences as a springboard for teaching prayer - Addresses real-life situations and behaviors - Offers practical useable information - Friendly and affirming format - Christ centered


Wenaiand Wenaiand
I bought almost all of these for my girls, we read them together after we have had a problem that corresponds with a book. I started out with a couple and ended up buying almost all of them. It's short, so even if we are in the middle of a full blown tantrum, I can read it fast and it usually calms them down because they want to listen to the book(not always, of course!). Explains why the behavior isn't favorable in a child's terms. All of them are gender neutral, though the main character is a boy or girl. There are bible verses throughout the story. Bright illustrations that the girls like, lots of little details. Each subject is well addressed with a prayer at the end, and asking God for forgiveness. The only thing I would change is having them published in America rather than China.
asAS asAS
My family bought the whole series of "God I Need to Talk to You about" books and have enjoyed them as one of the most fun, short, practical tools we have yet found on integrating faith into the attitudes and activities of everyday life with a family of young children (ages 8,6,4,2 yrs). Unlike so many other well intentioned young kids books, these go beyond just doing the right thing into a simple, child-level, straight to the heart conversation with God about the topic using a child character in an example situation as the speaker in the book. They are very short (read in just 2-3 minutes even with interuptions from squirmy kids) but yet without missing any important ideas. I would strongly recommend this whole series to anyone with young children.
Benn Benn
Good content. Very cheaply printed: looks and feels like a pamphlet and not a book.
Gann Gann
I thought these books might be above the level of my 4 year old, but after reading them, he said that he needed to talk to God about things. Then, later that day, he said that his baby brother needed to read them because he wasn't being nice.
playboy playboy
this book is a very easy read for kids and adults too. It has very realistic situations. i was able to use it to help my son with his behavior
Bandiri Bandiri
This little book (and it is little in size and thickness)certainly can be a basis for conversation with little children about bullying. It is well written and certainly timely. There are a series of these books.."God, I need to Talk to You About...." They cover all kinds of topics...stealing, lying, whining and on and on. Lots of topics that young children need to direction on.
Hiylchis Hiylchis
We bought our son all of these books! They are little but powerful! Our son is 6 and he loves and understands these books.