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eBook Earth Lords ePub

eBook Earth Lords ePub

by Gordon R. Dickson

  • ISBN: 0441180442
  • Category: Fantasy
  • Subcategory: Science Fiction
  • Author: Gordon R. Dickson
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Ace; First Edition edition (January 1, 1989)
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  • Fb2 book: 1514 kb
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  • Rating: 4.2
  • Votes: 406


Gordon Rupert Dickson (November 1, 1923 – January 31, 2001) was a Canadian-American science fiction writer. He was inducted into the Science Fiction and Fantasy Hall of Fame in 2000. Dickson was born in Edmonton, Alberta, in 1923

Gordon Rupert Dickson (November 1, 1923 – January 31, 2001) was a Canadian-American science fiction writer. Dickson was born in Edmonton, Alberta, in 1923. After the death of his father, he moved with his mother to Minneapolis, Minnesota, in 1937. He served in the United States Army, from 1943 to 1946, and received a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Minnesota, in 1948

The complete bibliography of Gordon R. Dickson. 1957 Earthman's Burden, with Poul Anderson (Gnome, hc, collection). The Sheriff of Canyon Gulch", aka "Heroes Are Made" (1951, ss). "Don Jones" (original nv).

The complete bibliography of Gordon R. The Amulet" (1959, ss).

For the Earth Lords are building a doomsday device of unimaginable power to completely destroy mankind. More by Gordon R Dickson. Only Bart and his strange heritage can stop them. Rate it . You Rated it .

Gordon R. Dickson has entertained readers for over two decades with his tales of Jim Eckert. Now the Dragon Knight must confront the three disas-ters that lie in wait for any visitor to the English Middle Ages: war, plague, and Plantagenets.

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A hidden labyrinth beneath the Canadian wilderness where dwarfish Lords and Ladies ride humans like horses - and plot the final downfall of mankind.

In a hidden labyrinth beneath the Canadian wilderness, dwarfish lords and ladies ride humans like horses and plot the downfall of mankind. But Bart Dybig, a steed gifted with unusual abilities, vows to surprise his captors and escape to the world above and thwart his enemies' plans.

The Book of Gordon Dickson. by Gordon Dickson (signed) By Gordon R. Dickson (signed)

The Book of Gordon Dickson. by Gordon Dickson (signed). By Gordon R. Dickson (signed).

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Earth, Lord," answered Kyle. Kyle picked up the reins of the stallion and the two horses with their riders moved off across the slope. Oh, the museum areas could be maintained with one station and a half-million caretakers," said the Prince. And one more thing," said the Prince, as they entered the farther belt of pine trees.

In a labyrinth hidden below the Caradian border, dwarfish race rules over humans and plots the downfall of humankind, while Bart Dybig, one of the groups captives, plans his escape to the world above


Armin Armin
This book will absolutely envelope you with it's sense of place (Canadian wilderness), excellent writing, and just plain good story. I've read thousands of novels, but this is truly one of the few books that I didn't put down; I read it all in one sitting! Well worth the used price, as it's out of print new. THE EARTH LORDS is tie with Raymond Feist's FAERIE TALE for best fantasy book of all time. Reserve your copy before they're gone for good.
Yahm Yahm
Earth Lords - Gordon R. Dickson - [SF - Novel - 0592 - Feb 19 2015]

Over the years I have read approximately 20 novels by noted Canadian science fiction/fantasy author Gordon R. Dickson (1923-2001). Dickson was a prolific novelist - the ISFDB (Internet Science Fiction Data Base) list an impressive 56 novels - and in my opinion his stories were expertly plotted, highly imaginative and competently reasoned.

"Earth Lords"(1989) is a unusual story that combines strong elements of a historical novel - political intrigues in turn of the 20th Century Canada - and a fantastic science-fiction story of a race of advanced humanoid beings who live in underground caverns and are bent on wiping out all above ground mankind. Well, that's a one-sentence plot description and I agree it sounds quite strange. Dickson makes a valiant effort to infuse creditability into this incredible sounding story without turning it into a literary embarrassment. In my opinion he has succeeded in this off beat but entertaining story. Interestingly there is only one edition of this book - the 1989 Ace paperback so if you are interested you will have to search the internet to find a copy.

Reflecting back on the concluding chapter of this story and the several unresolved plot threads left hanging I was greatly surprised there was no Book 2. Nonetheless readers will, I believe, enjoy the book as written and hopefully read other penned by this very talented and underrated author.
Xaluenk Xaluenk
Gordon Dickson's Earth Lords, as with most great Science Fiction, actually a book about now. His depiction of an alienated and discriminated against group plotting revenge against the world that made them outcasts should strike a chord with everyone who reads it. In addition, the characterisation, plot and prose are excellent, this is an 'easy' read, the pages turn quickly and the story envelopes you with ease. What it isn't is easy thinking. A book well worth seeking out.