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eBook Godheads ePub

eBook Godheads ePub

by Donato Giancola,Emily Devenport

  • ISBN: 0451456807
  • Category: Science Fiction
  • Subcategory: Science Fiction
  • Author: Donato Giancola,Emily Devenport
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Roc; First Edition edition (April 1, 1998)
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  • Rating: 4.3
  • Votes: 679


Emily Devenport (Author), Donato Giancola (Illustrator). Eggheads, like all of Emily Devenport's books is a creative masterpiece. Her characters are believable, likeable and just plain fun!

Emily Devenport (Author), Donato Giancola (Illustrator). Her characters are believable, likeable and just plain fun! But it's been ten years now since her last book.

I've been published under three pen names: as Emily Devenport, I wrote SHADE, LARISSA, SCORPIANNE, EGGHEADS, THE KRONOS CONDITION, and GODHEADS. As Maggy Thomas, I wrote BROKEN TIME, which was nominated for the Philip K. Dick Award. MEDUSA IN THE GRAVEYARD is due out from Tor in July 2019.

Donato recognizes the significant cultural role played by visual art and .

Tolkiens' The Lord of the Rings to Botticellis' La Primivera, Donato Giancola balances modern concepts with traditional realism in his paintings to bridge the worlds of contemporary and historical figurative arts. Donato recognizes the significant cultural role played by visual art and makes personal efforts to contribute to the expansion and appreciation of the narrative genre that extend beyond his clients and exhibitions.

Cover art by Donato Giancola for Godheads by Emily Devenport. Then book yourself a Spa day at Shangri La-La Spa and use one of there exclusive Beauty Pods. Located East of New Beijing Market. Giancola is, in my opinion, one of the most talented sci-fi/fantasy artists whose art has never been the subject of a profesionally. Arte Sci Fi Sci Fi Art Sci Fi Books Fantastic Art Sci Fi Fantasy Fantasy Kunst Space Girl Steampunk Science Fiction Kunst. Donato Giancola - Cover art for The Finger Pointing Solward by Donald Kingsbury, 2008.

Scopri idee su Libri Di Fantascienza. Godheads, Donato Giancola. If you want to look your best for all the upcoming Social Events of September. Libri Di Fantascienza Arte Fantastica Steampunk Carattere Costumi Arte Di Fantascienza Arte Digitale Astronauta Romanzi. Maggiori informazioni. Finger Pointed Solward by Donato).

Used availability for Emily Devenport's Godheads.

Emily Davenport is working at a digsite in Morocco to investigate Roman ruins. She meets Flynn who lies about his identity and she believes him to be a competitor. She later founds him sneaking around at the ruins. He admits he was lying and tells her that he is looking for a secret room that might hold a clue to Solomon's Mines. She says he is fantasizing however they quickly find the room.

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In the sequel to Eggheads, a female warrior awakens after being frozen for a millennium to find that she has been chosen to infiltrate the communications network of the Godheads and use it to empower Earth. Original.


MegaStar MegaStar
Edna and Aten are two of the most popular gals in the universe. Everyone wants them for something, from their original assignment to take down the Net to having others convince them to do something else. They're tough and smart and survive everything from desert landscapes to wandering through rifts in time.

Devenport does a great job of making an alien society come to life through human encounters with it. Godheads was an enjoyable read.
Just_paw Just_paw
I have never read a book that handled the theme of multiple personalities as well as this. The woman in the story is tasked with destroying or subverting a foreign computer network. The problem her handlers are not aware of is that the GodHeads are just ecstatic to have her join them. You are unaware of almost all the nuances until you have reached the last part of the book. You truly are in the dark as to what is going on and what is at stake.
The only major drawback to the book is that the main character(s) are never in any form of control. The ending is a little weak as well.
NI_Rak NI_Rak
_Godheads_ was another victim of my "pick out a book by a random female author" method of book-buying. I have yet to be disappointed. :)
Devenport did what, I think, she set out to do--shake up her readers' conceptions of reality. We spend half the book thinking that Aten and Edna are two different people (with of course a few subtle clues to the truth), only to discover that this is not the case. It certainly made me re-think my ideas concerning the plot!
Perhaps the book was a bit confusing, but Devenport's originality more than makes up for any fault in her actual writing style. Her book's got one heck of a punch! :)
This is a wonderful sequel to Eggheads. There is an amazing plot twist that completely blew me away and I hope it will do the same for you!