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eBook The Bicentennial Man ePub

by Isaac Asimov

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  • Author: Isaac Asimov
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Panther Science Fiction; Reprint edition (1900)
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Home Isaac Asimov The Bicentennial Man and Other Stories. It goes even beyond that.

Home Isaac Asimov The Bicentennial Man and Other Stories. The bicentennial man an. .The Bicentennial Man and Other Stories, . Dear me! Corporate authorship?

The Bicentennial Man" is a novelette in the Robot series by American writer Isaac Asimov. It was awarded the Hugo Award and the Nebula Award for best science fiction novelette of 1976.

The Bicentennial Man" is a novelette in the Robot series by American writer Isaac Asimov. According to the foreword in Robot Visions, Asimov was approached to write a story, along with a number of other authors who would do the same, for a science fiction collection to be published in honor of the United States Bicentennial.

The bicentennial man. And Other Stories. It seems longer than that, I imagine, to most people who have tried to follow me from book to book and from field to field. As the flood of words continues year after year with no visible signs of letting up, the most peculiar misapprehensions naturally arise. Just a few weeks ago, for instance, I was at a librarian’s convention signing books, and some of the kindly remarks I received were: I can’t believe you’re still alive! But how can you possibly look so young? Are you really only one person? It goes even beyond that.

In the Bicentennial Man, Isaac Asimov returns to his first and most enduring love-robotics. The result is a brilliant book of first-class entertainment and mind-spinning ideas which confirm Asimov's supreme status as Grand Master of science fiction. List Chapter or Page: 1. The Prime of Life. 2. Feminine Intuition. 4. That Thou Art Mindful of Him. 5. Stranger in Paradise.

Isaac Asimov The Bicentennial Man and Other Stories Dedicated to: Judy-Lynn del Rey, And the swath she is cutting in our field Here I am with another collection of science fiction stories, and I sit here and think, with more than a little astonishment, that I have been writing and publishing science fiction now for just three-eighths of a century. This isn’t bad for someone who only admits to being in his late.

No one, however, is quite as unusual as Isaac Asimov. He is unique in almost any direction you look. In the introduction to this Nebula Awards volume it was mentioned that science fiction writers-successful science fiction writers-are unique. No one, however, is quite as unusual as Isaac Asimov. He has written more on more subjects, and better on more subjects, and more unexpectedly on most subjects, and in more ways on more subjects, than anyone else in the field

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FREE shipping on qualifying offers. This classic collection includes the title story, acclaimed as Asimov's single finest Robot tale, and now made into a Hollywood movie starring Robin Williams. Each of the eleven stories here sparkle with characteristic Asimov inventiveness and imagination.

In the Bicentennial Man, Isaac Asimov returns to his first and most enduring love - robotics.

The Bicentennial Man and Other Stories. Author: Isaac Asimov. Publisher: Doubleday science fiction, 1976.

The Bicentennial Man and Other Stories is a collection of eleven Asimov stories. Isaac Asimov was born in Petrovichi, Russia, on January 2, 1920. His family emigrated to the United States in 1923 and settled in Brooklyn, New York, where they owned and operated a candy store. Two of these stories are top notch: The Bicentennial Man (later made into a very mediocre movie that loosely followed. Asimov became a naturalized . citizen at the age of eight. As a youngster he discovered his talent for writing, producing his first original fiction at the age of eleven.


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Optimism for mankind in general, and an astonishing hope for technology. Isacc Azimov had an incredible passion for just that. I had read the Bicentennial Man when I was a child, and fell in love with his ideas. Recently, my middle school aged son chose this story for an 8th grade book report. We couldn't find it in the school library or our local bookstore, so we went to the next most obvious place for it: Amazon.

This seller was like something straight out of Harry Potter. Talk about a magical selection at a VERY GOOD PRICE! They had just what we were looking for, and when the book arrived, it was the same edition from my own childhood.

Here's the reason for this review: Having it back, I read it as an adult, but had the wisdom to read why Mr. Azimov wrote this story. It gave me an entirely new insight into what he was trying to do with this piece. This is essentially the story of humanity and freedom covering a period of 200 years (written to coincide with the 1976 Bicentennial of anniversary of the United States of America). He paralleled the history of the United States from our original reason for being to the creativity and ingenuity of colonial Americans, to becoming, and the essence of what it is to be a slave as a freethinking person, and to seek freedom, civil rights, and living out life to fulfill the American Dream.... The dream of all free people, and the sanctity of life overall. He did this all in one character: Andrew Martin. First, a service robot, then a being, then a being who becomes sentient, finally a person with inalienable rights and freedoms.

Andrew Martin was on a mission to establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity.

If you read Bicentennial Man as a child, and you are now an adult, it's a one evening read, but a lifetime of joy to revisit Mr. Azimov in his Bicentennial Tale. If you have a child who is studying the history of the United States, or World History, or is simply looking for a memorable story, pick this one up for them. Mr. Azimov was a science fiction writer. He didn't actually include historical events so much as he captured the essence of what this country went through to get where we are.
Giamah Giamah
Hmm, had me answer a series of questions before I could write a review and the options are not completely conducive to this book. The Bicentennial Man is a collection of 12 short stories centered around robotics and computers, or should I say the grand computer called Multivac? So there's at least 12 plots, that's why I chose "full of surprises" also because Asimov had a wide range of writing skill despite being classified as a science fiction writer of the scope of robots and computers. I chose "nostalgic" for mood because I remember how abundant Asimov books used to be in school libraries decades ago (gosh, has it been decades since I went to school?!) and the fact that Asimov is a mid-late 20th Century author which probably influenced his style of writing, sci-fi vision, and ideas. And from another nostalgic point of view I had not seen the movie of the same title since it was in theaters and had never read this story so that took me back a bit. The other options were hopeful, dark, light-hearted, suspenseful, and thoughtful, which all those elements are included to some degree in these stories. The pace of these are fast. They're short stories and Asimov writes in a way as to not complicate and confuse the reader. I don't consider myself a science fiction reader or a reader of fiction novels hardly ever for that matter, but Asimov is the one author I can pick up any story anytime. You can tell he loved and enjoyed writing and his success is probably due to communicating his vision and attaining mass appeal and the satisfaction that people enjoy his writing. I chose "developed" to describe the characters. Not one-dimensional, not complex, just right in the middle, even for short stories.

Included in this version are some notes and backstory behind the stories, where he got the ideas, who he was with at the time, and so on. I've listened to Asimov in an audiobook format and he likes to talk briefly about the background to the story and writing in general. It's scifi, it's escapism, not hard to understand, easy to digest. The stories contained were written between 1966-76 and the original book published in 1976. After 40+ years it may contain some nostalgia aspects, but still feels fresh and relevant today.
Daron Daron
This is a wonderful collection of Asimov's short stories. My only complaint is that this particular edition of the book has such tiny print that it is very difficult for my old eyes (I'm 63) to read, with or without glasses. I would caution anyone wishing to buy to find another printing with larger print if this is an issue for you. Other than that, enjoy the book!
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Item as described. Well packaged. Prompt shipping. Great!
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This has to be one of the greatest books and movies of all time. I can watch it time and again. Way to go Mr. Robin Williams!
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What an incredibly creative mind!
Was what we expected. Received fast