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eBook Polity Agent (Ian Cormac, Book 4) ePub

eBook Polity Agent (Ian Cormac, Book 4) ePub

by Neal Asher

  • ISBN: 0330441523
  • Category: Science Fiction
  • Subcategory: Science Fiction
  • Author: Neal Asher
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Trans-Atlantic Publications, Inc. (October 31, 2007)
  • Pages: 562
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  • Rating: 4.9
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5 primary works, 6 total works. Book 2. The Line Of Polity.

5 primary works, 6 total works. Shadow of the Scorpion. Raised to adulthood during the end of the wa. ore. Shelve The Line Of Polity.

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Polity Agent Neal Asher Prologue The Polity is, in terms of human history, a huge and unique political entity. Under the benevolent rule of artificial intelligences it is ever-expanding in the galactic disc. Many see it as a precursor to Utopia, possibly eternal. The Polity is, in terms of human history, a huge and unique political entity.

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Polity Agent is the fourth novel in Neal Asher's popular Agent Cormac series. destructive high Space Opera spectacle. StarburstFrom 800 years in the future, a runcible gate is opened into the Polity

Polity Agent is the fourth novel in Neal Asher's popular Agent Cormac series. StarburstFrom 800 years in the future, a runcible gate is opened into the Polity. Those coming through it have been tasked with taking the alien 'Maker' back to its home civilization in the Small Magellanic cloud.

Asher Neal - скачать бесплатно все книги автора. hunt that encompasses star systems. The Polity is under attack from a melded AI entity with control of the lethal Jain technology, yet the attack seems to have no coherence. When agent Cormac learns that his old enemy still lives, he sets out in pursuit aboard the attack ship Jack Ketc. hilst scientist Mika begins discovering the horrifying truth about. When one of Erebuss wormships kills millions on the world of Klurhammon, a high-tech agricultural world of no real tactical significance, agent Ian Cormac is sent to investigate, though he is secretly struggling to control a new.

From eight hundred years in the future, a runcible gate is opened into the Polity and those coming through it have been sent specially to take the alien maker back to its home civilization in the Small Magellanic cloud. The gate is then dumped into a nearby sun.

Outside his cabin Cormac considered the phrase: Levels of contamination risk. Asher Neal - Polity Agent - скачать книгу. Even after Jerusalem scanned his body down to the cellular level, removed Jain filaments and injected nanite counter-agents to clear up the residue, he remained a risk.

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From eight hundred years in the future, a runcible gate is opened into the Polity and those coming through it have been sent specially to take the alien maker back to its home civilization in the Small Magellanic cloud. Once these refugees are safely through, the gate itself is rapidly shut downbecause something alien is pursuing them. The gate is then dumped into a nearby sun. From those refugees who get through, agent Cormac learns that the Maker civilization has been destroyed by pernicious virus known as the Jain technology. This, of course, raises questions: why was Dragon, a massive biocontruct of the Makers, really sent to the Polity; why did a Jain node suddenly end up in the hands of someone who could do the most damage with it? Meanwhile an entity called the Legate is distributing pernicious Jain nodes and a renegade attack ship, The King of Hearts, has encountered something very nasty outside the Polity itself.


Mr_Mix Mr_Mix
Neal Asher's "Polity Agent" (2006) is the 6th book in his "Polity Universe" series and the 4th in the "Agent Cormac" sub-series. If you've read the previous books in the series, you have a really good idea of what to expect. Unfortunately, there's one big thing that's causing me to drop the rating a bit: nothing gets resolved or tied up. Asher introduces several interesting plot threads in the book, but then goes absolutely nowhere with them. The book just ends with everything hanging. So, I can only rate the book at an OK 3 stars out of 5. I fully intend to read the next book in the series. I just resent HAVING to read the next book in the series to (hopefully) get some kind of closure.
Ydely Ydely
In Neal Asher's second and third Ian Cormac novels, mad scientist/evil genius Skellor becomes infested with alien technology granting him immense powers. This technology, apparently left behind by the extinct Jain civilization, is rumored to be a weapon designed to detect and destroy advanced intelligent species. The Polity, a human star federation ruled by a benign dictatorship of artificial intelligences, ultimately defeats Skellor and neutralizes the threat he poses. Jain tech is still out there, however, so the next task for the Polity and its agent Ian Cormac is to find Skellor's source and eliminate it. When an outbreak of Jain tech on planet Coloron threatens the lives billions of people, the urgency of Cormac's mission increases.

POLITY AGENT is filled with familiar characters, including Polity agent Ian Cormac and his sort-of supervisor Horace Blegg, the Sparkind supertrooper Thorn, the incomprehensible alien ship/being Dragon, the laconic dragoman Scar, the free-thinking ship/AI Jerusalem, which hosts the most advanced research on Jain tech, and the irreverent ship/AI Jack Ketch, now entwined with another mind and rechristened "Not Entirely Jack". Adding to the cast are several potential bad guys including "haiman" (human/AI hybrid) engineer Orlandine, who kills her lover in order to hide her secret cache of Jain tech, an android called "the Legate", who travels the stars spreading the joy of Jain tech, and a secretive entity called Erebus.

Repeat readers will probably be pleased to learn that POLITY AGENT features the same mix of invention, action, mystery, suspense, and lurid violence as earlier novels. They will also be pleasantly surprised at the number of secrets Asher reveals, including the true nature of apparent immortal Horace Blegg. Those enamored of contemporary Left-leaning Brit-SF, however, will continue to be distressed by Asher's elitist and authoritarian tendencies; Asher is the Tory version of Iain Banks. Some readers will complain that POLITY AGENT is not a complete novel, but I disagree; while much is left unresolved, the ending is not a cliffhanger, only a promise of more story to come. While hardly perfect, POLITY AGENT is Asher's best and most engaging Cormac novel since GRIDLINKED and possibly his third-best novel overall after THE SKINNER and GRIDLINKED.

N.B. POLITY AGENT continues a story in progress and doesn't do a great job of orienting new readers, or even assisting repeat readers who don't have a clear memory of the previous volume; new readers should begin with GRIDLINKED.
Vizil Vizil
The story definitely thickens at this point. I'm not sure how it would read to someone who has not read the other previous books up to this point, but Asher does a masterful job at weaving them all together into one big story. I'm not sure how much he actually planned before he wrote, but it very well though out.

Aside from a few minor grips here and there I thoroughly enjoy how he weaves themes of eugenics, determinism, and the whole thing had an existential feel to it as well (but I may have read that into it, I think a lot of science fiction has elements of existentialism... at a base level anyway.) And I probably missed a few themes but I'm not a scholar or an academic.

Over all it's sort of an apocalyptic story about the dangers of humanity maintaining a healthy tension between taking evolution in our own hands and and destroying ourselves, or keeping a steady pace of change and progress so thus staving off destruction from various ways and means. But also relates to our immediate world where people are glued to their phones, computers, or whatever deice they now depend upon.

He has a very colorful and fun cast of characters. They tend to be a bit one dimensional, but I think in this case it works great since it would take away from the overall storytelling aspect.

I did find this book to feature Ian Cormac a lot less than the previous books.
Bladecliff Bladecliff
I can't say this enough times. I love love love these polity novels. And I am completely addicted to Neal Ashers protagonists. I've recently started his new series and its just as great. - I purchased almost all the books in the Polity series and then went on to Spatterjay afterwards. - These all read like fx. Ian M Banks culture novels, and feel to me as though they are at least inspired by his type of world building.

Ian Cormac is a great protagonist, no nonsense, capable without being completely deus ex'y capable of anything, and just a very rounded character. I sometimes wish there was more of him in the books and less of the side characters, but that is only because Im more interested in this guy, not because the others arent worth reading about. And thats the only pretend negative I can think off.

Im not great at writting reviews, I just want to encourage anyone who has an interest in sci fi (not military) and has enjoyed the type of world building you find in Ian's books, to grab these ones. They are different and not quite as dense, but they are really very well written.

Some find these books to be political in nature, but I didnt, I wasnt even aware that there was discussions about it going on, so it must have melded in well with the story, and should not hold you back from reading the books.