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eBook Blindfold from the Stars (Dobson science fiction) ePub

eBook Blindfold from the Stars (Dobson science fiction) ePub

by Philip E. High

  • ISBN: 0234721421
  • Category: Science Fiction
  • Subcategory: Science Fiction
  • Author: Philip E. High
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Dobson Books Ltd (November 1979)
  • Pages: 192
  • ePub book: 1237 kb
  • Fb2 book: 1975 kb
  • Other: lit docx txt azw
  • Rating: 4.4
  • Votes: 703


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Philip Empson High (28 April 1914 - 9 August 2006) was an English science fiction author. Philip Empson High was born in Biggleswade, Bedfordshire. His writing career spanned over 50 years before his death in Canterbury, Kent on 9 August 2006

Philip Empson High (28 April 1914 - 9 August 2006) was an English science fiction author. His writing career spanned over 50 years before his death in Canterbury, Kent on 9 August 2006. He published some 14 novels and numerous short stories.

Doc" Smith Collection. For Love of Mother Not. Alan Dean Foster.

The Best of Philip E. High (Holicong, Pennsylvania: Cosmos Books, 2002). Philip E High: An Illustrated Bibliography. Internet Speculative Fiction Database.

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Flag as Inappropriate. Short story collections. The Best of Philip E. High (2002). High made his name initially in the 1950s with a series of short stories for various magazines including Authentic Science Fiction, New Worlds Science Fiction and Nebula Science Fiction, and was voted "top discovery" in the Nebula readers' poll for 1956 (the "Guinea Prize"). A collection of his short stories, The Best of Philip E. High, was published in 2002.

High, Philip E. 1914-(Philip Empson High) PERSONAL:Born April 28. . 1914-(Philip Empson High) PERSONAL:Born April 28, 1914, in Biggleswade, England; son of William (a bank clerk) and Muriel High; married Pamela Baker, August 17, 1950 (died, September, 1997); children: Jacqueline, Beverly. Education: Attended high school in Canterbury, England. Don D'Ammassa observed in Twentieth-Century Science-Fiction Writers, "Indeed, one of the many recurring themes in High's novels is a dread of conformity and the value of the individual. Guilty as Charged: Fantastic Crime Stories (2013). Interview with Philip E. High. Obituary by John Clute from The Independent, 19 August 2006. High - An Illustrated Bibliography at SFandFantasy.


Miromice Miromice
This is one of his last books and sadly he seems to have run out of inspiration. I bought it to complete my library, even if it was in e-book form, for an author that I started reading a long time ago.
His first books, such as The Prodigal Sun(1964) or Reality Forbidden(1967) are much better and you should read those first.
Auau Auau
I have always liked Philip E Highs stories. They really give you a good feeling inside. Well-written good escapism. If you read one he'll probably be hooked in by the rest. I'm sorry he has passed away.
Frei Frei
I have collected any Philip E High books that I can find over the years. They all are great stories with lots of interesting ideas as to the future of mankind. The baddies are always bad and the good guys start out as ordinary people who win out in the end. He is very pro future even when things have gone wrong with now.
Phobism Phobism
I have really enjoyed the books that I have read by Philip E. High. They have all been entertaining reads.
Asyasya Asyasya
The story moves along at a fast pace and is not old Its a great read from beginning to end.
Jorius Jorius
... for young adults starting to explore the world of SF. I loved this book as a young teenager.

A million or so years ago, a malevolent alien race placed a psychic blindfold on proto-humans. What would happen if a million years later, the blindfolds unexpectedly lifted and everyone in the world, including criminals and meglomaniacs, suddenly gained enormous psychic powers? Why were the blindfolds placed on humanity in the first place? How will the aliens respond to humans using their newfound powers to solve the mystery? What if other, far more powerful alien races object to humans pillaging the galaxy with their new powers, and question our right to exist?

These are but some of the questions and issues explored in this book. Part SF and part adventure, mystery and fantasy, this is an exciting and gripping read for the younger SF fan.

While 'Blindfold' can be criticised as mere "mind candy" by more mature readers of hard SF, I doubt the author ever intended it for other than the lighter end of the genre. While not specifically written for children and young adults, 'Blindfold' (along with most of the other works by Philip E. High), is a terrific bridge for younger readers between "space adventures for kid's" and more mature works such as "Blade Runner".

To hard SF fans, please try not be too critical of Mr High's work, and bear in mind his books were not written for you but for those who may someday follow in your footsteps.