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eBook Creative Dreaming ePub

eBook Creative Dreaming ePub

by Patricia Garfield Ph.D.

  • ISBN: 0345284682
  • Category: Dreams
  • Subcategory: Self-Help
  • Author: Patricia Garfield Ph.D.
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Ballantine Books (May 12, 1979)
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  • Rating: 4.9
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Creative Dreaming Mass Market Paperback – September 12, 1985. by Patricia Garfield P. I would strongly recommend that you read this book

Creative Dreaming Mass Market Paperback – September 12, 1985. I would strongly recommend that you read this book. I'm sure Patricia Garfield has written many other books on the subject and, if so, I will definitely be getting hold of some of these. 4 people found this helpful.

Patricia L. Garfield is an American academic specializing in the study of dreams, specifically the cognitive processes underpinning them. She is the author of 10 books covering a broad range of dream topics. These topics include: nightmares, children’s dreams, healing through dreams and dream-related art. Her best-known work is Creative Dreaming. Originally published in 1974 it was revised and reprinted again in 1995. She holds a P. in psychology from Temple University.

Religion & Spirituality Books. Creative Dreaming by Patricia Garfield P. Book. All this is but part of what you can attain through creative dreaming!

Religion & Spirituality Books. Book by by Patricia Garfield P. A very interesting book about making dreams more helpful, fulfilling and how to overall enrich your life. It explores cultures that consider dreaming very important and the ways to enrich your life. All this is but part of what you can attain through creative dreaming!

by. Garfield, Patricia L. Publication date.

by. New York : Ballantine Books. inlibrary; printdisabled; ; americana.

Patricia Garfield, P. is a worldwide authority on dreams. Recent Books by Patricia Garfield. She is one of the six co-founders of The Association for the Study of Dreams and was the 1998-99 President. Welcome to the Exploration of Dreams and the World of Creative Dreaming. Latest Book for Children: Schmoopie’s Dream When Schmoopie, the runt and sole survivor of a litter, is rescued from the pound, her wish for a new family is fulfilled beyond her wildest dreams.

Patricia Garfield is a renowned expert in dreams; her P. is in Clinical Psychology. She won the 2002 Parents' Guide Media Award for The Dream Book. In 2012, The International Association for the Study of Dreams (IASD) granted her an award for Lifetime Achievement in Dreamwork. No favourite quotes to show. Desiree's Night Flight.

The Healing Power of Dreams by. Patricia Garfield. The Universal Dream Key by.

Patricia Garfield: On Dreams & Dreaming (excerpt) - Thinking Allowed DVD . CREATIVE DREAMING was a Psychology Today book club alternate selection.

Patricia Garfield: On Dreams & Dreaming (excerpt) - Thinking Allowed DVD with Jeffrey Mishlove. Car Dreams from Cybercast with Patricia Garfield, P. Guérir par les rêves Patricia Garfield. Revised and reprinted in 1995.

com: Creative Dreaming (9780345258960) by Patricia Garfield P. ISBN 10: 0345258967 ISBN 13: 9780345258960. Publisher: Ballantine Books, 1977.


Zicelik Zicelik
Creative Dreaming has been the most useful tool for my dreams..the senoi chapter is my favorite....authentic honesty!! us responsible for ourselves!
olgasmile olgasmile
Book was in great condition
Mr_TrOlOlO Mr_TrOlOlO
I loved seeing the book again after so many years but the rating on Amazon was that it was in good shape. It was very worn, with much, much underlining. It came much later after Christmas (probably holiday snarl) than I paid for and I was embarrassed to give it as a gift.
Tiainar Tiainar
I bought this book years ago in about 1987 and recently felt the urge to take it up again. So it is not the latest edition I'm here reviewing.

The author explains that we can plan our dreams and provides suggestions on how to do so. We will need to accept that it is possible to induce dreams and should present ourselves with suggestions for the intended dream when in a deeply relaxed state. Put your intention into a "concise positive phrase", for example: "To-night I fly in my dream"

To induce dreams on a certain topic it may help to involve yourself in activities relevant to your desired dream. It is most helpful to intensely focus your attention in your area of interest for at least two or three days at a time.

Record your dreams as soon as possible.

You may obtain many creative solutions in your dreams if you take the following preliminary steps: 1) Be motivated 2) Have gathered relevant information and 3) Have made initial attempts to synthesize material. The "illuminating" solution will then come either during the dream or immediately after awakening.

However, the solution may or may not be the correct one. The author quotes the case of Dorothy Parker who after dreaming that she had the answer to the world's problems scribbled it down; in the morning she found she had written: "Hoggimous, higgimous, men are polygamous. Higgimous, hoggimous, women monogamous." Ha, ha!

There is a chapter on learning from American Indian dreamers. We learn that if we regard our dreams as important we will receive and remember valuable dreams. Our dreams will become more relevant to our waking life as we value and use them. The more dream friends we have, the better. Successful problem solving in dreams carries over into waking life. And much more.

We are introduced to the Senoi, a primitive tribe in Malaysia, who report their dreams at breakfast and later in village council continue the work of dream discussion. Most of their lives revolve around dreaming and the interpretation of their dreams, and, apparently because of this, the Senoi "show remarkable emotional maturity".

The author has personally interviewed members of the Senoi tribe. Some main dream rules according to the Senoi are 1) Confront and conquer danger 2) Advance towards pleasure in a dream (this includes sexual pleasure) 3) Achieve a positive outcome.

Patricia states: "The dreamer should not allow his dream to end without completing a positive action. He should fall or fly some place, make love to orgasm, fight to the death (or be killed) and always obtain a creative product."

When one dream image attacks another, you, the dreamer, are attacking part of yourself. These conflicting elements can be reorganized and unified in a positive way by applying the Senoi concept of dream control. The dreamer who uses his dreams properly can become integrated - he can work for peace on Earth by first establishing peace in his body.

We should ask for a gift from the aggressor we conquer. It does seem to me that remembering to attack our aggressors and demanding gifts from them requires that the dreams be lucid. Patricia doesn't mention this in the Senoi chapter though there is a later chapter on lucid dreams.

A lucid dream is one in which the dreamer is aware that he is dreaming. When you become lucid you can do anything in your dream, including flying anywhere you will. One way to become lucid is to be frightened in a dream and then realize it is a dream.

The author includes much about flying dreams, which often precede lucid dreams. Lucid dreamers have many more flying dreams than the ordinary dreamer.

There's also a chapter about yogi dreamers, keeping your dream diary and how to develop dream control.

The author refers to various famous persons who worked with their dreams, e.g. the poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Thomas De Quincey, the author of "Confessions of an English Opium Eater". William Blake and Robert Louis Stevenson who had "little people" or "Brownies" create stories for him in his dreams.

She recounts and interprets many of her own dreams, which increases the already great readability of the book.

To sum up, this is a fascinating, informative, well-written book. I have not yet managed to have a dream on a given subject, but after reading the book and focusing on obtaining dreams on a specific subject I have begun to dream much more (or rather remember more of my dreams).

I would strongly recommend that you read this book. I'm sure Patricia Garfield has written many other books on the subject and, if so, I will definitely be getting hold of some of these.
Bloodray Bloodray
Changing your life by making changes in your dreams is the most elegant solution to the struggles of living. This book is still in print because it is great.

It ranks right up with the books on NLP and make a very good companion to them