» » Book Smart: How I Taught My Son To Read Before Age Three
eBook Book Smart: How I Taught My Son To Read Before Age Three ePub

eBook Book Smart: How I Taught My Son To Read Before Age Three ePub

by Katherine White

  • ISBN: 1591096820
  • Category: Relationships
  • Subcategory: Self-Help
  • Author: Katherine White
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Readby3 (April 2003)
  • Pages: 118
  • ePub book: 1335 kb
  • Fb2 book: 1944 kb
  • Other: doc lrf lit txt
  • Rating: 4.1
  • Votes: 466



MrRipper MrRipper
This book contains page after page of the author's eat, sleep, and play schedules. Granted, good nutrition, good sleep habits, and a close emotional bond with the teacher/parent can enhance any learning experience, but do we really need to read page after page of schedules? Who honestly lives like that?

The author didn't breastfeed and anyone who has knows this rigid scheduling wouldn't necessarily work with a nursing infant or child.

Don't waste your money. Instead use your own intuition and knowledge of your child.
Goktilar Goktilar
Conjuril Conjuril
If I'd wanted to read an advertisement for "Baby Wise", I'd have just bought Baby Wise!
Malaris Malaris
I am a former kindergarten/1st grade teacher. I started reading to my baby when she was 2 days old! I applaud every parent who wants to share the magic of books with their child. There are lots of great ways to talk about and explore literature together that will help your kid in school later on. That said, I think as parents we need to be very careful to not damage our kids by trying to turn them into superbabies. This is a BIG risk when you start explicitly teaching preschoolers. Even some kindergarteners are not developmentally ready to read independantly. Several countries that wait until later than that have 100% literacy rates and ZERO reading "disabilities." I personally want a creative, happy, self-assured child more than one that is academically advanced at a young age. Academic instruction too young makes your kid adult-dependant for activities and discourages them from taking risks in play and life. It actually makes them LESS likely to want to learn later, and less likely to follow their interests. If this concerns you at all, please check out "Miseducation: Preschoolers at Risk" by David Elkind. A better book for reading with the tiny ones is "Reading With Babies, Toddlers and Twos."
Era Era
Katherine has done a great job at taking the mystery out of reading and teaching reading.
Deb and I got to enjoy watching Katherine use the information she shares in this book to teach her son Tyler to read and the results are fantastic! Katherine has shown that by using this book, self-esteem is created for both parent and baby as well as the value that is created through the shared memories of growth and development. Coupling up the value of her reading program with the use of a schedule (like one may find in Baby Wise) is a one two punch. Deb and I see those boys thriving all throughout the day, and at the end of the day they both go to bed without question between eight and nine o'clock which allows their minds to be fresh in the morning and allows their parents to have a date everynight, should they choose. I too find that it is much easier to be brilliant and wise with a well rested mind. A good rest allows me to feel less inclined to be competitive and more inclined to feel creative and contributory to the well being of all. Cheers to the creative spirit for a well orchestrated reading program!
Zicelik Zicelik
I personally know Katherine and her family because we are neighbors. I enjoy stopping in every now and then for a visit. Alden is their first child and although I did not meet him and his family until he was four, I was amazed at how articulate and knowledgeable he is. I got to watch Tyler their second child grow up since birth and I knew Katherine had taught Alden to read by 2 1/2, but being able to witness the progress first hand and watch how Tyler lights up when he reads is like watching a miracle occur right before your eyes.

I am expecting my first grandbaby this summer and intend on letting my daughter know that she can use this book toward getting similar excitement with her little one. I am also going to be sure to let her know that if she has any questions, [....]

I am really looking forward to playing with my grandbaby with the teaching and learning sessions in the book. I got one book for myself and one for my daughter! Most of all I know my grandbaby is going to enjoy the special and relevant attention given to her. I know that she is going to love it because I see how Tyler lights up.

I will be a young grandmother and quite frankly, just between me and the ladies, seeing how much fun Katherine has with her children using this program sure makes a lady think about having more children!

Have a good one!
Debbie Luke
Kekinos Kekinos
It is really refreshing to see this book with its Straightfaced, matter of fact observations on kids thought and learning process. The other thing good about it, is that coming from a Mom who spent invaluable time with her son, there is a sense of "Believe-me" that cannot be had from specialists' advice. I think it is this credibility factor that will endear all readers and bring them back for several re-reads.
By reading Book Smart, I received the insight on how to have the #1 purpose of teaching and interacting be part of my grandchild's lives. Even though the Mother and Father spend the most time with their children, this book is an aid for any small child to communicate, learn, and have purpose to connect with any age.