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eBook Stumbling Naked in the Dark: Overcoming Mistakes Men Make with Women ePub

eBook Stumbling Naked in the Dark: Overcoming Mistakes Men Make with Women ePub

by Bradley Fenton

  • ISBN: 1412012155
  • Category: Relationships
  • Subcategory: Self-Help
  • Author: Bradley Fenton
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Simon & Brown (December 8, 2008)
  • Pages: 127
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  • Rating: 4.6
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With integrity, maturity and humor, Stumbling Naked in the Dark explains once and for all why some men just don't get "it" and offers a new mindset for leading relationships in the right direction. While most dating and relationship books have focused on understanding the differences between men and women, Stumbling Naked in the Dark focuses on the similarities between the sexes by exploring universal laws of human behavior

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Start by marking Stumbling Naked in the Dark: Overcoming Mistakes Men Make with Women as Want to Read: Want to Read savin. ant to Read. This book told me how I could play the relationship game so that I can be myself and NEVER have to lie to women. I also learned how I could motivate women into going out with me by convincing them that they were . It's a good thing that interpersonal relationships are so easy and that all men are exactly alike and all women are exactly alike or this book would have had to been longer than a hundred pages.

Sure, I admit I liked the title, because stumbling naked in the dark is how I've often felt when trying to date people, and even later, when trying to work through a failing romantic relationship, or failing close friendship. But as a trainer, I'm intrigued by the fact that the author-also a trainer-based this book on his company's results-oriented training programs.

This book by Bradley Fenton focuses on male-female relationships.

See the good and bad of Bradley Fenton's advice.

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Stumbling Naked In the Dark: Overcoming Mistakes that Men Make with Women.

For Women Only: What you need to know about the inner lives of men. Multnoma. Feldhahn, Shaunti and Jeff. For Men Only: A straightforward guide to the inner lives of women. Stumbling Naked In the Dark: Overcoming Mistakes that Men Make with Women.

Stumbling in the Dark. A podcast featuring death/doom/gothic metal, gothic rock, and other dark music.

If you passively ignore him or aren't firm when you say no to his offer to go out, he'll likely hear maybe and keep bugging you," says Bradley Fenton, author of Stumbling Naked in the Dark: Overcoming Mistakes Men Make With Women

If you passively ignore him or aren't firm when you say no to his offer to go out, he'll likely hear maybe and keep bugging you," says Bradley Fenton, author of Stumbling Naked in the Dark: Overcoming Mistakes Men Make With Women. Women feel guilty about being blunt, but it's the tone men understand the best. It's how most guys deal with everything in their lives. Brutal honesty is surprisingly easy to pull off. Next time he calls for a date, say no, adding that you want him to quit dialing you up as well.

This revolutionary guide offers an alternative to stumbling blindly, outlining the ideal mindset for confident men and opening a new era in men's perception of dating and interacting with women.


ZloyGenii ZloyGenii
The author shares and explains several good principles that may help men improve dealing with women when it comes to authentic confidence, listening, and not being over-eager. For those, the book is worth reading. The downside of this book is his approach of communicating with a date very much like the movie villain who reveals his plan and strategy for world domination to the protagonist. He essentially kills the challenge and the mystery that builds tension and uncertainty that builds strong attraction. The book does have useful perspectives worth adding to one's awareness.
Qudanilyr Qudanilyr
When I first purchased this book, I was purchasing it for the sheer hell of it as I had bought about 5-6 other books on the wide world of dating. Fenton lies out a clear, concise formula for greater success with women both on the first date and after the first date. This isn't a pickup book though, there are no clever lines or strategies to get to that first date, although you could apply some of the first date techniques to pre-first dates as well. There are no magical spots to meet women here, when to call, etc. However, it is a book that will explain a great deal of misconceptions many guys, including myself, have about women and what buttons to push and not to push for gaining that compatibility factor with any woman. More importantly, this book gives you the right mindset in dealing with the opposite sex. Perhaps, that's more important than many of these "pickup 101" and "where and how to seduce women" books. Because if you don't have the right mindset, you can read the player books all you want, but it won't make a damn bit of difference if you lack confidence and the right frame of mind around women. That being said, the four star rating is largely due to the fact that some scenarios the author envisions, I just can't see happening too often. The wording that Fenton suggests in some scenarios seems a little too wordy and almost without a doubt, forced in some cases. Overall, a solid book and I'd recommend "always talk to strangers" by David Wygant for a solid pair of books on the enormous realm of dating.
Arashilkis Arashilkis
This book is a brief, yet insightful and helpful, look at the psychology of dating from the perspective of men. It is not particularly concerned with specific tips and techniques; the focus is on the attitude and approaches that men must develop towards women to be successful in forming a relationship with a woman, as well as looking for and interpreting a woman's needs and reactions.

As the author points out, a single-minded pursuit of physical intimacy accompanied by varying levels of adversarialism, gamesmanship, desperation, and bluster in approaching a woman is more than likely to end in failure. The author advocates a healthy level of indifference on the part of a man that allows, or perhaps slightly pressures, a woman to take the initiative in moving things along. For the author "Never become more enthusiastic than the woman you are with."

The author does place responsibility on men to "read" women. Their body language should be matched, as well as their preferred sensory orientation of being oriented toward the visual, kinesthetic, or auditory. Perhaps most important is understanding, through active listening, a woman's ACHING quotient, or her anxieties and loneliness level. He suggests, to defuse the anxieties of deciding whether a relationship can develop, that a man give permission, up front, to a woman to simply say "No" to continuing dating, as opposed to being forced to mislead and/or feel guilty. He proposes that women be given second chances of backing out of first-time physical intimacy, partly to assuage guilt, but also as an approach that can actually enhance a long-term relationship.

The author does tend to place much of the burden of successful dating on men. In the first place, men must put aside irrational beliefs or expectations, have a healthy view of their own self-worth, and not be obsessed with seeking approval. But women in his book seem to mostly get a free pass: they are the good guys. Even though women are said to have higher emotional intelligence, they must in a sense be "coddled." As another reviewer has pointed out, the approach suggested by the author could be construed as a form of manipulation. At the least, it does seem a bit quaint (sexist) in 2008. Nonetheless, there are some key insights in the book for human interaction that actually transcend strictly dating.
Kipabi Kipabi
I've read a lot of dating books in the last two years, and compared to this book, they are all a bunch of immature impractical trite drivel. "The Mystery Method", "M.A.C.K. Tactics", "The Art Of Seduction", etc. Don't waste your time with any book that treats dating like it's some kind of covert war and women are dimwitted cattle. This book, "Stumbling Naked In The Dark", is the first one I've ever read that actually comes across like an adult wrote it, and is intended for adult interaction.

What this book does, is break down the female mindset in such a way that a man can finally understand what's going on. This book basically teaches you two very important lessons about dating women. Those lessons are simple to understand, but seem too good to be true until you read all of the supporting information. Finally when it all clicks you will indeed understand why you've been screwing up over and over again, while other guys just seem to be a natural Casanova. It's time for you to stop losing and start winning. This book will give you the understanding, the confidence, and the knowledge, to never be a victim of dating again. It's time for you to be in complete control.

If you're a man who is serious about dating, don't waste another moment and buy this book. You will not regret it. It's a very short book too, you can read it in one night. But keep your highlighter ready, there are parts you're going to want to read over and over again. "Stumbling Naked In The Dark" is simply amazing.