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eBook The Edinburgh Lectures on Mental Science ePub

eBook The Edinburgh Lectures on Mental Science ePub

by Thomas Troward

  • ISBN: 0399150099
  • Category: New Age and Spirituality
  • Subcategory: Spirituality
  • Author: Thomas Troward
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Putnam Adult; 28th Printing edition (November 15, 1988)
  • Pages: 130
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Thomas Troward (1847-1916) was an English author whose works influenced the New Thought Movement and mystic Christianity

Thomas Troward (1847-1916) was an English author whose works influenced the New Thought Movement and mystic Christianity.

Acoustical liberation of books in the public domain. Thomas Troward was a divisional Judge in India

Acoustical liberation of books in the public domain. Thomas Troward was a divisional Judge in India. His avocation was the study of comparative religion. The philosopher William James characterized Troward’s Edinburgh Lectures on Mental Science as "far and away the ablest statement of philosophy I have met, beautiful in its sustained clearness of thought and style, a really classic statement. According to Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) archivist Nell Wing, early AA members were strongly encouraged to read Thomas Troward's Edinburgh Lectures on Mental Science.

LibriVox recording of The Edinburgh Lectures on Mental Science, by Thomas Troward.

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Thomas Troward (1847–1916) was an English author whose works influenced the New Thought Movement and . The Edinburgh Lectures on Mental Science 1904. The Dore Lectures on Mental Science 1909.

Thomas Troward (1847–1916) was an English author whose works influenced the New Thought Movement and mystic Christianity. Bible Mystery and Bible Meaning 1913. The Creative Process in the Individual 1915. The Years 1914 to 1923 in Bible Prophecy 1915. The Law and the Word 1917. The Hidden Power and Other Papers on Mental Science 1921.

Late divisional judge, punjab. In commencing a course of lectures on Mental Science, it is somewhat difficult for the lecturer to fix upon the best method of opening the subject. The writer affectionately dedicates this little volume to his wife. It can be approached from many sides, each with some peculiar advantage of its own; but, after careful deliberation, it appears to me that, for the purpose of the present course, no better starting-point could be selected than the relation between Spirit and Matter.

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This book contains the substance of a course of lectures recently given by the writer in the Queen Street Hall, Edinburgh. Its purpose is to indicate the Natural Principles governing the relation between Mental Action and Material Conditions, and thus to afford the student an intelligible starting-point for the practical study of the subject. o the standpoint where he is able to realize that such a law exists.

Thomas Troward (1847-1916) authored many books that are considered classics in the New Thought Movement .

Thomas Troward (1847-1916) authored many books that are considered classics in the New Thought Movement, Mind Sciences, and Mystic Christianity. Influences on his writings include the teachings of Christ, Islamic, Hindu, Buddhism Teachings and more. Troward was the author of several successful books including: The Edinburgh Lectures on Mental Science (1909) and The Dore Le Thomas Troward (1847-1916) authored many books that are considered classics in the New Thought Movement, Mind Sciences, and Mystic Christianity

General Books publication date: 2009 Original publication date: 1922 Original Publisher: R. M. McBride


Narim Narim
This treatise takes the seemingly mystical or spiritual quality of manifesting what you want in life (usually prayed for, and left to the realm of 'God', happenstance or hard work) - and shows that it is neither mystical or spiritual, but an universal law at work when it comes to creation, and ASSERTS THAT ABSOLUTE POWER IS YOURS, inherently, and quite scientifically, via your subconscious mind; as all universal laws work objectively, immutably, and without bias, such as the workings of electricity, or gravity, and the fact is, your subconscious mind, is connected directly to the Universal Law of Creation, and Universal Mind.

All of the same era, Mesmer, Quimby, Judge Troward, then Robert Collier and Neville Goddard.... all 'tripped over' this same REALIZATION: that there was a power within each and every one of us, which creates everything we experience in our life, and IF we are AWARE of it, we can impress it with positive thoughts, love, and whatever visualizations we want of things we greatly desire, AND THOSE THINGS WILL MANIFEST effortlessly, as if by magic, in our experienced reality. We are already using this power by default, unaware of the negativity and limitedness we continue to manifest due to the impressions constantly feeding this mind.

Since the statements by Jesus, " shall do the works that I have done, and more..."; "....the Father and I are one" and, "... as He is in me, He is in you also....", men have questioned these statements, wondering what "the Father" referred to (or symbolized), desiring to know and use this power, rather than be left on the dung heap of bewilderment, prayers unanswered, powerless and feeble in our vulnerability, to not only the elements and our physical bodies, but our seeming lackings - of mind, education or birth.

Mesmer showed up on the scene, around the turn of the century, proving that a hypnotised person, no longer using his conscious or normal mind, could be given a suggestion causing phenomenal affects on both body (a cold fountain pen, placed on the bare skin of a hypnotised person, told that it was a hot poker just out of the fire, caused an immediate welt on the skin) and mind (asked to state the whereabouts of an audience member's lost relative, did so, to the astonishment of the member who followed up, and reported back; a coal miner to speak in french; and a child to give the mathematical root of pi).

But what 'mind' was the hypnotist speaking to, what was responding, and causing the body to respond, in these phenomenal ways? Assuredly it was not the conscious mind - but one beneath it: Hence, 'subconscious mind'.

My favorite line was that we should maintain, or never loose, a Peter Pan-like attitude toward life and ourselves. Always be open to the adventure, and never believe only in the seen, and seeming physical reality, but maintain utter imaginative zeal. For whatever we believed, so shall it be.... right up to ascension, and a life of no worry or fear whatsoever.
Ce Ce
More than 30 years ago, I found an old used copy of Thomas Troward's Dore Lectures in an antique bookshop. This profound book has changed my life, impacted my believe system, influenced my thinking, and has guided and inspired me throughout my life. I searched through bookstores, online, even in garage sales for other works by Troward and slowly accumulated most of his publications. I was more than delighted to find all the newly published works by Troward, and I have ordered all of them. It was like finding beloved friends again.
They are as influential and valuable to me as they were so long ago.
Braendo Braendo
Edinburgh Lectures is a classic in the New Thought movement, with Judge Troward having been among its most influential contributors. Because of his Victorian English, which includes lengthy sentences, a degree of patience is required, but he is as human as can be; and with a basic education and ability to read, you'll gradually find you can simplify his concepts as you get used to his style. Stay with him! You can follow his impeccable reasoning and logic as he takes you through his explanations of such things as the subjective and objective mind, cause and effect, the law of growth, intuition, the function of the Will, healing; and numerous other life-enriching concepts.
The Rollers of Vildar The Rollers of Vildar
AGAIN, T.Troward was light years beyond his time in this world. He will change your outlook on life, world, and universe. I've read this book about 4 almost 5 times due to the fact I was involved in motorcycle accident and have been out of work. Was in the deepest darkest moments of my life, but after starting to read his lectures and " the law & the word" I've learned many useful affirmative tools and scientific prayer. I'm not big into religion at all but this guys writings are simply amazing and will teach you endless amounts on life, science, and how us humans operate! Stop reading my review and just put a few of his books in your cart and watch the magic of scientific prayer work in your life!!!!
Anicasalar Anicasalar
If you want to gain some serious insight in your life about humans and how this world is really what you make it. This is the book!! Troward was way ahead of his time, he uses big words so read slow, to fully comprehend!! If your having a hard time in life or struggling to find answers, take my word "THE LAW & THE WORD" will steer you in the right direction using several different approaches to success and pure bliss!!!
Grokinos Grokinos
Troward shiows how the Promises of the Bible are real when we understand the power of our word (i.e., the statements we make whether positive or negative have power to produce positive or negative results. He uses Jesus statements to how just how powerful they are to bring forth posituve results.

Our word shows forth, betrays our character whether we know it or not. Our choices come with our free will, and the law implements them into our experience for good or ill. Be more thoughtful and meaningful when you speak. Let trash be trash, don't talk trash. It comes back to you in your experience..