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eBook Kissed by an Angel ePub

eBook Kissed by an Angel ePub

by Elizabeth Chandler

  • ISBN: 0330511491
  • Category: New Age and Spirituality
  • Subcategory: Spirituality
  • Author: Elizabeth Chandler
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Macmillan Children's Books; Unabridged edition (2009)
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  • Rating: 4.3
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Book 1. Kissed by an Angel. by Elizabeth Chandler. Shelve Kissed by an Angel/The Power of Love/Soulmates.

Book 1. When her boyfriend, Tristan, died, Ivy though. ore. Shelve Kissed by an Angel.

Kissed by an angel, the power of love, soulmates. New York London Toronto Sydney Tokyo Singapore. If you purchased this book without a cover, you should be aware that this book is stolen property. It was reported as unsold and destroyed to the publisher, and neither the author nor the publisher has received any payment for this stripped book. Who is Megan? She’s about to find ou. .

Elizabeth Chandler (Author). Book 1 of 4 in Kissed by an Angel.

Elizabeth Chandler is the pen name of Mary Claire Helldorfer, author of a wide variety of children's books, from picture books to teen romances. She lives in Baltimore, Maryland. Библиографические данные.

Stevie Angels Bassey. I Love Sherrilyn Kenyon. Lazos de sangre-Amanda Hocking. I Hate Myself and Want to Die by Anna Young.

The Kissed by Angel series goes: Kissed By An Angel Power Of Love Soulmates Evercrossed Everlasting The first three books of Kissed .

The Kissed by Angel series goes: Kissed By An Angel Power Of Love Soulmates Evercrossed Everlasting The first three books of Kissed By An Angel series are in one book. The Dark Secrets Series goes: Legacy of Lies Don't Tell No Time to Die The Deep End of Fear The Back Door of Nightmare Some of these titles go into one book. Edgar · 4 years ago. 0.

Only Ivy´s guardian angel can save her now that his killer is after her. But if Tristan rescues Ivy, his mission on earth will be finished, and he must leave her behind forever.

A love beyond lif. danger beyond doubt. In a romantic and suspenseful collection of the New York Times bestselling trilogy, love´s unbreakable bonds are put to the test. When her boyfriend, Tristan, died, Ivy thought she´d lost everything, even her faith in angels. Only Ivy´s guardian angel can save her now that his killer is after her. Will saving Ivy mean losing her just when he´s finally reached her again? To read this book, upload an EPUB or FB2 file to Bookmate.

Ivy and Tristan have the love of a lifetime-until Tristan dies in a car accident. Now Tristan returns as an angel, but Ivy is unable to feel his presence.

Author: Элизабет Чандлер. Ivy and Tristan have the love of a lifetime-until Tristan dies in a car accident.

Kissed by an Angel (Kissed By An Angel 1)


Dukinos Dukinos
pages were falling out of it when I got it
Gaiauaco Gaiauaco
Great book, i couldn't put it down until my eyes got so tired the words became blurry.
Jia Jia
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This is the first book in Mary Claire Helldorfer's Kissed by an Angel series written under her pseudo name, Elizabeth Chandler.

Ivy just moved to a new town and hangs out with her two best friends, Suzanne and Beth. Her mother marries a wealthy man and they move into his big expensive house and now she has a new brother, one of the popular guys at school, Gregory, who Suzanne has a huge crush on.

Beth and Suzanne are convinced that the star of the school's swim team, Tristan, has a thing for Ivy, but she's in denial. Everything changes when Tristan saves her from falling into the school's pool and then starts giving her swimming lessons. By the end of the swimming lessons the two of them admit their feelings for each other and become a couple.

The only thing Tristan doesn't understand is Ivy's belief in angels, but when a tragic accident takes Tristan from her she loses all faith in her precious angels. If she only knew that Tristan has now become one and if she only believed in them, she could still see him.

I first have to say it was really strange reading a book where the lead male character had the same name as my son, Tristan. It took some getting used to to say the least.

This book was your typical teenage love story. Girl moves to new town, makes new friends, lands the big hunk at school, and then loses the thing that means the most to her. All her friends have always teased her about her belief in angels and now she no longer believes and it's the one thing that could keep Tristan in her life. I guess the moral of this story is never stop believing.

This is a cutesy story, but not one that really holds my interest. There are no keeping you on the edge of your seat moments, but I think it would probably be a good book for teenagers. They do allude to one sex scene (one that is mentioned word for word twice), but nothing more than that.

I found the characters to be pretty one-dimensional and you don't really get to know that much about them. I'm hoping that they will get more detailed and gain some dimension as the series progresses. You don't get to see much of the love between the main couple before it's over and it's just really hard to have any feeling toward them. And I found Gregory to be a bit creepy especially when he seemed to always be hitting on his new sister.

There is no true ending to this story; just a segue to the next book, The Power of Love. I found the writing to be a bit dull and the storyline uninteresting. Of course this may be much more interesting to a younger audience.

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Ferri - My name Ferri - My name
This is one of the few books I think would make a fabulous movie!! Reminds me in some ways of the adventure/romance movie 'Ghost', this flawless tale has all the elements one looks for in a great book. Mystery, adventure, suspense, murder, romance, mind games and inspiritational thoughts for anyone who needs a meaningful break from the stresses of RL. It is well worth the price anyone can place on it and actually outshines it's simple descriptions and cover. I first read this when suffering the flu and must admit when one is in misery, few things appeal to them. But this book actually almost made me forget my pain as I soon became entralled in the fast-paced, but exceptionally well written tale. Laughing and crying along with the mains, I soon couldn't help adoring each and every one of the characters, and knew the story would become a favorite of mine for years to come. My favorite is still the smart-city girl Lacey, hard of head and soft of heart. There is something in this story to touch everyone. It is well-worth reading, just give it a chance!
Bine Bine
Two things you need to know before reading my review: 1) I love books more than anything living, breathing, and thinking in this world. However, I only like books that are a) written well, and b) have content worth my while. 2) Books only make me cry if I really love them. The characters, the plot, everything. It has to really get me into it. Ok, now we may begin.

I bawled my eyes out during the first book.
I bawled my eyes out during the second book.
I bawled my eyes out during the third book.
I still love all three.

These are the most amazing books I have ever read. They go on my top ten list (there's about a hundred books on my top ten list, just so you are aware of that fact). They are wonderful romance novels, but that's not all there is to them (though it is the most important part!). There is action in them too, and suspense. I highly recommend these. And don't let the title fool you, they aren't religious novels. Read them unless you absolutely MUST have a ridiculously happy ending. And I suggest having access to all three at the same time, because each book ends with a MAJOR cliffhanger. It's really more like one book with three parts :).

Ichalote Ichalote
Im a little bit older than a teen, but i really like teenage books - theyre not quite as cynical. Theres something more real about most of them. Its rare that the two characters in a story will really have good chemistry - in books or movies - so I was glad to feel the chemistry and the true affection between Ivy and Tristan. They were quite innocent, which made the idea of them together lovely and pure. I loved how the writer didnt force the reader to believe their love was intense, you were kind of just lulled into the belief by the way the two interacted, the small gestures they made towards each other. It was also good to see the guy doing the chasing for once. The only problem is, I have to get my hands on the second and third volumes. The story kind of reminded me of the movie 'Ghost'.
Dikus Dikus
When I first picked up this book, I thought, wow, this is long! But once I started reading it and when I finished, I thought, that was short! Because this book is 3 novels in one: Kissed By and Angel, The Power of Love, and Soulmates, and I loved each book! They all revolve around Ivy, a girl who moves in with a hottie and now becomes her stepbrother, meets a guy who goes gaga over her, and they date. Everything seems to be going perfect until Tristan (her bf) gets killed in a car 'accident'. Ivy starts to loose her faith in the angels she prays to until she finds out, Tristan is an angel, and he needs to help her find out who really killed him. These books will make you laugh, cry, tingle your spine, and tickle you with glee. Buy these books, and don't wast another minute!