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eBook Lillian Too  Jennifer Too Fortune  Feng Shui 2012 Tiger (Fortune and Feng Shui) ePub

eBook Lillian Too Jennifer Too Fortune Feng Shui 2012 Tiger (Fortune and Feng Shui) ePub

by Lillian Too,Jennifer Too

  • ISBN: 9673290741
  • Category: New Age and Spirituality
  • Subcategory: Spirituality
  • Author: Lillian Too,Jennifer Too
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Konsep Lagenda Sdn Bhd (August 31, 2011)
  • Pages: 233
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  • Rating: 4.9
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The Tiger continues to have great luck in the Year of the Dragon, 2012. You still make your presence felt and enjoy cosmic protection, great chi essence and life force strength. Your wealth will increase this year and your capital sum will if you are an older Tiger this should make you feel more secure and confident. The vital factor is to rise above the unsettling energies around you this year and focus on the benefits from this year s wealth-making opportunities. LEARN HOW INSIDE! In this book you ll discover how in 2012 you can: Engage positively in the year s transformational chi Enjoy month-by-month analysis and updates of what s in store for you at home, work and in your love life. Continue building your nest egg to secure your financial future Invite a Golden Deity to enhance your luck Take full advantage of auspicious feng shui winds Activate the power of 9 without exhausting yourself Use personalized feng shui directions to maximize luck Stay in sync with the cosmic energies of the year Create and empower your own personal TIGER talisman You are a TIGER if you were born in 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998 or 2010


Yozshunris Yozshunris
What a treasure!
Unfortunately, 2012 is nearly 1/2 gone & I just discovered this subject.
I know some will poo-poo the subject matter,but for those with an open mind,why not "encourage" good luck?
And,it is fascinating (and fun) to learn things about myself & my "sign".
It is also interesting to note,that I have always aligned myself with the "secret friend" suggested.
I plan to buy the 2013 book as soon as it is available. I may even buy the books for my secret friend & other people in my life.
Great fun & more.
I highly reccommend this small & easy to read treasure.Lillian Too & Jennifer Too Fortune & Feng Shui 2012 Rooster (Fortune and Feng Shui)

* First,you must discover what animal YOU are represented by in the Chinese Zodiac & buy the correct book.
Your Chinese Horoscope

OwerSpeed OwerSpeed
I have gone through a few Chinese horoscopes, and these ones are the best, by far. I have been buying these since 2008, and they are incredibly accurate! Not just for my life, but for my family's lives, who also seem to have events happen to them as predicted in this book. The detail of how things happen is astounding, and in my case, at least, I have found these horoscopes to be incredibly true.

Besides the month-by-month predictions, there are also really great summaries of the year for each sign, and compatibility for the year with other signs. I am less of a connoiseur of feng shui and all the charms that I should wear or put in certain corners of the room, but the book goes into great detail with those, as well.

This is the only Chinese horoscope you'll ever need. Well worth the money!
Whitecaster Whitecaster
I've been a fan of Lilian Too for years and usually purchase her Fortune and Feng Shui books as soon as they come out. I feel that her books get better and better as time goes on. One can find all sorts of gems in here: auspicious colors to wear each day, special mantras you can repeat to fortify your life; what your most auspicious day is; monthly suggestions/calendar planning; your secret friends; how to attract love in your life, etc. It's a fun, informative read and at the very least, learn some simple tricks like turning your office chair and/or desk to face your auspicious direction and see what happens (according to Too, notice the career luck and supporters that start to come into your life). Enjoy!
lucky kitten lucky kitten
Lillian Too's Fortune and Feng Shui series is the definitive Chinese Horoscope guide for the year. Now that we're headed into 2013, you'll want to pick up the new edition, not this one. The month to month and overview of the year's trends are especially helpful, as are the feng shui cures for the problems you'll be facing in the year to come. If you are not familiar with the way feng shui works, you may want to pick up a general book on feng shui first. Lillian Too really is the best out there. Very few errors and lots of practical advice.

I did find that there were some issues with the dates on the monthly predictions for the 2012 guide. The dates seemed to be about a week off, if you calculate the beginning of the first month of "2012" from Chinese New Year. I hope they have fixed this in the 2013 guide.
Sharpmane Sharpmane
This is a great little book on classic feng shui. It has basic tips, luck and health forecasts and a month-by-month prediction section. But I'm turned off by how many items you are encouraged to buy to keep bad luck at bay. I think the most practical thing in here is to light incense once a week to keep away negative energy. I think it would be better to focus on small, inexpensive cures or more spiritual practices to neutralize bad chi.
Huston Huston
This is my second year in ordering lillian Too Fortune and Feng Shui book. Last year the book was very clear, pointing out what the areas in your life needed help ex.(health, job,etc.)

In this year's book, she deviated from her usual areas and brought us to a new area to delve into and learn, (Sky animals). Still learning this new sector of Feng Shui. Other than that, the book is a very good tool to help you navigate through this year.
kinder kinder
Lillian is the best in feng shui, clear & to the point. I buy her book every year & have several basic feng shui illustrated books by her. The yearly horoscope is packed with monthly predictions and yearly guidelines. She is always on target, sometimes in areas I didn't expect- uncanny.
The information relates to specific instruction for the year 2012 and was of no use for 2013 but I was hoping there was something I could learn from it. Not!