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eBook Return from Tomorrow ePub

eBook Return from Tomorrow ePub

by George G. Ritchie

  • ISBN: 080079432X
  • Category: Occult and Paranormal
  • Subcategory: Spirituality
  • Author: George G. Ritchie
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Chosen Books; Anniversary edition (September 1, 2007)
  • Pages: 144
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  • Rating: 4.3
  • Votes: 990


George G. Ritchie has served as president of the Richmond Academy of General Practice; chairman of the Department of Psychiatry of Towers Hospital; and founder and president of the Universal Youth Corps, Inc. He lives in Virginia.

Return from Tomorrow - George G. Ritchie. Someone from the magazine should come to Richmond, Virginia, the letter concluded, and write the story.

Return from Tomorrow book. At the age 20, a soldier George Ritchie died in an Army hospital. Nine minutes later he returned to life. What he experienced would change him forever.

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Title: Return from Tomorrow By: George G. Ritchie Format: Paperback Number of Pages: 128 Vendor: Revell . George G. Ritchie, . Ritchie Format: Paperback Number of Pages: 128 Vendor: Revell Publication Date: 1997. Dimensions: . 8 X . 5 (inches) Weight: 3 ounces ISBN: 080078412X ISBN-13: 9780800784126 Stock No: WW078412X. has held positions as president of the Richmond Academy of General Practice; chairman of the Department of Psychiatry of Towers Hospital; and founder and president of the Universal Youth Corps, Inc.

At the age of 20, George Ritchie apparently died in an army hospital and was pronounced .

At the age of 20, George Ritchie apparently died in an army hospital and was pronounced dead twice by the doctor on duty. Dr. Ritchie wrote of his near-death experience (NDE) in Return from Tomorrow, co-written with Elizabeth Sherrill (1928-), and published in 1978. In the book he tells of his out-of-body experience, his meeting with Jesus Christ, and his travel with Christ through different dimensions of time and space

George C Ritchie, Elizabeth Sherrill. Awarded the Campus Life Mark of Excellence. In 1943 George Ritchie died, experiencing one of the most amazing visions of the after-life ever recorded.

George C Ritchie, Elizabeth Sherrill. Read about the event that changed a psychiatrist's life forever.

At the age of twenty, George Ritchie died in an Army hospital. Nine minutes later, he returned to life. What happened to him during those minutes was so compelling that it changed his life forever. In Return from Tomorrow, Ritchie tells of his transforming encounter with the Son of God, who led him to encounters with other nonphysical beings at the very doorway of eternity. Ritchie's extraordinary experience not only altered his view of eternity, but it has also altered the lives of hundreds of thousands of readers. One of the most startling and hopeful descriptions of the realm beyond, this classic will inspire readers from all walks of life. It includes a brand-new preface from Elizabeth Sherrill.


Mushicage Mushicage
I loved this book. It's not just well-written and a wonderful story, but it's different than all the other Near Death Experience narratives I've read for a couple reasons. The author does not go through the typical sequence of events that Moody outlined in Life After Life. I don't want to go into detail as to what first happens to the author when he dies, but it was fascinating and made perfect sense.

The following is a bit of a spoiler.

In the year after his NDE, he's understandably angry or depressed that he wasn't allowed to stay on the Other Side. How that is turned around for him or how he turns that around and transcends his despair is what made this book remarkable and inspiring to me. It has made a big difference in my life. Although I never died and went to the Other Side, I have spent significant time looking back and longing for a beautiful era in my life that ended long ago. As a result, I've wasted untold amounts of time feeling sad, depressed and alienated. When I read the part of the book where the author has an epiphany and pulls out of his darkness, I had one too -- and I haven't looked back since.

Thank you George C. Ritchie!!
Bev Bev
I am an admitted NDE addict and have many favorites. I wasn't going to buy this one because some reviews indicated it was short on the heaven part and long on the biography part. I am so glad I bought it. There were some insights in this book that are very important, and really made me think about my relationship to our Lord and whether my commitment is what He is looking for. Wow. And the encounters he had in the hellish side of the next life show an amazing new side of God's love for everyone, and present some awesome questions and possibilities. They reminded me of CS Lewis's Great Divorce and George MacDonald's Lilith. The Great Divorce was written right about the time Ritchie's experience occurred and was not written until years later, so Lewis could not have read this beforehand. Several things make me wonder if Lewis ever had an NDE.
Zavevidi Zavevidi
For years, I had two misconceptions about this book, based on what I had read about it. The first was that George Ritchie was a fundamentalist Christian, and the second was that he had experienced the fundamentalist Christian version of Hell. As a result, I had little desire to read what he had to say. Recently, as a result of reading a large number of near-death and post-death accounts, I decided to compare this one with others. To my surprise, I found the book not only well-written and very compelling, but completely different in outlook from what I had expected. It does contain a section on a hellish realm, true, but as part of a much larger narrative that includes experiences of divine love and light, of souls clinging to drinkers in bars and attempting to experience being drunk through them, and much more. His experiences are very similar to those of others in their range and their impact, not at all the anomaly they are often described as. Further, Ritchie is a Christian now, as a result of his experiences, but, also as a result, he understands God as loving and caring for everyone, regardless of religious affiliation or lack of it, and understands loving others and showing that love in deeds to be the most important lessons he learned. "Return from Tomorrow" is more similar to post-death narratives than it is to most NDE's, and this may account for the way it has been treated in NDE literature, since much of it shows no knowledge of post-death narratives. I am very glad I finally read it, and recommend it as very worthwhile.
Whitemaster Whitemaster
After reading "Heaven Is For Real" and a couple other afterlife books, I saw this one for FREE on Kindle and I was intrigued after reading the back cover so I decided to get it. After all, it was FREE. It was a very quick read. George G. Ritchie, M.D., is a retired psychiatrist as well as a medical doctor! He got tired of treating diseases rather than "people" and so he went into psychiatry. How many medical doctors and retired psychiatrists do you know who believe in life after death? His story is different from most because he didn't actually get to go inside heaven. He had been permitted to go only as far as the doorway. He didn't really go to hell either, although he saw some things that were definitely connected to the afterlife but they took place on earth and were very hellish like. His experience is very convincing and very life changing both for him and the reader. His story was even been published in the June 1963 issue of Guideposts magazine when they began a ten-part series titled "Life after Death." But there were so many details of his experience that were not able to fit within the magazine's 1,800-word limit that I recommend you read the book instead! The book was first printed in 1978 and has never since been out of print.
Nuadabandis Nuadabandis
I read this book by accident and truly loved it ! And hope one day it becomes a film. George had an amazing experience in meeting and traveling with Jesus !

I myself years ago in my teenage years witnessed a man dressed in a white robe but with no face. His head was like a ball of light and he was everything George describes in this book !

If this book were to be made a film one day for the world to see ! I would really hope the parts of Wild Bill are included in the film because there is so much hate in the world currently in 2018.

Wild Bill saw it first hand and he learned to forgive those that were full of hate and he easily could have let it overtake him and fill his heart with vengeance but choose a harder path and forgive those and have compassion for them.

It’s easy to hate but it’s harder to Love and that’s why so many of us are blind to see Christ.
Fog Fog
This book has opened my eyes to the importance of loving others unconditionally. I read Dr Ritchie's testimony many years ago shortly after a friend's untimely death and it brought great comfort. Reading (and rereading) his book today has been a true gift!