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eBook Withhold Not Correction ePub

eBook Withhold Not Correction ePub

by Bruce Ray

  • ISBN: 0801076870
  • Subcategory: Spirituality
  • Author: Bruce Ray
  • Publisher: Baker Books (January 1, 1978)
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9 people found this helpful.

9 people found this helpful.

Withhold Not Correction book. Ray's book is fine, but published in 1978 there are many other choices with a similar theological bent I would offer up as much more readable and practical offerings.

Direction for parents who struggle with doubt or indecision in their roles as God-ordained disciplinarians.

Title: Withhold Not Correction By: Bruce A. Ray Format: Paperback Vendor: P & R Publishing Publication Date: 1989. Dimensions: . 0 X . 3 . 8 (inches) Weight: 6 ounces ISBN: 0875524001 ISBN-13: 9780875524009 Stock No: WW5524001. Creative Correction: Extraordinary Ideas for Everyday Discipline. In today's society, where parental authority is being compromised more than ever, the Proverbs 23:13 command to withhold not correction from the child may seem nearly impossible to obey. As both father and pastor, Ray understands the difficulties facing modern parents, and he points to firm, biblical discipline as the solution.

Bruce Ray (aka revcop) is a pastor and police, fire & ems chaplain who writes on life issues from a biblical perspective. A small book for people who are experiencing suicidal emotions, or for those offering them counsel

Bruce Ray (aka revcop) is a pastor and police, fire & ems chaplain who writes on life issues from a biblical perspective. A small book for people who are experiencing suicidal emotions, or for those offering them counsel A small book for people who are experiencing suicidal emotions, or for those offering them counsel. Suicide is not new, but its acceptability and even popularity are quite new.

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Street Date: July 1, 1989. Item Number (DPCI): 247-09-9440.

In this video clip, Douglas Wilson recommended this parenting book. I am 2/3s done and it has not been a disappointment. It is straight and to the point - but biblical and to the heart. He gives four reasons we need to discipline our children: 1) The nature of the child demands correction. 2) The direction of the child demands correction. 3) The responsibility that God has placed on us as parents demands correction. 4) The love that we as parents have for our children demands correction

Withhold Not Correction. With timely and inspiring wisdom, Ray exposes the emptiness of contemporary advice and clearly outlines from Scripture the duties of every Christian parent.

Withhold Not Correction.

The Faithful Parent, Martha Peace & Stuart Scott. Shepherding a Child's Heart, Tedd Tripp. Your Child's Profession of Faith, Dennis Gunderson. Withhold Not Correction, Bruce A. Ray. The Duties of Parents, . Ministry: Children's.


INvait INvait
My husband and I read this book the first time when our now 23 year old son was only a year old. We didn't have a clue what we were doing as parents...Neither of us were brought up in homes where we were taught to love Christ or how much He loves us— that He died for us so that we could know Him, so discipline had nothing to do with Him.

Growing up in a home that some would characterize as abusive, I was reluctant to use the rod before reading this book. Ray helped me see that it can be used in a loving disciplinary way that actually prevents abuse because its use is not based on my emotions but on the child's disobedience to God. And just like when we sin, that presents a wonderful opportunity to teach our children from before they can even talk, how glorious is it that Jesus lived an obedient life in our place and then suffered the punishment we deserve so that we could be in a right relationship with Him.

Our four children are very close in age— oldest was 5 when the youngest was born. We didn't do it perfectly, and THE most important thing is prayer. But we found that the more consistently we implemented Ray's practical disciplinary guidelines, the less we spanked, and by the time they were 7 or 8, we almost never needed to spank.

The other TREASURE in this book is the topical Scripture reference in the back that helps you teach your child that ultimately it's about obedience to God.
Anararius Anararius
What should be "logical" for a Biblically astute parent is, unfortunately, foreign to our thinking in most American families. This book is an excellent way to begin to distinguish truth from cultural confusion.
Qane Qane
This is the only guide I used for disciplining my children. It is true to God's Word. Of course, God's Word is final authority, but this helps to 'flesh out' His Word! We used this & the 'If Then' chart. If you want children that will grow up to follow God's ways, this is an indispensable tool!
Modifyn Modifyn
Coirad Coirad
The teachings in this book are biblically sound and in accordance to God's divine Word. It gives parents a good understanding if what standards God expects of His stewards with regards to the young lives He has entrusted to them.
Junk; there is little evidence that spanking is effective but much to suggest that Spanking IS Harmful both physically and otherwise.
IF spanking were so effective, then why do Latinos and blacks have the highest crime rates?
AND Why do Jews and Asians have the Highest Achievement Sates Since They Are Spanked the Least.
Ubranzac Ubranzac
A timeless classic more needed now, than ever before in our history. Since the 1960's Dr. Spock, we have succeeded in filling our prisons and turning incarceration into a growth industry.
Closeness means less correction, and correction is not punishment, as the author makes abundantly clear.
This book helped me many years ago, and now is helping my son with his son. Loving correction and boundary setting produces
safe and happy children.
Very useful for young parents.