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eBook Gingerbread Cookie Murder ePub

eBook Gingerbread Cookie Murder ePub

by Et Al,Joanne Fluke

  • ISBN: 1449840906
  • Category: Mystery
  • Subcategory: Suspense and Obscurity
  • Author: Et Al,Joanne Fluke
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Recorded Books (January 1, 2010)
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  • Rating: 4.3
  • Votes: 961


Fluke, Levine, and Meier each offer a yuletide whodunit treat in this entertaining follow-up to 2007's Candy Cane Murder.

Fluke, Levine, and Meier each offer a yuletide whodunit treat in this entertaining follow-up to 2007's Candy Cane Murder. wants her neighbor Ernie Kusak to simply lower the volume on his too loud Christmas outdoor display, but she soon discovers Ernie with his head bashed in.

Murder makes a surprise visit this festive season. An irresistible collection of Christmas stories featuring baking sleuth Hannah Swensen by the master of mouth-watering murder mysteries, Joanne Fluke, plus two more holiday whodunits by US bestselling authors Laura Levine and Leslie Meier.

I've a big fan of the series and always look forward to the read. It's ~150 pages, but 1/3 is filled with recipes, so it's just under a hundred pages of true text.

Like Hannah Swensen, Joanne Fluke was born and raised in a small town in rural Minnesota, but now lives in Southern California. Please visit her online at ww. oanneFluke.

Joanne Fluke, Leslie Meier, Laura Levine. Mike said, smiling up at her. How are the desserts coming? The desserts are fine. The dessert knife isn’t. You need to come with me. There’s something you have to know. Now? own longingly at his helping of Sauerbraten. Right now, Hannah said, practically dragging him from his chair. I’ll have Edna save your plate for you. Take your jacket. We’re going outside? Just smile, Mike. I don’t want anyone to think there’s something wrong.

Joanne Fischmann (née Gibson, born c. 1943 in Swanville, Minnesota) is an American writer, using the pen name Joanne Fluke. She is best known for her cozy mystery series surrounding a small-town baker, Hannah Swensen

Joanne Fischmann (née Gibson, born c. She is best known for her cozy mystery series surrounding a small-town baker, Hannah Swensen. Five movies for the Hallmark Channel have been created based on her Hannah Swensen series. Fluke has written under the pseudonyms John Fischer, . Fischer, Jo Gibson, Chris Hunter, Gina Jackson and Kathryn Kirkwood.


Rindyt Rindyt
Hannah's skills will be tested even closer to home when she stumbles on a murder scene in her very own condo complex. In fact, the last time anyone really saw the deceased was when he bought some of The Cookie Jar's gingerbread cookies. While trying to determine who might want her neighbor to die, a better question comes up--who DIDN'T have a motive for killing her neighbor?

Who would read this: Fans of the authors featured in this book (additional to Fluke is LEslie Meier and Laura Levine).
Time to Read: 1 hour
Rating: 4/5 stars
Funny Story: I think I bookcrossed a copy of this book a few years ago.
Final thoughts: A cute, timely story for the holidays.
Westened Westened
5/27/16 As of this date, I have only read the Laura Levine story as a part of her series with the Jaine Austen character. I'll update this review when I get to the series in which the other stories are involved. This was a fun story and I almost didn't guess the culprit. My only problem with it is that I wish all the stories were longer. There should be a way to program the formatting of these books so that within an anthology there are chapter demarcations aside from separating demarcations between the stories themselves. If you liked the previous books in this series, I say you should give this one a shot. Have at it because I don't think you'll be disappointed. I can't wait for the next one.
Thabel Thabel
I was ready to start the Blackberry Pie Murder last week when I realized that if you let the Kindle go to the next story after you finish a story and review it, they skip the holiday books with multiple authors, and I had missed the Gingerbread Cookie Murder which comes between Devil's Food Cake Murder and Cinnamon Roll Murder. So I read this out of order, and still enjoyed it. I was also introduced to two authors new to me and plan to read more of theirs in the future. I also plan to try and bake the Linda Kemp's Chocolate Mousse Cake from Leslie Meier's story The Dangers of Gingerbread Cookies. Enjoy! Now it's on to the Blackberry Pie Murder.
Tolrajas Tolrajas
I respect Joanne Fluke's work and I look forward to and enjoy each new book in the Hannah Swenson series. It's as if I know the characters. It's comparable to going to visit old friends. Ms Fluke is good at developing well rounded characters and how they fit in to their community. She takes time for relationships to develop. Her story lines are believable even though Hannah gets by with doing some pretty careless and stupid actions in the pursuit of clues. My complaint is Hannah's fickleness over Norman and Mike. It is inconceivable to believe 2 successful men in this small of a community would stand around twiddling their thumbs while this very average woman tries to decide which one will get her as the prize. Getting a little boring. Over all a very good and pleasant read.
Malaunitly Malaunitly
This book has three different stories by three different writers, all with gingerbread either in the title or in the story. The first one by Joanne Fluke is not as long as her usual books and there's less depth to the characters. The other two authors I had never read before. I enjoyed Laura Levine's story a lot and, in fact, have purchased more books by her! I was not impressed with the story by Leslie Meier and found it to be boring and long-winded. I would recommend this book only for the first two authors.
Lavivan Lavivan
i may have liked this one if I had not read more recent of Joanne Fluke's books. I was looking for characters from book 17-19 and those were were different in this edition.
tref tref
I enjoyed all the stories in this book. I also cannot wait to try the recipes. I recommend reading this book.
Once again Hannah finds a body -- her mother is sure that people will get the wrong idea about the number of bodies this girl finds! Also, will Hannah every decide between two wonderful men -- both of whom would like to marry her. So between the two, Hannah can solve the mystery of who killed the body in this book -- but can't decide between the two wonderful men. Oh, to have that decision to make!