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eBook Lies at Six ePub

eBook Lies at Six ePub

by Sarah Scott

  • ISBN: 0984652434
  • Category: Mystery
  • Subcategory: Suspense and Obscurity
  • Author: Sarah Scott
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Krill Press (September 5, 2012)
  • Pages: 358
  • ePub book: 1861 kb
  • Fb2 book: 1889 kb
  • Other: lrf lrf lrf rtf
  • Rating: 4.6
  • Votes: 588


A thriller's pacing. Vivid Southern locales. Witty dialogue and wry observation about what passes for news on TV...and truth in our lives. Jolie Marston is a TV news reporter with scruples. Her new boss would sell his granny's soul for a few ratings points. When he orders her to distort another meritless story, she explodes during a live broadcast. Her career is kaput. Blown too is her chance to cover Memphis's biggest story of the year: the slaying of a respected former mayor. When the police investigation stalls, Jolie vows to find justice. She has a deep tie to the victim: He'd been mentor and friend from her hometown in the foothills of the Smokies. Reeling from her public downfall and a failing romance, Jolie returns to that small town to start a video business. She's also there to find out who she is now that the identity she took for granted is gone. Solving the murder becomes her proving ground as she unearths a life the ex-mayor's public persona hid-one of prostitutes, drugs and danger. Jolie chases down leads in sassy, blues-steeped Memphis, tiny antebellum La Grange and her east Tennessee hometown of Singleton. Her ally in sleuthing is Martin, Singleton's wealthy, clever, discreetly gay bon vivant. They find intrigue and deceit woven through generations and discover that exposing the lies people live by can have fatal consequences.


Manesenci Manesenci
Sarah Scott's engaging tone in this tale of southern corruption manages to strike an appealing balance between hip and homey, sophisticated and small-town. The sleuth/heroine is a promising figure who starts out having it all in terms of youth, career, success, looks and romance. Clearly, Jolie Marston has plenty to lose as she embarks on a search for righteousness after becoming disillusioned with the trivialities of broadcast news. Indeed, she does lose many of those initial advantages, while moving on to discover new values and, incidentally, to solve an intractable murder along the way.

While this book effectively combines a number of motifs, such as those of the old and new South, the one area where I saw room for improvement was in combining elements of genre. At times, the melding of murder mystery, chick lit, family saga, and southern gothic, could have been more seamless. In particular, the rapid pacing I usually expect in a mystery seemed a bit off, due to the accommodation of more leisurely standards borrowed from other genres. I hope these aspects of Scott's narrative may develop further in the next Jolie Marston mystery.
Rolorel Rolorel
First novel? Hard to believe, but then Scott's news career means she spent many years writing for the spoken word and being a trained observer. Perhaps that accounts for her spot-on dialogue, but only genius accounts for the story itself. In this opening effort, the author has given us a wonderfully realistc heroine in Jolie Marston and plopped her down in beautifully sketched venues that are recognizable for their accuracy, not because they are overdrawn caracatures. With a deft hand, she has built a murder mystery that is sophisticated and won't be figured out too soon to enjoy the entire book.

Jolie Marston has an on-air meltdown that costs her her job in local TV just when her mentor and prominent Memphis politico turns up dead. You will love her from the beginning as she navigates the lies told over lifetimes that have poisoned more than one family in the Midsouth. Scott easily runs her impetuous and determined protagonist through some dangerous waters near the Big Muddy and yet remembers to give us those moments of smiling recognition or comic relief with characters perhaps familiar for type but never so predictable as to be boring. There are some lines in here that will stop you cold with their poetry, imagery, or downright Southernese.

It is not often a seasoned author is able to write a good plot, develop male and female characters equally well, direct a faultless eye at setting and landscape, and make you feel you are recognizing places you have never been.

So if this is her first, I can't wait to see her fifth. And tenth. And so on. I am a Jolie Marston fan already, and that makes me a Sarah Scott fan, too. Hope she is writing non-stop. This will be a great writing career, if she wants it.
Nicearad Nicearad
Ms. Scott has certainly written a great first book in this series. The characters were solid, her writing really flowed and the story was very believeable. The descriptions of the areas in Tennessee that were involved in mystery were informative, but not over the top giving the reader a feeling of riding along with Jolie Marsten and Martin while they tried to uncover the truth about events that happened long ago, but effected families in current times. Murder, lies, secrets and political corruption abound. I hope Ms. Scott gives us the second in the series soon.
Sharpbringer Sharpbringer
Television reporter Jolie Marston pays the price for her principled news approach in an increasing entertainment-based industry. Her firing sets her tumbling through feelings and loves into phony southern manners and secrets in her search for the killer of her friend, a former mayor with whom she had an unusual public official-reporter relationship. The institution of journalism continues to collapse as her quest takes her to a chance meeting that provides the murder’s resolution. The author knows her southern roots and the journalism business.
Tcaruieb Tcaruieb
I really enjoyed reading this mystery and lookin forward to the next Jolie Marston book. Lies at Six was centered around several Tennessee towns that I am familiar with so you felt a kinship with Jolie.
Reemiel Reemiel
A great first novel. Beautifully written. Impossible to lay the book down unfinished. Hope it is the beginning of a series.