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eBook Shadow of a Doubt (Thorndike Press Large Print Paperback Series) ePub

eBook Shadow of a Doubt (Thorndike Press Large Print Paperback Series) ePub

by William Jeremiah Coughlin

  • ISBN: 0816153469
  • Category: Mystery
  • Subcategory: Suspense and Obscurity
  • Author: William Jeremiah Coughlin
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: G K Hall & Co (April 1, 1992)
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  • Fb2 book: 1232 kb
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  • Rating: 4.2
  • Votes: 413


Series: Thorndike Press Large Print Basic. Paperback: 521 pages. I read it in one sitting. I am retired, so I don't have hours that I have to adhere to, and I'm not much of a sleeper) If you don't like blood and gore, don't read this.

Series: Thorndike Press Large Print Basic.

New York : St. Martin's Paperbacks. inlibrary; printdisabled; ; ctlibrary; china; americana.

Shadow of a Doubt (Thorndike Press Large Print Paperback Series): ISBN 9780816153466 . Learn More at LibraryThing.

Shadow of a Doubt (Thorndike Press Large Print Paperback Series): ISBN 9780816153466 (978-0-8161-5346-6) Softcover, G K Hall & Co, 1992. by William Jeremiah Coughlin. William Jeremiah Coughlin at LibraryThing.

Published April 1st 1992 by Thorndike Press. Large Print, Paperback, 533 pages. Author(s): William J. Coughlin.

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Book Description G K Hall & Co. PAPERBACK. Condition: New. 0816154317 New Condition.

Book in the Charley Sloan Series). by William J. Eager to regain lost prestige, suspended and nearly disbarred attorney Charley Sloane agrees to defend a former lover's stepdaughter, charged with murdering her wealthy father, despite the fact that she has already confessed to authorities.

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Eager to regain lost prestige, suspended and nearly disbarred attorney Charley Sloane agrees to defend a former lover's stepdaughter, charged with murdering her wealthy father, despite the fact that she has already confessed to authorities


Modar Modar
Probably one of the best books I've read. Lost a lot of sleep turning pages. In a lot of books, the ending simply drops on you in a paragraph. Not so with this book. It is very well done, from beginning to end. If you enjoy legal thrillers, this ones for you. The characters are very human. They remind me of people I've met or know and the development of the way they interact with life is spot on. Highly recommend.
Brazil Brazil
On one hand, it was so intriguing that I couldn't put it down because I HAD to know what was going to happen. On the other hand, once I finished I felt a bit disappointed. I will say that if there was a follow up to this book I would read it just to officially end the story for me. The ending was touching. The characters are well developed and realistic. As I said before, the way the story was told made me want to know more (and quickly). Books that take chapters and chapters to lay out the story and then wrap up the ending in a few short pages make me feel a bit cheated.Overall it was a good read. I just prefer a book whose pace is consistent- don't rush me to the ending.
Mr.Death Mr.Death
I wanted to keep reading to see where it was headed. Although I felt I knew what the verdict would be, it did have a surprise twist...and several along the way. Liked the main character. Although I'm female, this is probably more of a guy's book.
Shakanos Shakanos
William J. Coughlin was a veteran defense attorney who also wrote over a dozen novels, during his lifetime. His skill in both regards served him well in "Shadow of a Doubt," one of the best courtroom thrillers I've read in a long time, and easily a match for those written by better known auhors like Grisham or Turow. The book provides both an excellent overview of the preparation and trial of a major case and a fascinating noirish character-based mystery story.

The hero of “Shadow of a Doubt” is Charlie Sloan, a 40-something attorney whose career has pretty much disappeared down the bottom of a bottle. His drinking problems led to a suspension by the bar and the loss of most of his clients, and he’s literally down to his last chance as the book begins. Fortunately, that last chance is a potential gold mine, as an old high school flame of his, now the widow of a wealthy manufacturing CEO, hires Charlie to defend her stepdaughter, who’s been accused of murdering her father.

The case seems airtight; she was found covered in blood, sitting in her bed holding the murder weapon and she also gave a statement to the police admitting she did it. The DA wants to run for Congress, using this case as a calling card. Plus, other high-powered defense attorneys try to bull their way into the case, threatening to have Charlie disbarred if he screws up.

The author may have stacked the deck against Charlie, but he proves quite a resourceful lawyer. Coughlin spends much of the book showing how Charlie puts his defense together, interviewing witnesses, and schmoozing and cajoling them to feel them out. The author also gets into some finer points of legal procedure, but explains them in a way that’s both easy for laymen to understand and highly interesting as well. As a result of the care with which Coughlin and Charlie put their case together and the time spent on it, the actual trial only takes up the last 20% of the book, but the prose is fast paced and there are a couple of totally out of left field developments to keep readers on their toes.

“Shadow of a Doubt” would be a very good book merely for its explanation and examination of courtroom procedure and its description of the trial. But the book is also a mystery and a character study, both of Charlie, who has his former drinking demons to contend with, and of his client, who’s got a very troubled past of her own that Charlie has to gradually unravel, one bit of information at a time, in order to get to the truth of what she actually did so he can plan her defense. The storyline isn’t at all straightforward, and just when readers think they realize where the author is going, Coughlin adds another twist, including a genuine shock of an ending. And, as the book progresses, Charlie’s struggle against his personal alcohol-related demons makes for an intriguing subplot.

“Shadow of a Doubt” will appeal both to fans of courtroom fare for its detailed description of legal prep work and trial strategy, as well as to mystery lovers for its fully fleshed-out characters and plot twists. There’s no doubt about it, this is one heck of a thriller.
Cktiell Cktiell
As a first time reader of Coughlin, I was hooked. He grabs the law and makes the practice of law real. His characters are well developed and complex. His lead character is a recovering alcoholic and his recitals will make any drinker take notice and he does this with humor and honesty. Not preachy. I can't wait to read another Coughlin book.
I am thinking he was taken too soon. He has a lot to say.
Garr Garr
I enjoyed the story; however, was disgusted with the Kindle edition of editing! There were moments that I wanted to just quit reading! Am I alone with these errors in writing on Kindle? All reviews that I've read do not mention any problems with the editing!
Fek Fek
This is my first read for William Coughlin and found myself suprised and very pleased. As an avid reader and my 5 stars, this is saying a lot. The story was a bit long & seemed to take forever to get to the courtroom but I wasn't disappointed once it did. The ending wasn't a complete surprise but Mr. Coughlin did throw in a bonus. I am now very interested in reading more.
I am very critical and selective of the material I read. My absolute favorite reading is legal thrillers; especially with a fair amount of court room drama. It's very difficult to find new favorite authors after reading all from the old favorites, but I think I really found a winner in William J. Coughlin. This is the second of his Charley Sloan series and it is fantastic. This book has all you could possibly ask for and much more. Unlike most stories that have a central theme and a plot as the basis of the story this has a different twist. Although there is a central theme, it does not dominate the story. This book has the feel of several short stories wrapped around the main theme. It is very unique in the way it is written and how the different subjects all coalesce. This has got to be one of my all time favorites; not only the subject matter but the style of writing. This book is extraordinary easy to read and will keep your attention to the very last word. Excellent work Mr. Coughlin.